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The F.e.a.r. Institute 11: Falling

Short story By: Hoke

Stories of a crazed institute, filled with demons, trolls, vampires, witches, clowns, psychos, ghosts, and a human or two.

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Part 11

It was nighttime in the park, the street lights had just come on. There was aswing set, a jungle gym, a seesaw and a sand pit, circled around a grassy area. In the middle of the circle was a brown metal drinking fountain. Beyond the playground circle was a grass field for activites like football or frisbee. There were benches near the circle for parents to sit and watch their kids. High above the park, a green cloud formed. It moved and widened and electricitydarted everywhereinside the cloud. Then a tiny black hole appeared in the center and grew. Abraham came flying out of the hole screaming, breaking the silence that fell on the park.He had a long way to fall and he screamed the whole way down.When he landed, he camecrashing downon the drinking fountain hard with a thud and blood splattered everywhere, soaking the freshly cut grass. Hisbody bent the metal downward breaking the water pipe open. The fountain broke most of his fall, but the ground broke most of Abraham. His neckand skull literally smashed into the dirt. His legs broken and torn. One of his arms had flown off during impact and was resting a couple feet away from the tangled mess of what used to be Abraham Knox.Water was spraying on his bloody trenchcoat as he lay there.

"Amateur!" Shotgun said as he sat on top of the swing set, smoking.

"Give him a breakits his first time teleporting" Nathan said sitting in the the swing set.

"the drinkin fountain already gave him a break... or two" Shotgun said not realizing what he said.

They both looked at each other and laughed hard.

They finished laughing and caught thier breath. Then shotgun looked at Abraham andhopped off onto the ground. His belt knives made kilnks and his boots made a thud.

They heard a loud snap, then more little ones. Abraham's spine and bones were mending themselves. Then Abraham's arm moved. from the shoulder in made its way back to its body. Abraham's internal organs were knitting themselves back together, his bones snapped in place. Then he was in one piece, not a scratch on him. His clothes were torn and bloody but all the wound and fractures were healed. Abraham layed face down in a pile of dirt. Suddenly he raised his head up and arched his head backward. water hit his face and he fell the cold liquid douse his back dirty hair.

"Finally we've been waitingon you for twenty minutes" Nathan told Abraham.

Abraham was gasping and staggering to get up. the blood on his face was was partially washed off by the fountain. Abraham got up and looked around.

"WHAT... THE... FUCK!" Abraham shouted at the two demons.

"Shhhhhh! heeey shhhh! keep it down this is a residential neighborhood." Shotgun said and Nathan walked over to him.

"Remember your deal?" Nathan said calmly to Abraham. Abraham thought back to when he was in D.Vower's office negotiating the terms.

Then Shotgun changed his voice to sound like D.Vowers and said "You will never die, and you will be invulnerable from harm."

Abraham slowed his breathing and took in the situation.

"So, everything? gun shots? bombs?... what about acid can I do acid???"

"Everything, even on a cellular level, they just grow back." Nathan said.

"So im invinsible???" said Abraham with a spark of excietment in his voice.

"No just relativly unkillable. I mean, somebody could bury you in a coffin and fill it with cement. Wouldnt die you'd just lay there." Shotgun said

"That would... suck" Abraham said blanky.

"Yea. can we move this along?" Said Nathan

They made their way to an abandoned building across the street from the park. it was old and looked as if there had been a fire there a long time ago. The building was square and had three stories.Thewindows were boarded upand the walls were a chared dark red color with graffiti on them. The front lawn was mostly dead with spots of over prown weeds in random places. There was arusted metal fench that held the lawn from the sidewalkthat was about waist tall.there were three wooden steps that lead up to the small porch of the house. If there were ever a house to be called Rundown, this would have been it.

The trio stood across the street from the house. Shotgun stared at it while Nathan closed his eyes. Abraham was behind the two,tucking in his bloody shirt that had a a few rips in it.He felt a slight tightness in his neck when he turned it.He reachedup and feltthe side of his neck and found that his collar bone waspoking up into his throat.He sighed andpushed his bone back where it belonged. it made a wet sliding noise as it realined itself.

"You think I should gets some new clothes? I kind of stand out" Abraham said and Shotgun looked back at him.

"Nah, everybody in therell be way to drunk or high to notice. And even if they do they'll go with it." Shotgun said looking and the house.

Nathan took a big wiff of the air. "He's there" he said and he opened his eyes. "So are his followers, house is full of em."

Abraham could see through the broken house windows. no one was in any story of the house and he heard no sounds of people.

"uh is this a demon thing? cause i dont see anyone..." Abraham said.

"Oh sorry" Shotgun said and waved his hand at the house. He opened his mouth and what came out of it sounded like a mixture of a cicada chirping and a low sigh.

The house sivered and moved, then the house suddenly wasnt rundown at all. It was a very nice house. the walls were white with flowers in the yard and beautiful windows with green shutters.It looked as if a party was going on inside. Figures of people moved across the windows. Shotgun looked back at Abraham. Abraham's face was perplexed but not shocked.

"its just a concealer spell." Shotgun said

"Alright his influence wont work on you, so you go first." Nathan told Abraham.

"Wow wait why not you two???" Abraham suddenly confused

"They know who were are and if he sees us he'll run. Look, all you have to do is get close enough to him and shoot him in the head. Then we come in and grab em." Nathan said plainly.

"If there's any trouble we'll come crashin in." Shotgun said reasuringly.

"fine" Abraham taking out his gun cocking it and shoving it back into its holster.

He crossed the street and walked to the gate infront of the house. He opened then and looked over his shoulder. Shotgun and Nathan werent there and he could hear music playing and people laughing on the inside of the house. He turned back towards the front door and started walking foreward. The house looked peaceful and innocent. Just a regular party with regular humans on a regular night. But nothing is ever as it seems, is it?


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