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High School Homicide

Short story By: Eri Yuki

She hated them. She hated them all - them and their ugly little faces snarling down at her like she was nothing, inferior to them. She wanted to choke them and make them bleed. Make them choke on their blood. Oh, how she wanted them to die.

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All the girls - yes, just the girls. The ones in her current grade - yes, just the sophomores. The ones who noticed her, the ones who made her how she is - yes, just the idiots that made her a monster.

All the girls - just them; just the preps who mistreated her and harassed her are the ones who died. You are correct, she did kill them. She more than just killed them. People say she over did it, but she doesn't think so. She thinks she did just fine.

The next morning, when people noticed what she did that night, they got scared - scared of her. They realized what their children did to this girl - how they harassed her so much and teased her so much that they created a demon. Yes, they are scared.

When they came to the school, they saw police cars. No one was doing anything, no cover up of the crime scene. They all just looked. They all just stared from their car windows at the vandalism of the school and their daughters. They shook at the sight of all the blood.

She laughed as she did it to them. She kidnapped all the girls and took them to the school. She tied them up and gagged each and every one of them. They screamed as they witnessed her rape the blondes - yes, just the blondes - and she came about ten times, her orgasms were fun and fulfilling for her to know that she took the virginity from some of them, and she enjoyed it.

When she was done, she got forks - plastic ones were the only ones available - and she stabbed a fork into each one of their eyes. They screamed while she laughed. She plucked each one of their eyes out and stuck them eyeball-up, each and every one, into separate foam plates and laid them out across the cafeteria tables.

Tiresome of shrill screams, she cut their tongues out and threw them into the girls' bathroom, blood splattering the walls and mirrors.

She hadn't had enough fun and wanted to make them pay more. Dismembering their heads, she kissed each one of them on the lips and staked their heads in the front of the school in a line.

Their intestines were strung from the roof top of the building; their arms cut off and fingers taped down to where all but the middle finger was still up and plastered to the hallway walls; their breasts sliced off and hung in the teacher's lounge. She laughed all night.

She had collected all the blood from the bodies and poured it down the halls while writing 'FUCK YOU' on all the teachers' precious white boards and walls. White-paint handprints placed in a line permeated the school building, and over the High School sign was written 'YOU WILL ALL DIE'.

Last, but not least, she ripped out all the hearts of the girl's and placed them in a line in front of the staked heads. With the rest of their bodies, she stripped the meat from the bones and chopped them up to cubes, throwing it onto the eye-forked cafeteria plates, and threw the bones into the courtyard.

Dawn was on the horizon and she looked back at all that she did, and she smiled, "You're fuckin' sick, you know that?"

The next morning, when the police arrived, they found a well-tied noose hanging from the theatre stage, knives scattered around it, and puddles of blood, but no matter how hard they had searched, they never found another body besides the some of the eighteen girls that had been murdered that night.


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