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Demon Visit: Part Two

Short story By: Fresenbet

Things get strange for the doctor.

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Demon Visit: Part Two

I've seen many things during my two years working as a night shift doctor at Tekur Ambessa Hospital. I have seen victims of crimes so gory, that i regreted ever being a doctor. I have seen rape victims, betrayed by their own family members they treasured so dearly. This kind of experiences made us doctors emotionally dumb. We don't react, atleast not openly, to carnage and mutilated bodies as much as other "normal" people. Medical school has prepared me for such things. But nothing could have prepared me for what i was going to encounter.

I followed the nurse into the silent corridor. There was nobody around, and our footsteps echoed loudly. The cold night had somehow calmed me down from my rather vivid dream. I put my hands into my pockets and followed her for several minutes, until i suddenly stopped. She turned her head towards me.

"What am i doing in the psychiatric ward?" i asked, as my eyes fixed on a writing on the metal gate infront of me.

"Just follow me doctor." She said. " A patient insisted that you be present at his session, so doctor Desalegn told me to summon you." she added, and i could read a pleading expression in her eyes, as though she was afraid i would head back.

I frowned. Summoning Doctors just because a patient asked to was not exactly hospital policy. Besides, Why me? How does a psychiatric patient know i work here? Well, the second question may be easy to dismiss but i still couldn't completly shake the first one. My slightly paranoid nature didn't help either. I didn't like it when people knew details i didn't reveal. Especially strangers inside a psychiatric institute.

I followed her. The guard gave her a smile and opened the metal gate as we approached. She thanked him and motioned me to keep following. I didn't like the smell that was flowing through my nostrills as we went deeper. i wrinkled my nose. She seemed to notice, because she gave a small giggle.

"Hard to ignore the smell. Isn't it?" she said, and i nodded silently. As a kid, i hated the hospital smell. Even now, working in a hospital, i didn't get used to it and i don't think i ever will. I neutralized my office with air freshners but sadly couldn't avoid it outside. The nurse suddenly came to a halt. We were now standing infront of a white door with "Dr. Desalegn Worku" plastered on it. She knocked the door slowly and a sweating doctor opened the door, steped outside and closed it quickly.

"Why did you want to see me doctor?" i asked. He wiped the sweat from his forhead with the back of his hand and looked at me. I waited for a respose but nothing came.

"Did you just hear what i said?" i was disturbed at the sight of a psychiatric doctor sweating heavily. Something was not right. "What happened to you?"

" I've never met anyone like this patient. He freaks me out on every session. And the things he knew about me...the things he knew..." his voice trailed off weakly.

A psychiatric doctor this freaked out by a patient? I suddenly knew what was happening. I glimpsed towards the nurse and saw that she was looking at the doctor, her eyes wide. I laughed softly.

" Oh i get it now." i said looking at them both. " Fun time is over. You nearly got me so both of you can now go to work feeling like Ashton Kutcher." They were both looking at me with a scowl on their faces. If they can both fake emotions this intense, they would have made amazing actors, i thought. I turned around, and a hand griped my shoulder and turned me towards to my initial position. I felt my face go blank, clearly caught offguard.

"You thing this is a joke?" said the doctor. His eyes scared me. They were now full of anger that weren't there before. I slowly lowered his hands from my shoulder and straigtened my gown. It didn't seem like a joke now.

" Alright" i said, trying to make my voice as soothing as possible. "Lets see him."

He opened the door and i followed him to the dimly lit room, with the nurse right behind me.

My life turned upside down after that.


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