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Another story based on a Japanese legend. Aka-manto, also known as Red Cape or Red Cloak, is a legend set in a men's bathroom where upon entering a man will ask you if you want red or blue paper.
I'd go for yellow.

Submitted:May 26, 2012    Reads: 473    Comments: 3    Likes: 4   

'I should have listened to them' I thought solemnly.

If I had maybe I wouldn't be in this situation but the story they were telling was so…so…stupid! How was I to know it was real?

What kind of normal person would hang around in a public toilet?

My mind instantly flashed back to an article I read about a clown who used to lurk around bathrooms and wait for kids to come in before asking if they wanted "Death or happy face". That kind of answered my question.

If I had the energy I would have rolled my eyes at the ridiculousness of my current predicament but even lifting an arm was too much effort right now, I could feel myself growing cold and the colour began to drain from my skin.

So many mixed thoughts were running through my mind, the very last being that I should have listened. I felt like I was in some sort of horror films with all the clichés that were hitting me at once.

I wanted to move and yell for help but I feared he would come back if I did, not that it would matter right now I was as good as dead anyway. With the slightest shift I felt agony as my skinless back scrapped across the wall of the bathroom stall, if I thought I stood any chance of survival I would have worried about infection caused by the bacteria on the wall.

The pool of blood I was sitting in was beginning to congeal around my hands which lay numbly on the floor making the substance seem stickier than before, I had been tasting copper in my mouth for a while now.

How long had I been say there?

I couldn't tell. Time seemed to be moving slower than normal right now.

Letting my head fall limply towards my shoulder I slowly move my eyes to look at the wall opposite me, the sick bastard had hung up the piece of flesh he had removed from me. As if putting on display some kind of trophy to show an accomplishment only he could claim pride upon.

The sight of my flesh hanging loosely from the stall made me feel nauseous and I had to close my eyes to block its mocking display. Closing my eyes felt like a relief, it reminded me of the feeling when you're tired and you finally crawl into bed. That pleasing feeling of closing your eyes for a good nights sleep was how I felt at the moment, my eyelids had been feeling heavy for a few minutes but I was too scared to let them shut light away until this moment.

From outside the door I could finally hear the sound of footsteps and chattering but it sounded so distant, like the figures were miles away instead of outside the door just a few feet away.

A faint smile crossed my lips as a small inkling of hope raised in my chest, had I smiled any wider and the blood decorating my teeth would be evident. That explains the copper taste I guess.

My smile slowly faded shortly after it had presented itself when I realised I could hear female voices, that was no good to me…I was in the male bathroom.

I decided to give up the fight completely; I was too weak to move and even if I could blood loss would take me before I could even reach the door.

If only I could have made my last minutes useful, instead of sitting here like a crying little girl I should have manned up. At least enough to have been able to write a message in the stall I was sat in, just a short one for anyone who may encounter him.

Maybe something saying:

"Never answer with 'Red'.


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