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The song of the night.

By: JL reaper

Page 1, A man struggles against his inner most demons.

The wolf

My house grows dark with every passing moment of terror. I await what some believe to be my end and the end of others. The sun has set in the valley below, leaving it completely unprotected from that which has so driven me to the point of no return. I feel absolutely cold, as if all life had been drained from my very being.

Shadows dance all around me, causing quite a tremble in my joints. All is calm on this night, not a single creature stirs, except for I. every man, woman, and child is tucked safely in there beds, away from the terror that I know is upon them, that I know is upon myself. I sit peering out my window, utterly grief stricken. I am alone in this house. My love has gone, as well my children. They have been slaughtered through violent means.

Deep in the darkness I hear them sing to me, my lost ones. I wonder if I too will be next, what if I am doomed to be dead like the rest. Moonlight shines down upon my face, casting the darkness out of the chamber. With each passing ray of light I hear, I hear the heart beats of the innocent, of my fellow man. They are like instruments, instruments of death.

The stars seem to go out, leaving the moon as the only source of energy in this world. Wolves howl in the night, they sing the song of terror. I know my time draws near, I know I must surrender. In the midst of the moonlight he comes, the wolf, in all his danger and glory. He stands silent upon the lawn; he glares into my eyes as if to tell me something. His eyes glow yellow, his teeth grow sharp. His presence grows strong. Suddenly, I am prepared to fly with him, to fly with death. The kill is upon me. I cannot prevent it, not while he's around, not while that wolf so possesses me, not while I am cursed.


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