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Demon Visit: Part One

Short story By: Fresenbet

Tags: Horror

A dedicated doctor gets visited by a demon.

Submitted:Mar 10, 2013    Reads: 118    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   

Demon Visit: Part One

Darkness was falling upon the clear Adiss Abeba sky as i started my journey to the Tekur Ambessa Hospital. Armed with knowledge, i went on my way, another day to fulfill the responsibility my country has bestowed upon me. Following the setting sun, couples started to appear on the busy street, holding hands and whispering sweet words to each other. Labourers were going home in groups, talking loudly and jokingly pushing each other around. It was a normal enough night, or so i thought.

My name is Michael Wossene. I am a Doctor at one of the most crouded hospitals in the town. Since my shift is at night, amount of doctor visits aren't as much as the day time, but emergency visit could be overwhelming. But i took my responsibilities too seriously to slack off or neglect my duties as a doctor, and by the end of the day-or the night morelike- i went home, feeling happy for helping others find peace.

After some minutes, i arrived at the hospital gate. The gatekeeper Mr. Lakew, after greeting me, pointed to the waiting room.

"The patients are waiting." he said and i turned my glance towards where he was pointing.

"Did they wait for too long?" i asked.

"Not for long" he responded, and sat down on his stool,looking at me with a blank expression. Mr. Lakew was an ordinary looking man with many interesting stories, most of them about his war years at Korea. On some rare days, when there are no patients, we gather around and hear him talk about his glory days. The stories were like coffee after those tiresome night shifts.

I went towards the waiting room, getting ready for that hospital smell to hit me with full force. When i entered, all the patients looked up in unison, some with a clear dissapointed look on their faces. I wondered if they really have been waiting for long, but didn't feel like asking it aloud. I gave a slight nod to the nurse that was standing near a filing cabinet and she called a name, as i prepared myself for my first patient of the night.

It's two hours after midnight. Silence has descended upon the hospital floors. Apart from the people i see through the opaque glass frame on my door, quickly going to their destinations, there is nothing new to rest my eyes on. Since i have finished treating all the patients that were waiting, my eyes wanted to shut off for a while. Even if i sleep at the day time in order to stay awake for my shift at night, the feeling of drowsiness still tempts me at night time. But after a fierce battle to stay awake for a while, i gave in and crossed over, my head resting back on my office chair.

It was inside the hospital, i think. Patients were running around. Chaos has totally destroyed the peaceful atmosphere. I couldn't move my feet at though they were rooted to the spot. My legs may not be moving, but my eyes scanned the croud rapidly, until it came to rest on a face some distance away. As soon as my eyes met his, my whole body went rigid. My heart began beating with enough force to rip through my chest and escape. I couldn't run, and my feeble attempt to scream, couldn't weild any results, since i seem to have lost my voice. My soul understood what my fate was, and panicked.

He slowly began walking towards me. All the people around me were a blur now. My eyes couldn't break his gaze. What was happening? Why aren't the other people noticing that face? As soon as that question formed inside my head, i noticed that all those people were gone. Where were they? There was no one left, but me and him. And he has wings. Black wings with sharp and pointy nails!

In a flash, he was near me. He grabed me with a swift motion and shot to the sky. The cold feeling inside me was momentarily replaced be magma hot fear. I lowered my gaze to the ground and found out that i was very high. As i thought what would happen if he let go, tears formed in my eyes. Then he stopped in mid-air and locked his eyes on something i couldn't see. Even if i couldn't see what his eyes were looking at, i somehow knew he was having a conversation. I became very scared. I tried holding on to my tears, but they trickled on my cheeks as soon as he looked at me with those pitch black eyes. He opened his mouth.

"I'll come for you." He whispered.

Then he released me.

It was freefall. I sped to the ground, doing insane acrobatics in the air. Every thing was blurry and i could feel that i was about to be sick. After what seemed like a very long time, everything became focused. I was very near to the ground! Adrenalin shot through me, and i screamed! I screamed until the final impact.


I walk up, sweating heavily. Something immediately seized my attention near the door. It was open, and nurse stood there.

"What!" i shouted. The panic and adrenalin from my very vivid dream hasn't left me yet. "Doesn't anybody knock around here anymore?"

"Sorry Doctor" she said, clearly embaressed.

"What is it?" i said, trying to compose myself. I saw her expression turn to concern, and then complete fear. Her voice cracked as she responded.

"You have got to see this."


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