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Let Me Make This Easy

Short story By: greenglasses

A woman knows she has been followed for two weeks by the same man, and so she acts like she has no clue while she waits fort him to strike. Question is, who is hunting who...

Submitted:Mar 10, 2012    Reads: 44    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

My green eyes were held with in a squint. The palm of my hand rubbed against my thigh to banish away stress created sweat into my jeans. I swallowed down meaty bits from a bent fork my other sweaty hand held with a theatrical shake. My soul shined through the body in the sunlight that fell down on me. Music flowed into my ears, filling my head, making me intoxicated. It was always the same crowd of people that came to these little shin dings every Saturday afternoon. Their children would always make the most noise as they played near a patch of clovers.

The wooden chair creaked as I shifted into a different, more comfortable, position. I felt your gaze sting into the back of my scalp and that's when the meat lost its flavor. You used the creaking from the chair for an excuse to look my way. My dish was empty now for the exception of the half eaten piece of bread and crumbles. I took a couple dramatic coughs and a big sigh before getting up from my seat with the tray in hand. Watching me you got up to, although your tray held untouched food. I threw my tray into the garbage bin on the outskirts of the park, and jumped onto the sidewalk.

Keys jingled in my pocket as I walked down the street to my vehicle and you leaned against the lamp post to keep your distance from me as if you were waiting for a ride to show up. Disappointment changed my expression as I pulled my keys out, because you had been following me for a week and never acted out your intentions. Once I got my door open I slid into my seat and watched you watching me in the side mirror. You couldn't see me, but I could see the confusion on your face as to why I hadn't taken off yet. I was going to make things easier for you, so I began to pretend I was looking for something in the glove box. In the other side mirror I saw you take in lots of deep breathes.

Something magnificent flamed in me as I watched you give yourself a quick slap of confidence and walk down the street towards my car. I was now looking at you through the rear view mirror not believing what I was seeing. My body began to tremble more and more the closer you got. The key was into the ignition and I turned on my car to make you jump into a stupor. But you shook that away and let something dark take a hold of you. This made my inner demons smile as something darker took hold of me. Your hand slammed onto the trunk of my car.

I gave you the most pathetic terrified look I could conjure up to make you believe I hadn't the slightest idea of who you were and what you wanted from me. The sun was almost gone and was going to leave you with me. You ripped open my door by one strong snag and threw me out of my car onto the street. Adrenaline made my pulse throb with a passion. Let's see how hysterical I can get.

"Please don't hurt me. Please I'll give you anything you ask for! Take the keys to my car and my bracelet. I don't have any mo-mo-money oohhh nooo!"

"Oh I want more than that. I want your blood all over me and your little legs broken," a nasty, smoldering smile spread on your face as you whipped out a pocket knife. I refrained from rolling my eyes though your vile words sent a brief rush through me. The realization of what you really wanted made your eyes twinkle even more and your stomach growl. You were finally going to get what you had been craving, and as was I. You jumped on me and I had to make the act more special for you. I began to shriek with my legs struggling, but not kicking.

You stabbed me a couple times making my blood spurt up into the air, punching me twice, and I gave a dramatic performance from the shriek to a slow last breath kind of a death. Right as you started to unzip my jeans, I grunted to get your attention as a single drop of blood left the corner of my mouth.

"Tell my mother I love her and that…that…," I pulled you close to me so I could whisper in your ear, "that I enjoyed killing you."

"W-what the hell did you just say?" My hand flew to your neck and as I stood up I held you in the air. My wounds were long gone, and the black eyes you had given me fade away to your horror. I flung you onto the curb which made my ears twitch because I could hear three of your ribs break from the impact. I knew the people at the park were gone also, and I laughed at how nobody even heard my shrieks. Your mind couldn't even register what had just happened and you gasped for air begging god to save your pathetic soul. Three graceful steps brought me to you. I sat on your chest and you wailed out.

"Shut up. I can't believe you waited a whole damn week to try to make a man out of yourself. Your existence is no better than a nasty little cockroach. The fact that you just-"

"Aaaaaahhhhhh help-"

"Shut up while I'm speaking, you piece of shit," I say as I put a dirty rock that was on the road into your mouth, "Like I was saying, the fact that you slaughter girls for your necrophilia obsession is not only sick but cliché. Just look at you. At least now you won't hurt anyone else. Are you scared?"

"Mm, I'll take that as a yes," I say from your terrified expression. Smirking I twisted your head around. You looked absolutely disturbing just like your victims did. Blood dripped out your nose and your facial features were all screwed up. I got up and fixed the little things. Straightened out my posture, my hair was out of its frenzy, and a hint of a smile was on my face. Calm and eased I got to my car, opened the door, and then slid back into my seat, obviously satisfied. Though, I have to admit I have a passion for the dramatics.


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