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Short story By: Hell R

For weeks I've been stalked by this...this...thing...and now it's finally come. Slenderman has found me...

Submitted:Jun 1, 2012    Reads: 1,589    Comments: 8    Likes: 3   

A shiver ran down my spine as I daringly took a quick glance into my garden from behind the curtain, the sight of this peculiar creature made my blood run cold.

How long had he been stood there?

I'd lost count of the minutes…or maybe even hours…I don't know anymore it's all become one massive blur.

For days he's been stalking me, at first from a distance but I saw him getting closer. He knew that I knew he was getting closer. Was this some kind of sick game to him? It had to be, why else would somebody so cruelly mock another?

I had tried challenging him, yelling out to him that I was sick and tired of his twisted sense of humour. I threatened to call the cops in hopes that he would figure out that I was being serious and would leave me alone, my mind spoke sense but my subconscious told me that it was useless.

This thing wasn't human, it was impossible.

The height of this thing was too large to be a normal human; both its legs and arms were abnormally disproportioned, stretched to almost unbelievable lengths. And then there was his face, the thought of it sent horrible chills down me even in broad daylight.

There was no face just pure white skin, like something from a child's nightmare. The black suit he wore made his horribly pale skin seem to have a strange glow but yet somehow he was still able to blend into the surroundings, staying perfectly hidden.

A slight twitch in his movement caused me to jump and let the curtain slip back into place, my heart beat racing and my face twisted in horror.

What was I supposed to do? Maybe calling the police and reporting a stalker would be my best bet, like I had originally planned.

I mentally slapped myself at the repetitive thought cycle my mind was stuck in, no matter how often I told myself it was pointless my brain would tell me to call the police.

Taking a deep breath I dared to take another glance out of the window, slowly peeling the fabric apart I looked out to see nothing but darkness; he had disappeared as if no one had been there all along.

Rationality told me that it was all in my mind, I was breaking down and this creature was a figment of my own twisted imagination. Perhaps stress from work was getting on top of me slowly pushing me into paranoia, yeah that must be it. I was slowly losing my mind.

I step away from the window and clasp my shaking hands together as if trying to steady them, my mind wanted me to walk to the couch and sit down, try to relax a little but my body refused to move. I had a strange feeling that the slightest movement would cause this thing to reappear, as if it only detected me by motion.

Without the lights on my senses seemed to have heightened and the house seemed to grow eerily quiet, almost to the point where I could hear my own breathing. Every shadow in the room became horrifying figures and the slightest creak became a monster, sneaking through the house coming to get me.

My imagination was running wild and scaring me further, I continuously tried to calm myself down but nothing worked. I hadn't noticed that I had begun rubbing my clammy hands together.

From the hallway I heard a sound that was undeniably footsteps, my blood ran cold. There was no one here but I and that could mean only one thing, he had finally come to get me.

I didn't think it was possible but my heart began racing faster and my stomach leapt to my throat, he was gradually getting closer and all I could do was stand here and accept my fate.

My body still refused to move despite my desperation to leave; perhaps I had subconsciously given up. Tired from all the running my body decided to show me how it felt.

Tears pricked my eyes as I stared at the curtains, I had gone numb. I had been taken over with fear.

As I heard the door behind me slowly creak open I could do nothing but stand there as a lonely tear ran down my cheek and his soft yet loud footsteps slowly got closer.


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