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The Sand of Death

Short story By: John Xu

Tags: Horror, Mystery

The girl's mysterious death has something to do with the hourglass. Is that just a coincidence, or a must? Who the next victim will be?

Submitted:Dec 10, 2011    Reads: 33    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

Jenny paralyzed on her revolving chair with puzzlement and terror. Though it was twelve'o clock sharp, she steadily maintained her paralytic posture . Her eyes had seen the most hideous sight in one single day or perhaps even shorter, a second precisely. The body of her best friend Amy hitting the ground.Falling from the top of the teaching building. The splash of both blood and brains resembled ice-cream with strawberry being struck down all over. The case was confirmed by a police squad as a suicide. The light of the TV screen was the only source of glow. " According to the declaration made by the local police, the victim has proved to be a student of XXX Academy. Witnesses claimed that they had seen her stepping up to the roof without any reason......" She laid her body on the chair mournfully and exhaustedly,eyes almost closed from tiredness. Then with a spark of sputtering noise, there extinguished the only source of light in the room. Then a feeling of impenetrable darkness seized her, chilled her from head to feet. It took after the feeling of touching a stone-dead corpse. She shrieked hysterically, all the spooky feelings were gone and the sun light penetrated through the hanging curtain." A nightmare again."She wiped the cold sweat at her forehead nervously. The Phone in her apartment rang. She hastily putted on her pajama on and picked up the call. " Hi,is it Jenny?" " Yeah, Sophia, isn't it?" "Listen, I'm really sorry that this horrible thing happened,but you gotta cheer up, Jenny. You can't change things that happened. " "Thank you, but I'm fine right now. Really." "Okay, I will come to see you this afternoon. " The temporary closure of Jenny's school required her enough time to recall the detail of that moment.The thump of human body hitting the hard cement ground. She could even hear the bone-crash sound with perfect distinction. Two eyes widely opened in panic. "There's no possibility that she killed herself." Jenny murmured. "Amy, Amy, Amy. . ." A storm of sorrow seized her and pushed her body on the ground. She sat still,head buried in her arms and started weeping. The street was in a dreadful silence except for Jenny's weep.It must had been a long till she raised up her head again,looking away from her tear-streamed eyes. A glimpse of a substance caught her notice. She raised and walked towards the object. It was a shabby hourglass which was covered with thick dust. "Hourglass,Hourglass,hourglass. . ."she put her head down, trying to make a connection. "Hourglass,hourglass,Amy,Amy,hourglass. . ." It all sorted out like the current passing through a thin wire of memory. " Is that yours,Amy? Wow, where did you get that?" " Relic from my grandma." " I'm sorry for that." " It's okay.She suffered a lot. People called her witch.She was excluded from her town and that hourglass was the only thing she left. " "Oh my god.One day they will have to pay what they have done." "Actually my grandpa excluded her. He discarded her like a junk. Sorry, I can see that you like it, but I can't give you this." "That's fine.It's the memory of your grandma.You should just keep it." . . . It started to blow wind, with whistling sound that stabbed through Jenny's ear. She picked up the hourglass and put it against her chest. She turned around and was ready to head back home when she saw her. It was the figure with a typical student's skirt and vest. The bare legs were speckled with dark-purple spots. The violate eyes trimmed with false eyelashes which was partially hidden from her black fringe. "Amy, Jesus Christ" Jenny widened her eyes to the figure in front of her with trembling voice.The hourglass fell to the ground from her hand. It smacked the ground hard.The figure looked back silently,eyes goggled at her,with hands hanging down. Then she suddenly turned around and ran out of Jenny's sight. "Wait, Amy,Amy!!" Jenny ran dejectedly through the howling wind, her long hair dancing in the wind. Through a mass of blonde hair twisting on her face which almost blocked her eyesight. She once again saw the faint figure on her way to the teaching building. "Don't, oh my god....." The myriad scenes flickered into her mind just like the rewinding of a typical montage. The splashing blood, the motionless corpse, the frantic eyes, the eyes...... Jenny roughly visualized the distance, with sprawling bushes dotted along the main trail. "All right. I can do that......" Inside the building, the labyrinthine lobby was lime a black hole with chilly breeze. Jenny glanced at the staircase, it was rusty and painted with dreadful grey. The entrance to the roof was a half closed shabby door of aluminum alloy. Unlike the entrance to the building, this one shined with the sparkling light which made her dizzy. The light coming in seemed to be reminding her something, the dizzying light. Jenny then felt her vision whiten. She felt herself in a haze, which blocked out almost everything. She looked forward. There seemed to be nothing out there "What the hell. What the hell. What the hell is going on here?" The fog was endless. She finally saw a fuzzy dot ahead. The figure had worn a blue skort with speckled legs exposed. A neat vest decorated with stripes of various color. The figure turned and smiled to her, with the eyes shinning and the cheek flushed."Amy? Tell me what's going on here. Why are you..." She hesitated when she caught a glance of something special, something unusual, something which smashed everything she saw squarely. It was the hourglass. It was this shabby little thing that stood still on her hand. The grains flew off smoothly and hit the bottom with the cracking sound. It here's louder and louder and Jenny raised her head. With a great panic, she saw the flush cheek cracked and the blood drifted away, like the delicate porcelain being smashed by a gouge. The blood winded and wriggled toward Jenny.The figure stood still,with her head raising up. "Bad girl. You took the thing that belongs to me. You bad girl." The sprawling blood wriggled up her stiff body, and reached her terrified eyes--the smothering scarlet. "NO!!!!!!" Jenny snapped her eyes open and ran up to the roof. There was Amy who stood still on the brink of the edge of the building, with her body leaning forward, torso against the rail. "Oh my god. Amy, Amy!" She sprinted to her, hand trying to reach her shoulder and managed it. All of a sudden,the memory hit her. "That's too high, Jenny, I can't do it. " " Come on, you will be fine. I did bungee jumping every year.Besides,see those people who committed a suicide. They just jump out." " No,I can't,jumping off the building will be my last option if I wanna die. I just can'...What are you doing? No,No,No,No! Ah!!!" "Ah !!!" Jenny tried to withdraw her hand but found out that the 'Amy' had gripped her hand tightly . The figure turned emotionlessly like a machine, with face bent and eyes bloodshot. Jenny could still see the horrible grinning on the bleeding mouth. "What are you doing.Oh my god,no,no,no,no. Ah!!!" Then she felt her body being lifted savagely by one hand and thrown over the rail. The horrible screaming filled in the air and a sound of the body bumping the ground came along, then there's silence. Sophia paralyzed on her sofa and turned on the TV. Mind was still crammed with the scene of her best friend Jenny hitting the ground from the top of the teaching building, with the blood and brains splashing all over. "The police have confirmed that the victim was a student of XXX Academy. The witnesses claimed that they had seen her rushing up to the roof. The investigation is still on going. . ." The phone rang. She picked it up. "Hi,it's Lily. " " Yeah?" " I'm wondering if you are okay. " " Oh, yes, I am. Jenny didn't make it through. " " I know,and I'm sorry for her,but that's not our fault. You have to cheer up. " " I know. Well, by the way,do you know that Jenny had an hourglass?" " I don't know. What's wrong with that?" " No,nothing. Just mention it. I saw it in front of my door with her name on it,actually. " [END]


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