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A young girl is in a forest, just checking it out when she hears a familiar,ghost like voice(s) Who and what is it? And where has she heard it before?

I wrote this short story a while ago, it was for this English assingment I was doing at school.

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The Voice

I shivered it had started to get cold, the cold breeze whipped my face, my hair flew all around me but I was going to carry on. I'm not giving up I thought to myself.

'Hello, we meet again.' I heard.

What is that? Oh my god now I'm hearing things, I knew all the myths were true about this forest. Suddenly the little hairs on my arms and neck stood on end. The way it usually does when I know I'm being watched. I'm not going to turn around!

I reached the dark, spooky forest. The tree branches looked like claws ready to grab me. I'm scared. But I'm not giving up.

'Keep on walking, quickly now.'

The same eerie voice started again. No your not real your just my imagination I thought. Keep on going I urged myself to carry on walking, just a little further.

'I'm coming, you can't run or hide.'

I heard that voice again. Gosh no please. That's when I decided to run. I ran past the creepy trees, and the more I ran the darker it got. Deeper into the forest, I knew I shouldn't but I need to get away from that...thing. I ran so fast and hard it was like my legs went on it's own accord. That was when I heard it. The scariest thing of all. My name being said by the same eerie voice, which I now realised I had heard before, somewhere else. No please stop I begged. But it was no good.

It was so dark now that I couldn't even see anything anymore. Then I heard a low grumble, the storm. Oh no. I stood still, not knowing what do anymore. The rain lashed out on my face and clothes and soaked me right through. I tasted the rain as it fell on my mouth, the coldness of the rain made me want to cry out in fear.

'Who are you...what do you want from me?' I said not even recognizing my own voice.

'Turn around and all will be revealed.' The eerie voice told me.

No I shouldn't turn around I thought to myself. I slowly turned around and gasped. I couldn't help it. I saw a silvery white almost transparent thing, floating towards me. No keep your distance I felt like screaming but my words got lost in my mouth. It came so close towards me I could make out ever inch of it's beautiful but eerie face. I couldn't work out whether it was male or female. It had shoulder length silvery blonde hair, but it's body was square like and unnaturally straight. The wind gushed around me and I reached out to grab hold of something, but all I could see was that inhuman ghost like creature.

'Hello, we meet again.' It said.

As it reached forward and touched my shoulder. And that's when I screamed, I screamed so loud and so much I knew I had lost my voice even before it happened....

I suddenly woke up screaming, from the same horrible nightmare. I looked around my dark bedroom, I saw the silhouette of my wardrobe. Then from the corner of my eyes I saw a silvery glowing light, I turned around very slowly holding my breath. And I saw the same eerie, ghost from my nightmare. The ghost that has been haunting me since I was 4 years old. Here in my bedroom.

The End


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