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In Some Knee Axe (Insomniacs)

Short story By: Gaunts Gambit

Some friends of mine have been pushing me to post something, so this is my first and I am looking for constructive feedback.

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I arose one winter's night to a strange noise. It first disturbed my ear when I heard it. It sounded like scratching and came from the first floor door. I mused for a moment then decided the wind caused this, for there had been a storm warning earlier that night. This noise continued however and I became suspicious, curious even, as to what was truly causing such a noise at this ungodly hour. As I crept to my chamber door, which I did so silently as I did not want to stir my wife, I found myself surrounded in the darkness of midnight. But as I drew nearer to the door something began to feel amiss.

As I opened our heavy old wooden room door I peered out into the abandoned hallway and found nothing out of the ordinary. So I stepped out into the emptiness and I tried the light switch. Nothing happened. I promptly tried again to no avail. I scarcely liked to adventure out into the sullen night so I decided it best to return to my room for a flashlight, which my wife had brought to bed on the off chance the newsman was correct and we had a blackout. I fired it up immediately and it gleamed off every surface in our little room and I continued on my endeavor.

It was not until I placed my foot on the top stair that my stomach first retched. In an instant my mind's voice screamed and it had filled me with such dread I froze. How preposterous this is I thought. What on earth could have scared me so? I sheepishly took another step thinking I must still be under the influence of the sandman. Slowly, I made my way to the main floor and as I did so that infernal scratching grew. Whatever it was doing the scratching was now doing it with haste, and it grew louder and quicker with every step I took.

By the time I made it to the main floor the hammering of my heart and the heavy hum of my breath flooded my ears like a cynical symphony that mocked my panic-stricken soul. Overcome with this fear of the unknown I stopped, perhaps a foot from the last stair, for a moment with the light shining on the mahogany door. As I stood my fear manifested itself via visions of wild dogs and crazed madmen. Although as it raced the dim thought of someone requiring shelter from the storm sprung into my head and with newfound vigour and I dashed to the door.

I quickly unfastened the locks and threw the door open with such force that it bounced back on its joints and it struck my left side. But this caused me no distress. However, what did was the absolute nothingness which I beheld. I gazed at the porch and saw nothing; neither boot prints nor animal tracks were anywhere to be seen. Only the cold wet white that covered everything else in eyesight. Even beyond the walkway my eyes experienced the emptiness of midnight. Lost in the bleakness, my now fearful and dumbfounded mind beheld this; an abyss. Not even the moonlight shone, I shuddered seeing only an endless sky of clouds. Save for an odd small patch, much like an eye, directly above our house, and in it seemed to be all the stars in space, clustered and focused on one destination.

Shortly after a moment of solace, while lost in the impossible white of the ground and the endless blackness of the sky, I heard my wife call my name.

I returned to my bed and while lying next to her I depicted what took place. I spoke of the noise, the irrational fear and the nothingness. Being a level-headed woman she convinced me that I must have been sleepwalking and I dreamt it all up; that the cold of winter and the bump of the door must have woken me up. I accepted this and with one last kiss we ascended back into the dreamland.

However I awoke one final time that night. Strangely to an unusual voice which said "One in five will suffer/are affected from it." This was said with the two sentences over lapping each other in the middle but in the same tone and voice.

I jumped fully alert and awakened my wife asking her what she meant, for it must have been her, there was no one else in the house after all. Inertly she told me about letting my paranoia take hold of me and that it, yet again, must have been one of my dreams. Ignorantly I accepted her words and nestled back in bed.

But then I smelt it; some kind of metallic tang in the air. My body felt electric, as if some kind of invisible force was slowly engulfing our small room. My wife must have felt this too for she slowly sat up. We stared at the end of our bed waiting in silence as this unsettling eternity dragged on. I slowly felt my skin turn into gooseflesh and my hairs erect as the temperature dropped. It was almost as if they wanted to reach away from my body so they could escape this dire situation.

Then we heard it, the scratching, this time from somewhere in the room. I felt panic and nausea take over my body. My wife's head darted around the room trying to locate the cause. I myself was too petrified to move. At least until I noticed my wife as she slowly turned to me, staring at me, and she began to slightly rock from side to side.

I turned to her and whispered her name quietly but she did not answer. Still starring into her silhouette I reached for the flashlight I left on the end table. I turned it to her and saw her face, her horrible horrible face.

Her jaw was gaping dislocated and her eyes were slowly rolling back and bleeding in her head. Her cheeks uprooted in a perverted smile of pain. As I starred speechless the light began to strobe. She then shook more violent and I could see the frantic panic panting of her breath in the icy cold hell that was once our room.

Just then I noticed her eyes looked not at me but past me. Fully dilated and fighting franticly, trying to break eye contact with something, much like the inept fear of an animal. With terror in my heart I turned around to try and see what she was unable to break contact with. I heard my wife helplessly gasping for air as I did so. Every part of me screamed do not look and although I wish I had not, I had.

I then beheld what threat had reduced her to such a savage state. A pair of immense lidless red eyes looked inward at us. I tried to scream but found my throat unable to work and felt it widen as my jaw contorted and began to bend wrong.

The eyes were so terrible, my god, so colossal only some demon not ever known or spoken of in this world could posses them. They held all violence in this universe and the madness of the old malicious gods manifested in this reality. Where the pupil should be was a godless shade of white that flowed into a deep red like the vast winding rivers of underworld.

The next moment came a deep buzzing. Along with it a tongueless voice that chanted awful unspeakable alien atrocities that I dreaded to hear. As it chorused it threw me to the other side of the bed. My body convulsed so wildly that the wooden bed began to splinter. Sending shards up into the air where they stayed, defying the natural laws of this world!

Still gaping into my soul the chaos grew louder and louder. I felt my blood pouring, nay pulled away from my body! I saw it being pulled upwards towards the ceiling and ebbing into these tainted eyes. Still unable to break this wretched creature's gaze, my vision started to blur and the abyss took hold of me. The impossible fatal blackness of it surrounded me, until all I saw were these eyes.

I am so goddamned terrified. All I can see are these sinister eyes. Worst of all… they can see me.


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