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House of Infinite Trials (Zadudet1's Afterlife contest)

Short story By: GuruGuy

Zadudet1's Afterlife contest.

A man meets death and wakes up in the afterlife. What fate awaits the man in the other world? Will justice be served, or reward be granted?

Note: whenever you see "fiftieth", it should be fifteenth. My apology!

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House of Infinite Trials
By H.F
The moon came in full view as the night switched from dimness to twilight, overcasting shadows upon streets after streets of New York City. In uptown Brooklyn Ron Calloway parked his Bentley across from Applebee's. Inside his car, resting in the driver's seat, Ron looked through the window as he locked his attention on a family who stood outside the dining restaurant-A little girl along side her parents and an unusual Chihuahua. The girl, Ron knew, would be his fiftieth prey.
A sadistic pedophile with unlimited ugly intentions, Ron had kidnapped and sexually molested fourteen girls, most of them were less than ten years of age. After having done so he would put an end to their lives, killing each of the innocents in a different way-such an act he'd always believed is a necessity as a completion to his cravings.
The family of those girls neither saw them nor heard from them.
The girl with her parents standing outside would be the best one, thought Ron. She's pretty and has an attractive body; her breasts are halfway fully developed, over five feet tall, and a well-curved waist.
It was thirty minutes after nine when the father of the girl began walking around as if asking for directions. Ron remained seated, watching attentively as if waiting for the right moment to get the girl he wanted so dearly. The father came across a homeless, which led to a long talk between them. Ron remained patient, as he always had in his attempts to get what he wanted, and knew an opportunity will appear.
Three minutes past when an abrupt cry came from the father, whom the homeless started to throw violent punches at. Passersby became alarmed by the event, following several men running to the scene in hopes to break up the fight. The mother, who became scared and traumatized by the scene, decided to help her husband. Both parents were no longer within their daughter's reach.
Ron Calloway got out of his Bentley and finally crossed the street without looking for incoming traffic-he ignored everything else and focused his mind on the girl. Midway before approaching the girl and have her in his possession, a large vehicle gave a loud but harsh honk before it could hit Ron-it was too late to make out the particular vehicle that violently hit him.
Upon the collision the man felt his midsection being cracked, as if his upper half was being bent toward his lower half. His head smacked against the front window, followed by the flip of his body over the vehicle to the trunk, then on the ground.
Ron felt extreme pain-more like the agony that tells someone's on the brink of death. Unable to move, Ron felt his body disconnected; shoulders dislocated, serious spinal and brain injuries, shattered bones, fracture of the neck bone, and the thought of losing the girl.
Ron, lying on the ground, realized the girl watching him in fear yet sadness for his current predicament. He looked into her eyes; she did the same in reply. Though the girl continued to look in his eyes, Ron's consciousness failed him, finally bringing him to a state where there's no return to this world but succumbed to death.
The 32-year-old man awakened, followed by a sigh in relief; he figured the accident was just a dream. Ron realized he was standing in a space with nothingness; everything's white, no clouds, sky, people, the girl. A sudden shock aroused him when he noticed a red skyscraper before him, about few feet away. "Beautiful" was the only word he uttered.
Ron advanced his steps toward the marvelous some-stories building. While walking he looked down but only can see white, nothing else. Before approaching the building a figure suddenly emerged into view, like a magician bringing about a bird like "puff!" This startled Ron, though he was unable to distinguish the features. He continued with his steps at a normal pace, still contemplating the figure standing before the door, which acts as an entryway into the building.
The figure, much to his surprise, appeared in human form, but was by no means human.
Wearing a black suit with a red necktie, the figure appeared tall-over seven feet tall. Its skin color's neither black nor white, yellow nor orange; it's indistinguishable. It has not a single hair on it, as if completely shaved. The eyes are like anything he'd never seen before. No pupils or iris notable to Ron's naked eye. The eyes have concentric circles, each showing a degree of color red, from light to dark.
Ron thought it was the most exquisite thing he has ever witnessed in his life. Yet one thing kept bothering him; the figure showed not a hint of its sex.
"Ron Calloway," a deep, intimidating voice came out from the figure. "You've made it."
Ron remained shocked, but was more frightened by the ominous being before him, which was holding something in hand.
"Where am I, what is this place?" the man questioned.
"Sign your name here, initials, and the date of your death," the figure ignored his inquiries while pointing to somewhere on a paper.
"Date of death?" Ron asked.
"You died the moment you were going to take the girl," said the figure.
Ron was taken aback. "How do you know that?"
Before it could answer, Ron unintentionally did as he was told, signing his name, writing "RC," and July 4th, 2022. He noticed a list of names, few of which became familiar to him: Sarah Palin, O.J Simpson, and Paris Hilton. His actions weren't commanded by his will; he felt someone else was controlling him like a puppet.
"I know a lot about you, Ron Calloway. I watched over you since a single cell of you began its life cycle in your mother's uterus. I know about the 14 girls you killed, and the last one you intended to molest."
Ron couldn't say a word, as if he was deterred by the figure's will. It continued.
