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I saw Slender Man once....

Short story By: Hoodie Ninja

this is a story that i wrote a few months ago. its got some cussing in it (hints the rating) but not too bad...... happy reading :)

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I saw him once, oh god how i saw him.... it......If you do not know who... or what, then sit for a while, and ill...... enlighten you. you see, a long time ago, back when the colonists first arrived on the land we now call the united states of america; there were many colonies that had all kinds of inhabitants. Men, women, and of course...... children. You see, back then they had no way of recording the things that happened except for writing them. so as im sure you can imagine. there were a lot of unreported or at least, unsolved crimes, and also..... disappearances. Most of all there were children that seemed to just, vanish. they would go to play in the woods, or in the field, or even in their rooms; then before anyone knew what had happened. they were gone. people would report walking trees, hearing strange noises, and having nightmares. Im sure you can piece together that it was him; or it, seeing as though no one really knows who or what "it" is. But enough of those old stories, im here to tell you about my story. I saw him once, a long time ago, Ill never forget that day; standing there motionless, with that..... face.... THAT FUCKING EMPTY FACE! GOD DAMMIT THAT MOTHERFUCKING FACE! it was so........ peaceful, yet at the same time, i saw something on, or rather, in.... that fucking things face. Death. that's what i saw, it was death. it wanted me to come with it. like a tall thin suit clad grim reaper ready to take me under. NO! NO IM NOT GOING WITH IT, IT CAN WHISPER IN MY EAR AT NIGHT AND GIVE ME NIGHTMARES ALL IT WANTS BUT IM NOT FUCKING COMING WITH IT! i.... i .. im sorry..... every time i think about it i just lose it. that thing implanted something in my brain when i saw it. it was fall.... i could see my breath on the cool October breeze, and i was in southern Indiana. near pekin i think. i don't really remember, its almost like that... thing.... put a shadow over the whole day, attempting to block it from my memory, trying to hide..... but no! im not going to let it! it was october, yes that's it, and i remember i was alone... and it was cold..... so very cold. i cant quite recall why i was alone but i remember why i was there. you see, for the entire week prior to that day i had been acting strange, paranoid. i had nothing to be paranoid about but i was, i seem to recall thinking something was watching me. and i had been having horrible, horrible nightmares. nightmares of children playing, then they would just stop. not just playing but moving and making sound entirely. then they would walk until they found a surface, a tree or a rock or a table, and scratch something into it, just scratch and scratch until their fingers bled and i could see bone. then.... oh god then... they would look at me. and their faces...... THEIR FUCKING FACES! THEY WERE LIKE HIS! THEY JUST WEREN'T FUCKING THERE! then, they would just fall to the ground. and then...... then "he" would come in, out of nowhere, and pick them up with his tentacles. HIS MOTHERFUCKING TENTACLES! and he would look at me the entire time, then the world would skip, like when you watch an old movie and the tape skips a frame. like that, but when it was over he was gone. and so was the kid. then i would walk to where the kid had scratched, and there. etched into the surface and covered in blood and tears was a circle, with an X in the middle.. but the X just kept going out of the circle. then i would wake up, sometimes crying, sometimes thinking i saw something in the window but there was never anything there by the time i looked. but i swear, "he" was there, and "he" was watching me, waiting, causing these horrific nightmares and planning. that went on for a few weeks until i started acting strange. seeing the circle and X everywhere i went. then i started drawing it not even realizing it. i would be in class then out of nowhere almost like an asthma patient looking for his inhaler during an attack, i would search for a pen or pencil and start carving the circle and X into the desk, and the walls, and....... myself. my friends got worried, they told me i needed some time to reflect, to be alone. and i believed them, motherfuckers..... they probably knew what would happen when i went off alone, they all knew! AND THEY JUST FUCKING LET ME DO IT! i went to southern Indiana, see i lived in Louisville back then, and all i had to do was cross the bridge and walk. i walked until my feet bled and i could see a wooded area, so like an idiot i went to it, i hiked for a while until it got dense, it would seem that the isolation was helping, i felt at peace. i felt happy. then..... out of the corner of my eye. i saw it, a flash of black, it disappeared behind a tree. i didn't investigate. i just kept going deeper into the woods which became forest. deeper... deeper... deeper..... until i stumbled upon something. it looked like a tree, a very big, very dead tree, then i saw...... then i saw the bodies...... i saw the bones.. sticking out of it like fucked up Christmas tree ornaments.... children.... all of them children... hundreds of them... decaying and covered in blood. there were bones of the ones who had been there for what seemed like years...... the stench was unbearable... i don't know how i didn't notice it earlier. it was the smell of death, and decay. i ran, i don't know why i chose the direction i did but i didn't care, i just fucking ran. then out of nowhere i stopped.... and turned around... and there he was... at the top of the tree...no! HE WAS THE TREE! his arms were extended and multiplied and crooked and piercing and holding all of the bodies....... his head was at the top. and he was looking dead at me. with that face.... THAT MOTHERFUCKING FACE! he looking right into me. and it was at that exact moment i realized what he had planted in my brain with those nightmares and that symbol........ it was fear...... it was belief.......just thinking about him fueled it..... and the symbol called him... and told him you were ready for him to come and find you. and take you and bring you here! to where he stood and admired his children.... HIS, children. they were all HIS. and i was next. NO! NO FUCKING WAY! so i yelled, "COME AND GET ME YOU SON OF A BITCH!" then i ran some more... until i got to a clearing, and i could see the road. i turned to see if he was following, and what i saw ill never forget..... i saw that son of a bitch standing there. in the woods on his legs elevated on them like a suit wearing blank faced doctor octopus. and he was....... he was waving to me... like he was saying "bye, ill see you soon." then, he just turned, and walked away. back to his play with his children..... ill never forget that day. i walked the road until i passed out. i woke up in my bed. i swear i dont know how i got there. But never the less, i was home. and i felt a feeling i hadn't felt in a long time.... safety. i felt as though laying there, in my nice cozy bed, in my middle class suburban house, on my quiet street. that i was safe. then i looked at my hands... and there, on the back of my right hand....... was the circle and X...... carved into my skin as if someone took a knife and scared in into my flesh. That was a few years ago. i have my own place now, and i feel safe here, most of the time...... my place here is nice. ive got a cook who brings me my food, a nice comfy jacket, a friend who comes to talk to me every other day, he tells me that "it" isnt real but i know hes just messing around. oh yeah and another thing i really like about my new place, its got four walls you see, four. white. padded. walls. every were i look i see the same white padded walls. well *chuckle*, i did, until i cut my eyes out. the walls got to me. and i wanted darkness.... thats when i got this jacket. it keeps me nice and warm, but its a little constricting. I wonder if he can still see me. i wonder if he can see through these white padded walls, i still feel what he put in my brain all those years ago. its subtle now, but sometimes...... just sometimes... i can feel the air chill, and i hear children laughing and playing...... then they stop..... i still get nervous. i cut my hand off before i got this new place. the symbol was talking to me i swear. but now its ok..... now... im safe......


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