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What The People of Hellsing Are Like

Short story By: EmoGothVampGurl

It all started when she was murdered. She already had a terrible life, but someone makes it worse by killing her. She wakes up covered in blood and one hell of headache. Now she an undead vampyre and can't go out in the sunlight. Can be nowhere near garlic, and sleeps in a coffin.

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Have you ever had the feeling you're being followed? Well that's how Diana feels now. She had just turned 16 a month ago and was walking home late at night from a friend's house. It was the end of december and the wind was slicing its way threw Diana's coat. She was shivering all the way down her gentle figure. She began to here the loud annoying screeching of tires and the wailing of police sirens. She hopped onto the sidewalk so she wouldn't get hit. A car slid onto the sidwalk in front of her and the two back tires were blown because of the police shooting at it. A guy got out the car and grabbed Diana.

She thought to herself: why does this always happen to me? The guy had his large arm around her neck and a gun pointed at the small of her back. The police screeched to a stop in the middle of the street. The guy tightened his arm around Diana's throat and pressed the gun harder into her back.

"Let the girl go!," a police officer shouted threw a mega-phone.

"No!," the guy shouted shattering Diana's ear drums.

Diana winced at how loud his voice was and she wiggled in his grip. Most of the police officers were waiting to get a clear shot. Diana opened her eyes and she saw a man in all black behind the police cars leaning on a tree. Diana was curious at who the man might have been. Maybe an undercover FBI agent.

"Waiting for your orders sir," a different police officer said.

The police officier with the mega-phone nodded twice and they began to shoot. Everything went in slow motion from there. Bullets were coming at Diana, but then she felt the guy that was holding her pull the trigger. It went straight threw her leaving a trail of blood. The guy dropped Diana and turned around to run, but about a hundred bullets got him at once. He fell face down in the snow as police officers came up to him ignoring Diana. They put the man in a body bag and everyone began to leave.

All except Diana, who was bleeding to death, and the man by the trees. Diana was getting extremely cold and frightened. The man near the trees began to walk towards Diana. She was lying on her back in snow mixed with her blood. The man kneeled down beside Diana and picked her head up in his arms exposing her deathly white neck.

"Who are y-you?," Diana said getting colder and afraid of this complete stranger.

"Someone who wants to help," he said back with a smile.

Diana was confused at his statement. How could he possibly help she knew she was going to die anyway. Diana couldn't feel her feet anymore and knew her death would soon come.

"Do you want to die or come with me?," the man asked showing a pair of long and razor sharp incisors.

"I d-don't wanna d-die," Diana stuttered threw the cold creeping it's way up her body.

"Would you like to live with me for a small price?," he smiled evily.

Diana nodded slowly trying to fight the cold. The man smiled and bent down slowly towards Diana's lips. His tounge licked away the small amounts of blood on her face. He moved away from her face slowly.

"This is the part where you're suppose to close your eyes," he smiled.

Diana smiled and giggled a little bit. She slowly closed her eyes as the stranger leaned down again but this time lifting her up a little more to get a better angle on her neck. Diana gasped as the man bit his large incisors into her neck. She didn't know if this guy was for real or if he got a kick out of this. Diana suddenly felt a burning in her neck, but she didn't have the energy to scream. When the guy pulled away Diana slowly dirfted into a sleep where she could possibly never wake up.

But Diana knew one thing for sure. That man wasn't normal, but he sure as hell had some long teeth.


When Diana awoke she was still in the clothes she had worn before. Diana wasn't in a bed she was in some enclosed area. She tried to push it open, but she couldn't get it open.

"Hello?," she asked again. She leaned on her elbows and felt some kind of remote under her hand. She pressed a button and the lid began to slowly rise.

Diana slowly sat up as the lid came up. She was in a coffin! How did she get in a coffin.

"Well it's about time!," said a high-pitched voice, "I have much work to do!"

Diana blinked a few times to adjust her eyes, but she was scared because instantly she saw had thermo-vision. She shut her eyes tight and rubbed them really hard trying to recollect what happened yesterday.

