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Undead Wastleland

Short story By: Jeffrey Chavez

Nathan Miller just needed someone to care. What he got was something very different.

This is my first attempt at a possible novel. I would really like to improve my writing so please give me all the criticism you can throw at me. This would be the first chapter or even just the prologue. I hope you enjoy.

Submitted:Aug 25, 2011    Reads: 19    Comments: 7    Likes: 2   

Chapter 1

If you would have told me just a year ago that I would have been where I am right now, I would have laughed in your face. Now, it seems...that's exactly where I am. In the middle of a war zone. In the middle of a zombie outbreak.

I don't know why or how. I don't even know what they really are. Zombies are from movies, these are real! All that doesn't matter now. I'm here and this is what's happening. I'm telling you this because my story needs to be heard. It needs to be heard because I need someone to know I existed. That I was a person once, with feelings, with emotion.

It was dark, cold, and raining. The perfect cliche. Mom and I were at home, just another normal night. She was making dinner downstairs and I was upstairs in my room, doing what I did on Saturday nights, playing games. I was about to get to the main boss in the dungeon when all of a sudden the power went out. How annoying, I thought as I started walking downstairs. It was the second time that week and the second time it cut into my game. " I got to the bottom of the stairs and could smell my mom's meatloaf, it wasn't the best, but she tried. "Mom! Want me to get the candles?" I walked over to the dining room cabinet and opened the top drawer. "Mom! Where are the matches?" They were usually there. "Where is she," I wondered? Just as I turned towards the kitchen I heard a strange noise that almost sounded like the cat eating her wet food. "Mom?" Lightening struck, it sounded like a bowling alley in the house. I walked into the kitchen, wondering where she went. "What...the..." That was my first glimpse of them. I backed up, horrified. It looked up at me, blood dripping down it's face. It's face looked rotted from the inside, like week old cantaloupe. It's eyes were dead, lifeless. It's breath hot vile with human flesh, dripping with meat. It's teeth were black and decaying. As unbelievable as it was I knew what I was looking at. A lifetime of horror movies taught me what I needed to know. I looked at my mom and knew she was gone. Tears streamed down my face, but I didn't make a sound. I couldn't. I wanted to do something, but I froze. Blood was everywhere. It let out a disgusting groan, that I swear shook the house. Then it started to get up. Grab something, I thought. I backed up slowly as it's undead gaze killed me before it even got to me. Hunger deep in it's cold dead eyes. I reached behind me to find my legs before I fell back and found a vase. It was my mom's favorite. Before the message traveled from my brain to my hands I smashed it down on my assailant's head. I ran back towards the front door with that thing right behind me, barely halted. I grabbed the handle, opened the door and shut it as fast as I could. I ran into the street. That image. My mom! I looked around, darkness. No street lights, no cars passing, nothing. I dropped to my knees. I had to get help so I went to the neighbors house. I knocked on the door. Banged on it. Nothing...next house. Nothing.

Maybe across the street, that cute girl I never talked to. I walked up. The door was open so I gently pushed it. I peeked my head through. Smelled...bad. Like old trash. Maybe rotten fruit...or flesh. "Samantha?" I called her name while stepping in just a little bit. There was stuff thrown all over the room, the sofa was knocked over, the TV was smashed on the floor, there were papers and books strewn out everywhere. As I stepped in further I heard that sound, the same sound from earlier. Maybe this is it, my chance to do something. To mean something. To be a hero. I couldn't save my mom, but maybe I could help someone else. I needed something, anything. I looked around. I saw a lot of things on the floor, but nothing useful. Just then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a bat. Perfect, I thought, so I picked it up and started walking forward. Closer to the sound. I was quite. I stepped with the ball of my foot, then my heel. I was careful not to make any creeks on the wood floor. No sound. I started breathing heavier. I tried to calm myself, I needed to be sneaky. I could hardly see anything, I wished I had a flash light. As I crept forward I finally saw it. I got real close. Close enough for my opening...close enough to..."oh my god!" I almost puked. I knew I had to keep calm so I took a deep breath and raised the bat above my head. Both arms up. I struck down as hard as I could. The sound...bone and flesh cracked. Horrible sound. I threw up. The sight of something eating, tearing, guts, brains, it's easy to watch in a movie, but...I threw up again for good measure. The smell was almost as bad as the disgusting sight. How can this be happening, I thought to myself? I recognized the body as Samantha's dad. He was a nice guy, he didn't deserve this. Maybe she's still alive, this could be my chance to help someone.


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