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My Demon. -short story-

Short story By: ElizaZenith

A scitzaphrenic slowly goes insane. moderate gore.

Submitted:Jun 12, 2013    Reads: 133    Comments: 15    Likes: 7   

My Demon.

The creature watched me with its crooked eyes. I was too scared to move so I just stood there and stared right back. Its eyes seemed to follow my every movement, of my breathing. My heart beat. The cold night air ripped at my skin but had no effect on this demon. Like it was from another universe and slipped through the folds into this one. It was currently in between me and the back door to my house, what should I do? I tried to keep calm but my adrenaline was going through the roof. I closed my eyes, I could almost feel razor sharp claws ripping at my face but I kept them closed. I counted slowly to ten, opened them… and he was gone. Thank god.

Even later that night I was struggling with sleep because of his appearance. He's come to see me more times than I can count, but randomly. Sometimes three times in a week and sometimes not for months at a time. I wish I knew what he wants with me. He's definitely real. I curled up more tightly in my bed and tried to keep warm. A comforting thought rocked me to sleep, that maybe, this means he won't return again for a least a while. I wandered in the dream world for a life time and returned just a few hours later.

He was crouched at the end of my bed. I screamed and jumped out of my skin and he howled, all within a second. I fell in a tangled heap with my blankets on the floor, whilst the demon, all black, matted and blooded, glided off the bed, seemingly unaffected by gravity. I was sobbing and choking and he growling and gurgling. He was inching closer and looked as though he was about to pounce and just before he did…. Pop. He vanished. It took a few seconds for me to take it all in before I fainted.

I don't remember waking up the next day, only heading downstairs to have breakfast with my mother. She wasn't the tallest or the slimmest of people but she was the most caring, and an excellent cook. I sat down at the table and after exchanging the usual conversation, she brought over my bacon and eggs. Only it wasn't just bacon and eggs. As I looked at it, the food started to quiver. I felt an unusual atmosphere and my perception of my senses started to ripple curiously.

"Mum, what are you…" I said. She must have put something in my food. Some kind of drug. I looked down at my plate again and jumped as I saw insects crawling out of my food. Hairy things, slimy things with many legs … "MUM" I shouted, scared out of my mind.

"What's wrong honey…?" she said, genuinely concerned. Her words angered me; she didn't really care about me. She was faking the concern. She came over and looked into my face. She wasn't surprised to see the mutant bugs still flowing from my plate, in fact she didn't even look at them. Not even the ones scuttling over the table and all over the floor. That must mean it's her doing. "Ellie, dear, you're shaking. Are you ill?" she reached a hand out towards me but I stood up quickly.

"I'm fine, I'm uhh … going to school now, I'll see you later" I said with a shaky voice. I dashed out of the house as mother called "what about your food?"

I was shaking for the whole morning at school. My friend Tom noticed there was something wrong too. He gave me strange looks throughout the day, which was honestly getting annoying. When it came to our lunch break, I headed straight to the quiet part of the field and leant against a tree, breathing angrily. For some reason everybody was getting on my nerves. I could be imagining it but everyone seemed to be having a problem with me. The amount of scary flashes I saw in people's eyes was most Conspicuous. After about five minutes, Tom came to join me.

"What's wrong El?" he asked, curiously.

"Nothing" I said, face bank. I could feel my tolerance level for him sinking rapidly.

"Yes there is" he said "you've been…"

"I said nothing" I cut across. It took me a second to realise that I had shouted.

"…acting weird all day" He finished, with a frown on his face. Now I was angry.

"No I haven't" I growled, stepping closer to him. "I am FINE" I said, screaming the last word.

Without thinking or realising, within a split second my hands were around his neck and I was glaring into his face. I wanted to squeeze until he popped. We stayed motionless for about ten seconds but then I let go. I stepped back. What was I doing? What the HELL was I doing? I was going mad; I would never do that to him. Close to tears and utterly distraught, I ran all the way home and locked myself in my room. I was still in shock from doing that. Tom and I have been friends for years and I've never laid a finger on him. Everything seemed to be getting worse and worse so I just curled up on my bed and tried to keep calm.

I nearly accomplished this but then I felt the familiar change in atmosphere that meant only one thing. He was coming. I started to shake. I cautiously opened one eye and saw him perched at the end of my bed, red drool dripping from his jaws. The droplets that landed on my bed burnt through the sheets and started to steam. It filled my nostrils with the overwhelming smell of burning and acid.

"Go away" I said, croakily. He just leaned closer to me. "Just get out!!!" I screamed, sitting up. He snarled. He got angry. Quick as lightning, he reached out and grabbed my arm. He twisted it so my wrist was upwards. His touch was fire to my skin, the pain was insane. I cried out in pain which pleased him. He brought his other hand forwards towards my face and slowly waved his menacing claws. A thought flashed through my mind at that moment. My penknife was under my pillow, maybe I could fight him off. But before I could move, he took his claws and hovered them over my wrist, above the veins pumping blood through my arm. He dug them into my skin and slowly dragged them down my arm, leaving three long gashes. Torturously deep, dangerously deep. Blood gushed everywhere.

My door slammed open and my mother stood there. "What have you done?" she shouted, sounding genuinely terrified. What have I done? I didn't do this… I saw that my knife had moved from under my pillow to right next to me. Blood covered. The demon released my arm. My mother stood staring, shocked. I was in too much of a state to wonder about the knife and I grabbed it with my undamaged arm.

"sta…stay away from me" I stuttered, tearing up. My mother took a few cautious steps towards me .

"Why would you do that…? Where did you get that knife?! Honey, what's going on?" She was messing with me. I bet she's been doing all this; she must be in league with the demon! She must be, it all makes sense. The demon chuckled, driving me mad. I stood up. "YOU did all this didn't you…?!" I choked. "YOU did all of this!"

"No honey… no of course not…" she mumbled. More lies. I've had enough of her. I walked forwards, feeling numb. I grabbed her, tilted her hair back and slit my own mother's throat. Her lifeless body slumped to the floor and a pool of blood grew around her.

I stood and stared for a long time, blood still flowing from my arm. My breathing started to calm. My eyes started to droop. My vision started to blacken. I started to feel weak. I struggled to turn to face the demon. He was still there. Same as usual. He chortled and leapt on me. I crashed to the ground. His fire claws were around my neck. He was strangling me. I started to float.

I drifted off into the blackness.


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