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Short story By: Fahmid

The apartment was dirty red. A boy saw flood of blood. They went upstairs and saw a boy laid down at the front side of the apartment. There were five doors at the side of the apartment. “don’t know whether it’s a psycho killer or a ghost. Though somebody killed him"

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Obsessive Father

12th July 2007, a gardener named Jalal was planting a tomato plant. He was shorter than a child, barefooted and dressed as a dirty yellow shirt, brown coat and three quartered pant. He went out to play cricket with his nephew, Hellal. When he called Hellal, suddenly a boy came. "Yes uncle" he said. The boy was taller than his age. When they were playing, the suddenly heard a cry. They went to an old apartment. The apartment was dirty red. When Jalal and Helal came through the apartment, they saw flood of blood. They went upstairs and saw a boy laid down at the front side of the apartment. There were five doors at the side of the apartment. "Rahid!" cried Helal. Helal took Rahid's body and went to another apartment.

When Rahid's parents saw the dead body laid on Helal's hand, they were surprised. "Helal! Who killed him ?" asked Rahid's father. Helal said "Psycho killer killed him! I don't know who the Psycho Killer is!" Helal went downstairs and saw a door opened. He said "Mom, I am home!" His mother came out. His mother asked what happened to him and why was he upset. Helal said that Rahid died. She became surprised. She warned Helal not to go to the apartment.

Afternoon, Helal went to play outside with his uncle and his other friends. Suddenly a cry was heard. Helal went to the parking lot and saw a boy lay down and full of blood. Helal took the dead body to his parent's house. His parents were surprised and they didn't want to admit and asked "who is the killer?" Helal replied "I don't know whether it's a psycho killer or a ghost. Though somebody killed him". Helal went to his house and listed the deaths of the children from the other apartment. His mother was surprised at all deaths. She called the police. The police came and went inside the apartment. They were searching for the psycho killer but one of the cops found to be dead.

At night, Helal went out and saw the apartment glittering and shining. He went inside the apartment and saw a long haired, tall man sat down. When he went near, he patted the man's hair. He was shocked when he saw the man's disfigured face. The face was grey and he had sharp teeth, snake tongued, snake nosed and green eyed. He had claws instead of fingers. When Helal ran the man chased him. He jumped through the window and went to his house. Helal was worried and sketched the man. When he sketched it, the drawing became vanished, not the paper.

Another day, Helal went to his uncle's garden. He said "I want to consult with you about something. What happened in this apartment? Why children were killed?" His uncle replied "5 years ago, when you were in class 1 there was a man who had a daughter. He loved his daughter so much that he spoiled her. He doesn't want her to be friends with boys. The daughter is non other than your favorite senior sister, Jani Apu. She liked you, that's why her father killed himself. Jani wanted to sell the apartment but everyone was killed because he was looking for you. Jani went to London. Now the spirit was known as the obsessive father".

In the other night, Helal and his uncle saw the disfigured man dancing. When the spirit saw Helal, he said "You have changed my daughter and Helal, you are the devil and you also tell lies!" Helal cried "I NEVER TELL LIES!" Helal ran and made the spirit go out. The spirit was laughing and running. The powerful sunlight came. The spirit turned into dust and Helal laid down. His mother came and took him to bed. The sky turned orange and the apartment was exploded to dust. The sky turned blue. Helal woke up. "Are you all right Helal?" asked Helal's uncle. "Yes" said Helal. No spirits and no ghosts but supernatural is having more years.


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