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Fun with Dick and Jane

Short story By: HorrorJennifer

This is a short story I wrote a few years back in an English class I was taking, I would really love other people's input into the story.

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Richard comes home around five o'clock just after he dropped his daughter Nell off at his mother's apartment down town. He signed and rubbed his hands down his face then slowly brushed his fingers against the light switch but doesn't turn it on. He put his head down and catches a glimpse of his soon to be ex-wife Jane during their wedding.
All he could see was her face, as he lifted her beautifully beaded veil from it. Her skin was so gorgeous that day, she was glowing. Her long dark brown hair rested on her shoulders and was just as exquisite as the rest of her body. At that moment Richard believed that he was going to be seeing her face every single day for the rest of his life. But that wasn't the case.
He lifted his head up and the image erased from his head. He made his way to kitchen and grabbed a Miller Light from the refrigerator. Richard only ever drank when he was stressed and boy was he stressed. He twisted the cap off of the bottle. Tsst. The cap came off and he tossed it into the sink. He shut the refrigerator door and saw the picture of Nell that he had taken from her third birthday party just under a year ago. He tried to remember happy times with both Nell and her mother but all he could get was the most horrible day of his life.
All he could picture was himself running down the whitest halls of the AngelMemorialHospital trying to find about where his daughter was. Frantic and worried about what had happened to Nell, he slammed his fist into the wall as a nurse in light blue scrubs came to ask him who he's looking for. He answered her with "My daughter, Nell. I was called at work and told that she was brought in by my wife." Almost in tears, Richard just insisted that he could see his daughter. As he started walking away from the nurse a doctor walked over to him. He explained how Nell had just had her left arm wrapped from being burnt by scolding water. When Richard asked how it happened all the doctor said was that he didn't know, and that her mother had just dropped her at the front desk and took off.
Remembering everything just made him even more upset. So he went into the living room to relax a bit more. He placed his beer bottle down on the coffee table and plopped himself into his black leather recliner. He let out a sigh. "Come on Rich, pull it together." He said as if he needed to be convinced that his "ride through hell" with his wife had come to an end.
He didn't really want to think about what had happened between them anymore, but it all just all came back to him. Like it all had to come back to him for some reason that he just couldn't explain. He felt the need at that moment, to deal with the consequences that his wife had left for him. He had almost lost his daughter and even a piece of himself. He lifts up his arm and places it on the lower part of his chest and rubs it, feeling the scar that was left from Jane stabbing him during their final confrontation. He could barely remember what had happened before or after Jane had attempted to kill him, but he certainly remembered the part that had literally left him scared for life.
Richard came home from work to a somewhat unsettling house. All of the lights had been turned off but he could tell that someone was in the house. He turned slowly and flicked the living room light on. "Anybody home?" He asked but didn't hear a response. Only the sound of his kitchen sink slowly turning on. He heard some dishes clanking together so he just assumed that Jane was washing dishes. "Why on Earth would she be washing the dishes in the dark?" He thought to himself as he proceeded into the kitchen. He got into the kitchen and turned that light on and leaned up against the wall. "Honey? Is there a reason that you're washing the dishes in the dark?" He asked, but didn't get a straight answer. Only the shallow mumbles under her breath.
He didn't know why she was acting so strange but he went over to give her a kiss hello anyway, because that's what he had always done for the past 5 years since they've been married. She shrugged away and stuck her hand deep into the sink as if she was grabbing a dish or something. "Don't touch me!" She said with the coldest look ever. "You think I want you touching me after everyone you've touched at your office?" Richard backed a way a bit with the most confused look on his face. He had absolutely no idea what she was talking about or even who she was talking about. "Oh c'mon don't give me that look. You really expect me to want you touching me after you felt up all of those skanks at your work?" He tried to talk her down but all he got were more accusations until he grabbed her arm trying to tell her that nothing was going on. When he grabbed her you could see the slight smirk and the tilt of her head, like she was waiting for him to touch her. "LISTEN TO ME DAMNIT!" He said just as you heard a slight splash and a piece of metal scrape against the side of the porcelain sink.
