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Never Trust A Stranger

Short story By: fairiegirl

In my opinion this is the most horrorific story I've written so far. I'm not all that sure where I got my inspiration for this story but I reccently watched V For Vendetta (Brilliant movie, totally recommend it!) and I had an urge to write something featuring a masked man and then this popped into my head. Like I said it's a lot darker than anything I've done so far and I enjoyed writing it so I hope you enjoy reading it! ~fairiegirl~ XxxxX

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She ran through the forest. In the distance she could faintly hear the music from the party but she was too far away from it now and besides, nobody there would help her. The long red dress that an hour ago she had been so proud of, now trailed in the mud as she ran. It was an unusually dark night but she could no longer hear him behind her. As her lungs screamed in protest and her legs ached she reached a clearing. She sunk to her knees in exhaustion and for a few minutes she couldn't hear anything over her own shallow gasps of breath and the pounding of the blood in her ears. A wave of desperation overcame her and suddenly her body was shaking as she sobbed. She wrapped her arms around her legs and uttered a soft moan of fear. She could see a tall stillouette of a man entering the clearing. Suddenly she became of how vunerable she looked. Her long red dress clung to her and it was stained with mud and ragged at the bottom where it had gotten snagged on twigs as she ran. Her long black hair hung limply below her waist and it curled softly at the ends. Her face had quicly drained of blood the moment she laid eyes on the man and it was deathly pale. Her massive blue eyes, framed with long black lashes, had grown even wider in terror. And her red lips were parted slightly in fear. The man walked slowly in the clearing, each step taking an eternity and each step coming too quickly. She whimpered in fear as the man drew closer and she backed up against a tree never taking her eyes off him for a second. A stray beam of moonlight shone down into the clearing and the man's face was lit up with it's eirie white glow. There was many things about this man that made him stand out. He was very tall and stood a good few inches from the woman and he wore a black suit with a dark crimson tie, the colour of blood, and over that suit he wore a black coat that billowed out behind him in the night breeze. All these things, while it made him easy to spot in a crowded room, wasn't the thing that made him so frightining. He wore on his face a pure white mask. The mask covered his face completley and only had two tiny pinholes for him to see out through. The mask had a constant, sadistic smile. It was disturbingly cheerful but at the same time terrifying and horendesly creepy. A chilling scream escaped from the young woman's lips as the man reached the tree where she was cowering in terror. "Miss me?" The man asked in a meaningful whisper that sent chills down her spine. "Please, leave me alone! I don't even know who you are!" The woman said, her voice rising to a hysterical pitch, as tears rolled down her cheeks. The man suddenly gave a roar of anger and with enormous strenght he lifted her up by her throat and slammed her against the tree. "You don't know who I am?" He screamed and the young woman began to choke as he curled his fingers even tighter around her throat. "No!" She gasped but he was uncertain wheather it was in answer to his question or a plea for him not to take her life. He lifted her fragile body higher over his head and her feet dangled uselessly in the air. He grunted in effort as he threw her across the clearing. She landed painfully on the ground about three foot away from him. Her red dress had ripped above her knees. There was silence for a breif moment and then she emmited a high screming penetrated with sobs of pain. With loud screams of pain she turned over onto her back and stared at her useless arm. Her bones had shattered upon impact and when he had thrown her the man had discolated her arm from it's socket. The man strode quickly to her side and knelt down beside her. Her vision had become blurred because of the tears that immediatly filled her eyes as the agonising pain hit her like never-ending waves. She saw a flash of metal as he took something from inside his jacket. She didn't have to wonder long what it was because just then she felt a knife pierce her thigh, then she felt him bring the knife that was still inserted in her flesh down her thigh in a fluid motion and before she had time to scream he had made an identical slit on her thigh right next to the previous one. Within seconds she had five shallow slits on both her thighs and she felt a warm liquid dripping rappidly from the cuts and she knew without looking that it was dark crimson blood. She was screaming in pain and begging him to stop the pain but instead he slapped her hard across the face. "You deserve everything I've done you little whore." Suddenly she made use of what little energy she had left and lunged for the knife still in his hand and still warm with her blood. He skillfully threw it at the tree behind them where it stuck into the trunk of it. "That was not a clever thing to do my dear." He said sofly. For a few seconds there was silence and then he grabbed her head by her long black hair and began slamming her head off the ground. "This will teach you to break my heart!" He yelled triumphantly. He heard a sickining crack and turning her over he realised that he had broken her neck. In the dim light he saw that her face was encrusted in dirt and blood, he had also broken her nose. Suddenly, for a second time that night, the moon came out from behind the clouds and it shone on the beautiful young girl's face. The light bounced off her lifeless glassy eyes and suddenly the man felt a wave of naseua wash over him. He had stalked the wrong girl. He had followed the wrong girl to a party tonight. He had waited for and chased the wrong girl into the forest. This girl looked scarily identical to the girl that had broken his heart but she was the wrong girl. Oh god, he had killed the wrong girl! Slowly he removed the white mask and on all fours he crawled towards the tree. With some difficulty he pulled the knife from the tree and crawled back to the wrong girl. He softly reached down and kissed the dead girl's cheek goodbye. Then he intertwined her cold fingers with his warm ones and plunged the knife into his heart. The man strode quickly to her side


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