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Gothic Style Writing Assigment

Short story By: hockeymidget8

A simple short story for school. "Supposed to be a Gothic Style Wiring Assignment"

Submitted:Nov 2, 2008    Reads: 7,821    Comments: 6    Likes: 4   

The rain fell down like tiny stones upon the weathered roof. It was a gentle shower right now, but the forecast called for intensification. The rain made the atmosphere even darker and stuffier than it usually was, which was a great feat. Save this, it was a normal Saturday night, and, as usual, my parents had gone out to get some "time to themselves". I didn't have any siblings, so that left me in solitude until some unknown advanced hour of night.

My parents had left me with an array of chores to do, none of which I was very excited about. Nonetheless, after time I completed the last of them, and finished it off by bringing the mail up from the mailbox. As I was running down to the mailbox through the rain, I noticed that the rain was indeed beginning to intensify. I heard a rumble of thunder in the distance. I hurried back inside, remembering to lock the door when it was shut. It was strange, now that the chores I was so reluctant to do were done, I felt like I had nothing to do. I decided to take a shower, and just relax for the remainder of the evening.

As I stepped into the bathroom, I felt a harsh breeze slap me in the face. I realized, to my dismay, that I had left the window open after cleaning it, thus letting the cold air blow into the room. As I shut it, I saw that fog had condensed on the mirror, from the cold air outside warming up in the bathroom. But that wasn't all…there were some sort of strange smudges cutting through the fog. My initial thought was that they looked almost like claw marks. But reason soon took over, and told me that they were probably just marks from where water droplets had meandered down the mirror. I took my shower and dried off without a second thought.

As I made my way back downstairs and to the kitchen to make some dinner, I saw that the door I went through to get the mail was unlocked. This surprised me. I clearly remembered locking it! And if I did in fact lock it, nothing could have came in…did something get out? No, no…my memory must just be playing tricks on me. I never locked it in the first place. My heart rate slowed as I re-locked the door (making sure that I actually did it that time), and I proceeded to the kitchen.
After reviewing my extravagant choices of frozen foods to cook, I settled with some ramen noodles. While my noodles soaked in the boiling water I heated up, I gazed out the large old window at the head of the table. The shower had now became a heavy rain, and the wind was picking up. I heard the TV that was on in the adjacent room blare an alert for a severe thunderstorm watch. I realized that I may have trouble sleeping this night, knowing my history of trying to rest through these storms. The frequent flashing of lightning and roar of thunder always seemed to keep me up, whether because I was in awe of nature's power or just plain terrified I do not know.

The timer I had set for the noodles went off, and brought me back from my thoughts. I ate my cup of noodles in silence, listening to the steadily increasing pounding of rain upon the window. Several times, amidst the sound of thunder and rain, I thought I heard something else. I sort of…howling, a shrieking. Once again, reason took over and told me it was just the wind, but it took longer to calm me this time. It seemed many strange things had happened this night. I finished the last of my meal, and cleaned up the table and the mess from cooking. It was now a full-blown gale outside, and the rain was torrential. As lightning lit up the sky, I could see the trees swaying and bending in the wind. I looked at the time: nearly twelve o'clock. Not very late by most teenagers standards on a Saturday night, but I decided to call it a night anyway. My mind was seeming to make everything seem scarier, and I just felt like ending this day.

I walked around the house one time to make sure everything was locked up. All was secure. As I was about to head upstairs, I heard something on the window behind me. A scraping sound. Almost like…claws. It was just branches, just branches, I kept on repeating to myself. But I needed to turn around. Slowly, I turned around. As my eyes met the window, I could have sworn I saw something dash out of my view. Branches flung up against the window as if something has just been pulling them back to peer into the house. No, no, my mind was just tired. I needed to go to bed. I wished my house wasn't so big, I just wanted to get upstairs. My pace quickened, and I rounded the final turn. My foot was just about to step on the first stair, when I heard something behind me. I froze in place. Behind me, something had pounded on the glass of the front china doors, which were almost completely made of glass. I stood there, frozen with fear. Another pound. Another. BANG. BANG. BANG. I realized I had to turn around eventually. My heart was racing. I turned my head, inch by inch. My gaze met the window. Darkness shrouded the figure, but the pounding continued. Then, as the biggest flash of lightning yet exploded in the sky, I saw it. My heart filled with dread as I saw two dark, red, piercing eyes, surrounded by a grotesque human-like head. On the window I saw a dark, mutated hand pressed up against the glass. Without thinking, I dashed up the stairs and dove into my bed, breathless. Panic closed over me, and I shouted in terror hopelessly into the night. All was eerily silent, and the darkness seemed to suffocate me. Below me I heard the glass of the doors break. I wanted to do something, go somewhere, call someone, but fear kept me glued to the bed, the blankets pulled up tight to my chin. I heard the stairs creek as whatever it was made its way up to me. Oh god, what should I do, what should I do? A flash of lightning lit up the room, and I briefly saw that my door was opening. All went silent again. I wanted to scream, to shout, but that horrible darkness was blocking my throat. Another flash, and the horrible thing was looming over my bed. A hideous humanoid creature soaked in rain, dirt, and blood. That last thing I remember was seeing two hands with blood-coated claws sticking out of the fingers like fingernails, hovering over my face.


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