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The Akaname is a disgusting, grime eating, tub licker from Japanese lore....but what if he's more harmless than it initially seems.

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I sighed in content as I slipped into the warm water, it was always inviting after a long day of hard work. My aching muscles thanked the heat for allowing them to finally relax after being tensed up for hours.

I had just finished a late shift and had to walk the forty minute journey it took me to get home, by the time I arrived it was just past 1am.

After suffering from the heat it felt amazing to get rid of that horrible feeling of sweat that had managed to stick to me throughout the day, working in a building with no windows and running around all day really got you working up a sweat and it didn't help that the air con wasn't working.

It was almost as if I could feel the grime lifting off me just by sitting here and it felt even better after having a nice scrub down with a cloth and soap, once I felt I had cleaned myself thoroughly enough I let myself relax fully.

Sliding down so I was lying down as best as I could in the small tub I close my eyes and just let my mind drift away, there wasn't a care I had in the world right now.

Everything drifted away as I got lost in my own world, there was only me and my bath to deal with right now. Any noise around me was drowned out by the sound of water, each movement seemed to make a sloshing noise that appeared to pierce the room like there was a personal rock concert in my bathroom.

You can't get more personal than that.

Minutes passed faster than I had wanted them to, in all honesty for all I know I could have fallen asleep, and I figured I'd have to get out soon if I didn't want to end up looking like a prune.

As the thought of having to get out crossed my mind I heard a strange padding sound enter the room, it sounded like someone's bare and sticky feet walking across the tiled floor with the smacking sound it made with each step.

I tensed up and didn't dare to open my eyes as the sound drew closer, if anything I scrunched my eyes tighter and balled my hands into fists at my sides under the water. My mind was racing a mile a minute as so many paranoid thoughts ran through my head, I was frozen on the spot and began to think I'd waste my precious sleeping hours in water that would gradually drop into colder temperatures with each passing minute.

The sound stopped as soon as it started, it was only accompanied by a small, strangely familiar creak before silence fell over the room again.

Despite the fact the room was silent again I couldn't shake this uneasy feeling, I felt watched and the wonderful work the hot bath had done of relaxing my body was instantly put to waste with how tense I had become again.

Eventually the rational side of my mind began to seep in and whisper small reassurances to me, I began to feel stupid for my sudden over reaction. If anyone had come into the bathroom with the intent of hurting me surely they would have don't something by now, I mean I am vulnerable…and naked.

I begin to laugh at my own stupidity as my confidence slowly seeped back into me, each little morsel insulting me for being a coward. An amused snicker left my lips as I shook my head and sat up straight, opening my eyes for the first time in what felt like hours.

As I lean forward to pull the plug something catches my eye and my whole body jolted in surprise.

Snapping my head to the opposite of the room I let out the girliest shriek I must have uttered for years, my hands immediately flying up to cover my decency as my eyes pop wide open.

Sat right there on the toilet, in full view of the bath tub was this…thing!

Something that looked almost human....only almost.

It had the same posture and general look of a human but its skin and it's eyes made it clear that this thing was far from being was we would consider 'normal'.

Its skin was a strange shade of red, it reminded me of a form of clay I had to use in college once. The eyes popped out against the red skin with a strange yellow shade.

On the top of it's round, almost oval, head was long and tangled black hair that looked like it hadn't been washed or brushed since…well…ever really.

The worst part of the whole thing was this long tongue that was lolling out of its mouth, its slimy tongue wiggling around as it stared at me.


But also unmoving.

My heart was racing a mile a minute as I stared back at it, I flinched as the thing raised its hand only to find it merely wanted to scratch its head.

A shiver ran down my spine as the cool air hit me, you'd think the cold air would be more inviting in this heat but it was almost too cold now that my body was wet.

The thing let its arm drop to its side limply whilst continuing to stare at me, its head was tilted to the side and the tongue flicked to the side.

With a sudden rush of adrenaline I jumped out of the bath and rushed to the door, my feet almost slid out from underneath me but I had managed to keep my balance. Ripping the door open I ran to my room and slammed the door shut behind me, diving onto my bed and thrashed around, fiddling with the duvet cover before covering myself head to toe.

I was shaking like a leaf underneath this cover both from fear and from still being wet, I usually hated the feeling of wet skin against cloth after washing but tonight I didn't care. I was hiding from that thing underneath this cover all night, it was my safe place.

The Akaname stared at the door the strange creature had just run out of with a blank stare, he never understood the weird 'humans'.

He only came here for some food.

Getting up from his make shift seat he slouched across the bathroom to the bath, it was still moist from the freshly released water and the best part? The human had just finished washing so all that tasty grime would be fresh too!

Placing hands on the edge of the tub he leaned over, closed his eyes and let his long tongue start lapping at the sides of the bath.

He didn't understand why humans always ran out with fear when they saw him, he always found it kind of rude. It was their loss though.

He's share his food with them if they only asked.


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