"This place-this afterlife-is the House of Infinite Trials, and your cycle begins behind that door." The figure eyed the door of the building, and then returned its gaze upon Ron. "My name is Mifune, and I'm the host of this place."
"Is this heaven?" the man asked.
"No. It's a place-the final destination-only the likes of you belong. You're here for eternal punishment."
"Correct. In the world of the living, you were given possible choices and the will to choose them. You decided to molest and murder innocent children. Such actions violate the Lord's Code of Conduct, therefore leading you here. You will suffer the way those children suffered by your hands, only more painful. You will suffer all fifteen experiences."
"But I only killed 14 girls. Why the last one?" Ron bothered to ask.
"Your intentions were very clear: you wanted to have her regardless of death interfering. That's what counts."
Ron couldn't speak anymore.
"The House of Infinite Trials contains infinite stairs leading to infinite black doors; each of these doors are numbered from one to infinity and represents a trial. For each trial you will be punished the same way you killed those girls, all 15, only more intense. The greater the number of each trial the more painful it becomes."
Mifune opened the door by means of telekinesis and beckoned Ron to enter; he did so without thinking about it. Once inside the House of Infinite Trials, Ron realized only stairs spiraling all the way up infinitely, leading to black doors after black doors with numbers on them.
Ron felt his feet moving on its own, mounting the stairs as he finally came across black door #1. Unable to control his body, he turned the doorknob and opened the door wide enough until heavy light completely engulfed him-like a fish eaten by a whale.
Ron frantically opened his eyes and found himself strapped on a metal chair. He surveyed his surrounding and realized he was inside his first loft in Manhattan before relocating. A Few feet away were a table. On it laid a silver tray with two sharp scalpels, a pair of plastic hand gloves, and a mask. A moment of realization brought him to greater fear as he remembered the scene to be his very first attempt at killing the first victim.
Niko Valley, the first nine years old whom Ron molested, appeared from a shadow. In her school uniform, the girl appeared less innocent than ever, and went over to put on the gloves and mask. Her eyes looked frightening; Ron knew she was sinister.
The poor man realized he was stripped off his clothes, leaving him completely naked; this was the same way he'd done to Niko, leaving her naked while strapped on the chair, screaming for help.
Ron recalled what he'd done to her; he took the scalpels and removed the outer part of her genitalia, followed by her tiny breasts. Then, he skinned her while unconscious, and buried her alive somewhere deep in the woods.
Niko grabbed the scalpels and began cutting his penis and testicles, all in just one try. The pain was unbearable, which forced Ron to scream with a high pitch beyond his limit-the pain was a million times worse than being burned with fire.
Tears continued to ooze out from his eyes as he watched his first victim wearing a smile. The act felt like it has taken years.
Everything suddenly blacked out. Ron opened his eyes, finding himself in a different place where he'd taken his second victim, Gia Matier. Inside a warehouse while naked, Ron remembered how he killed the eight years old; he inserted a rubber tube through the little girl's vagina, following a flow of gasoline. He then lit the girl with fire as her internals were being burned to ashes. Such act did he find to be very amusing.
Gia-showing a sinister look like his previous tormenter-viciously inserted thin rubber tubing through the man's urethra, until he could feel it touching his prostate. She then turned on the spigot that caused a sudden stream of gasoline flowing throughout his organs; the burn sensation was extremely excruciating. Gia then lighted up the match, smiled at Ron, and lit his internals. He screamed, and screamed, and screamed. He continued to apologize, but the House of Infinite Trials neither knows nor accepts such repay.
The punishment continued with every girl he'd molested and killed, in different places, until he finally got to the last one, Dorothy Spies.
Ron was in total distraught and pain as the experiences summed up and remained in him. Everything of him became weak. Was it really painful for the girls? The man thought to himself.
He looked around but there was nothing but white space. Dorothy appeared before him-the fiftieth victim whom he lost to have her in his possession. He didn't do anything to her, he thought.
The little girl burst out of laugh as she said the words.
"You unbelievable, good-for-nothing dickhead!" She continued with the name-calling and followed it with laughs. Her laughs were more painful than his previous punishments. This went on for years, he felt.
Ron Calloway found himself standing beside black door #1. He felt his steps moving up the stairs, until he finally came before black door #2. Again, he opened the door wide enough that heavy light-more intense than from black door #1-sucked him completely.
The man woke up in his first loft, strapped on a chair, and looked at Niko Valley again. The girl repeated the same procedures-though this time the pain was a hundred times greater. Ron bellowed so loud he could no longer scream.
Ron experienced the punishments with the same girls-with the magnitude of the pain being elevated to a greater extent-until the last one, Dorothy Spies. The fiftieth victim gave more sinister, violent laughs, as well as every possible vocabulary known to man that would fit his nature perfectly. Evil. Imbecile. Jinx. Abomination. So on.
As far as eternal punishment goes, the cycle repeats as Ron opens one black door after another, experiencing greater pain beyond imagining. Ron Calloway couldn't escape House of Infinite Trials, and he certainly cannot ask for forgiveness; no one's there to save him, and nobody will ever hear him screaming for help. He's fallen into a deep pit where it's impossible to resurface. Perhaps for the pedophile's sake, he deserved to be admitted to House of Infinite Trials. Better yet, he did not believe in the afterlife to begin with.
The End


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