"Don't worry you'll get used to it," the voice said grabbing Diana's arm.

Diana instantly felt an annoying pain in her back. She was forced to follow anyway. Her shoes were gone along with her socks, but she didn't feel the slightest bit cold. When they began to slow down they were approaching a very large room. The other girl pushed open the doors and there was no bed. But in its place a very highly decorated coffin.

The girl let go of Diana's fragile hand, but Diana didn't want her to let go. The girl knocked twice of the coffin and it began to rise. When it opened fully than man that must've brought Diana here stretched his arms above his head. When he layed his eyes on Diana he had a delicious smile plastered across his face.

He waved the other girl away and she bowed before leaving in the blink of an eye.He walked up to Diana and he wasn't wearing any shoes or socks either. The man slowly encircled Diana inspecting her.

"You must be starving," he whispered in hergliding a piece of hair behind her ear.

"Very much sir," Diana had a sweet british girl accent.

"I love that sweet accent of yours," his lips grazed her skin.

"Thank you?," she wondered.

He turned around and walked over to his special closet he has. He opened it and pulled out a uniform dress of some sort. He handed it to her and told her to strip and put it on.

"Why sir?," she asked innocently.

"When I saved your life you promised a small price," he smiled helping her take her long sleeved shirt off.

She felt really uncomfortable with this stranger taking her clothes off. The uniform dress had short sleeves. The uniform was blue and it buttoned up.She took the rest of her clothes off and slipped thematching shirt and skirton squeezing the life out of her. She fluffed her orange-red hair and looked at the man.

"What is your name?," she asked.

"Just call me Master or Sir," he held out his hand and Diana slowly excepted it.

He walked with her until they reached the kitchen. When Diana saw her reflection in a mirror by the kitchen door. Her eyes were no longer an ocean blue, but instead they were regular crimson. But Master's eyes were pure red. She was confused about everything. And didn't know how she got here. When she walked into the kitchen no food was cooking. Now she knew she's lost her mind.

Her new master walked to the refridgerator and pulled out two packs of red liquid. He torn them open with his teeth and poured them into two glass mugs. He put them in the microwave and set the timer. Diana was still confused and she didn't have any memory of yesterday. The master pulled the mugs out and handed one to Diana. He immediately chugged the entire glass.

He licked his lips clean and looked at Diana. She didn't have a clue of what it was.

"Master, what is this?," Diana asked.

"Something to curve your cravings," he answered.

Diana slowly brought it up to her mouth, but as soon as she knew what it was stopped. She slowly moved it away and held it in her hand.

"I can't," Diana whispered.

He took the mug from her and set it on the counter. Her master was seriously tall. He was about 7'3". That's amazing. He has red eyes black hair, and is wearing a velvet red outfit. His pants, shirt, incredibly long coat, and his hat that expanded about a few inches outward. He had on glasses that looked sort of yellow-ish, and white gloves with some pentagram on it. He walked past Diana and that girl from earlier came in with boots with 1 and a half inch heels.

She gave them to Diana and left. Her master looked back at her and he disappeared. He didn't run he turn into thin air and was gone. Diana looked around and she saw no one around. She pulled the door open and some woman was standing there with bleached blonde hair and blue eyes.

"You, let's go now," the woman demanded turning around and walking away.

Diana was in shock, but followed the woman anyway. The woman she was following seemed to look a little like a man, but Diana didn't say anything. When the woman pushed opened some doors the outside air swirled in. They walked out into the cool air and Diana saw the snow was gone. A helicopter began to land and the other woman got in.

"Looks like it's time to go," Diana turned around and saw her Master was smiling.

Then he disappeared again as an army green hummer pulled up. The door opened so Diana got in. She was in the back seat and she smelled something delicious. The hummer was moving fast to keep up with the helicopter. When the car screeched to a stop it stopped in front of a building and everyone began to climb up stairs to the top off the building so Diana followed. But did she know what she was getting into?


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