By the time Richard had figured out what was going on, he seen their large kitchen knife being held against the middle of his chest. His eyes widened and he couldn't believe that Jane was actually holding a knife on him. "You're a pig." She said with so much hate and rage that she couldn't control herself. "Jane just put the knife down!" He said as she pushed and pushed it deeper into his chest. Richard tried to fight her off, and he probably could of but he was overwhelmed by the agony that the pain was causing him, and by the betrayal of his wife.
He fell to his knees and started to black out just as someone started banging on the door. The last thing Richard remembered from that night was seeing Jane being thrown to the ground and handcuffed. He blacked out after that. Lying on the floor bleeding, as the police called an ambulance. The next thing he remembered was waking up to Nell sleeping on the foot of his bed in an emergency room with a deputy telling him about how Jane had been committed to Lake View Psych Ward, for the mentally unstable. He didn't want to believe that his wife was crazy but he pretty much had to for Nell's safety and his own.
Now all Richard wanted to do was rest. He had just dropped Nell off his mother's house, so he knew that she was safe. Jane was locked away, so he thought that he had nothing worry about anymore. He put his head back against the head rest of the chair and shut his eyes for a few seconds. He then bent over and picked up the remote from the table and turned on the news. He wanted to relax and just listen to what else was going on in the world. He again, shut his eyes and tried to forget about everything. About ten minutes went by of him laying down when he heard about breaking news on the television. He didn't think anything of until the announcer said "Two women escape from Psych Ward." He became uneasy and slowly lifted up his head but still didn't think anything of it. He knew that there were at least a few hundred people in the psych ward. So he then put his head down again and just tried to forget about it. He pretty much got over it until he could smell a deep scent of the perfume that he was certain Jane had worn on their wedding day.
He opened his eyes only to see someone who he was certain was Jane standing over him with a black trash bag. He tried to jump up as fast as he could but when he did, a large hunting knife penetrated in his shoulder blade. He screamed, but it was muffled by the garbage bag that was strapped around his face and held tightly until he started gasping for air. It was only then that Jane let up on the bag. Richard sat there in agony gagging and bleeding as Jane laughed.
Jane sat down on the leather couch that was right next to the recliner and hummed. She seemed so humble as her husband sat next to her barely breathing. She looked at Richard and smiled. Richard looked up at her and got himself to say "You're sick Jane!" He said as he turned over in the chair and pushed himself up. You could see pride in Jane's eyes, like she was proud that after what she did Richard still seemed to get up. "Oh, baby… why don't you sit down, you look exhausted." Jane said as Richard struggled to keep his balance. "Jane, just leave. You don't belong in my house anymore."
Jane smirked. "You mean our house?" She said with such sincerity, like she really believed that it was still their house. "No! My house!" He said as he pushed himself to pull the knife out of his left shoulder blade. "Now get out." He said as he waved the knife at Jane. Jane didn't look too pleased, you could see her humbleness turn to hate. She stood up and walked over to Richard. "There's no way I'm leaving MY house." Jane shouted as she approached Richard's face. "This is my home, and I'm not going to let you take it away from me." She said, and then smacked Richard in the face and used her right thumb to push into his shoulder where the knife had been. Richard pushed her off and made an agonizing noise. Jane ran back to him but this time Richard held up the knife that he had in his hand and jammed it into the side of Jane's neck. He pushed her onto the coffee table and punched her as she pulled the knife out.
She tried to use it on him but she was more focused on the blood pouring out of her neck so she covered it with her hands as the knife fell into the carpet. Jane was coughing up blood as Richard got off of her and watched. He didn't call the police; he just stood there. He covered his mouth with both hands trying to figure out what he should do. He watched her for a few seconds and then stumbled over to grab the phone. He dialed 9-1-1, as she started choking on the blood that was building up in her mouth. He told them that his wife was dying and they needed to bring an ambulance right away. He dropped the phone and went over to Jane. He sat down holding his wound with one hand and touching Jane's hair with the other. He rubbed her hair trying to help her through the pain, but it was obvious that she probably wasn't going to make it. He kissed her hand as he heard the sirens outside.


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