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Bloody Mary from the past

Short story By: gabber20

Tags: Horror, Scary

How school gets scary and how it gets complicated

Submitted:Oct 5, 2011    Reads: 170    Comments: 2    Likes: 4   

When I was in third grade at McLane Elementary School I've been hearing rumors about these two ghosts... Bloody Mary and Mr. McLane... Of course I thought they were real... I've always believed in ghosts! But McLane was built in 1939... I've been to every part of the school...the basement, attic, the old locker rooms...every part...well its been bugging me ever since... But i am gonna start from the beginning...

It was the middle of summer and my best friend Alisha and Brittani and I went to McLane to hang, Alisha's dad was there too... All of a sudden I see all the lights flicker on and off in the school! Alisha heard screaming! Brittan saw alittle girl? We all then all of a sudden see a vicious tiger! Alisha's dad says, "What the hell is that noise?" "Shhhh", we said to him... Then all the lights stopped, one of the doors slammed open, We fell vibrations from the ground...That...was...Mr.McLane! We can't see him in sunlight but we can see it in the school... We knew it was right in front of us because we were able to feel the heat from its breath and we were able smell the stinch of its breath...

There behind the vicious tiger was that little girl...Wierd...how can we see her in sunlight? She was smiling...she looked malevolent! But then she ran away...We snuck away from the vicious tiger and followed her... we hid by the lost and found bin and it was a corner and she notice we weren't over by the vicious tiger...Then she started screaming! "Where did she go?" I whispered. **THUMP THUMP** There on the other side of the door we knew it was the vicious tiger. We had to watch out for the little girl...

When we started running...Brittani tripped...Then when we turned around we saw letters on the lockers...It said "Watch your back! I know your in here. Mr. McLane can find you!!...The little grl...Bloody Mary" Three of us were going to head down the hall to the office but then we saw a shadow...So we had to hurry upstairs... There at the top of the stairs was the girl...also known as bloody mary,,, she was full of blood...Her hand was behind her back...she shows us what she killed...she killed a squirrel...She told us to come up there! We took one step at a time and she had no sudden movements,

she whispers....

" Pst, Come here...I'm not going to hurt you!!!" I wanna help you"

"Why should we trust you?" , Alisha questioned.

" Fine would you rather have me kill you or help you?", Mary threatened.

"I'm leaving!", Says Brittani.

" I suggest you not to leave...Its a puzzle...figure it out your free... Try to escape...BAM your gone...I look sweet...But Im not easy to deal with.... I've been in this school since 1939...I STILL HAVE TO SOLVE THIS GOD DAMN PUZZLE!!!", Mary explained.

"Well...", I said.

"Well...what?" Brittani says impatiently.

"Well, If we do help you...whats in it for us?", I questioned."

"Being alive! Being able to see your family again!" She said loudly.

"No I dont believe this, We are leaving!!!", demanded Brittani.

She grabbed both of our arms and she headed out the door... Alisha was panicing and I was confused. Alisha's dad looked pissed!

"God damn it, Where have you been? I was looking everywhere for you!!!" Alisha's dad sad angry.

"Lets go! I wanna go home! NOW!", Brittani said scaredly.

"Fine..." Alisha's dad said annoyed.


(at Brittani's house)

"Ok, Mom I understand. Can I go to my room now?' Brittani questioned.

"Fine" Brittani's Mom suggested.

When Brittani entered her room....She screamed!

" What the fuck is going on?" Brittani's mom said confused.

And there...on the wall... It said...."I warned you! I Told you it was a puzzle! If you leave....You will be haunted! Mr.McLane WILL find you! You can run and you can't hide! You have to face the punishment! I am only punishing you because you wanted to leave! Your other two friends will not get hurt...They wanted to help me and you forced them to leave! See you in hell!"

Brittani was haunted...Brittani was killed from Mr. McLane... R.I.P. Brittani!

NOTE: This is somewhat based off of a true story...But not really real...Brittani was not really killed! Please like! Thanks gabber20


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