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A walk down memory lane

Short story By: Jonathan DeLacuso

Death and life go hand in hand.One cannot be without the other. Everything that is born is predesignate to die.But do we ever think what happens after we die? This next eerie tale will try to shed some light on this phenomena. Today we unveil the secret that lies in the song Remember, remember.

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A walk down memory lane

Jenna was, by all means, a normal woman. She wasn't special in any way what so ever. She had a mediocre job, working for a pharmaceutical company. It didn't pay much, but she was happy whit what she was earning. She also had a husband whom she, despite being an abusive, woman beating asshole, loved.

It was kind of pathetic watching her struggle to keep her relationship with this scumbag. But, then again, it's not like she had a choice. I say this because, every time she tried to walk out on him something pulled her back. Also she didn't want to leave him because she thought that divorce was a great sin. She was a religious fanatic so her beliefs stopped her from walking out on this piece of human waste.

Anyway, back to the tale at hand. She thought that this day will be like every other in her repetitive life. Every day she would get up in 7 a.m., got dressed and ate her breakfast. At around 8:30 a.m. she would go to work and be there until six p.m. But one day all of that was going to change.

It started off like any other. She got up, got dressed and went to work. She overslept so she didn't have breakfast. But when she got to the pharmaceutical company a note was there. "The Dawson co. has been closed because of a bankruptcy". This was odd to her for two reasons.

First of all the company she worked in was blooming and there were far from broke yesterday. And second of all shouldn't she have gotten at least a note that they are shutting down? None of it was making sense. She was frustrated about everything so she got into her car and drove back to her home. She wanted to make herself a bath and just relax from the stress this was causing her. As she was driving home she saw a shady figure standing in the middle of the street.

She beeped from him to move out of the road, but he didn't care. He just turned his deformed face and smiled at her. She tried to stop but, she just couldn't. Just as she was about to hit the shady man, he turned into a dark cloud. She stopped her car and looked up into the sky, like she was searching for him. But, the sky was clear, except for a few clouds.

And, just for a moment, Jenna could swear that she saw the clouds spell out a word "REMEMBER".

She tried to discard this as just an illusion. But, what if it wasn't an illusion? What if that was real? And if so, what did it all mean? Remember? What could have she forgotten? These were the question that bothered Jenna who was unaware that they will be answered sooner than she may want. Later that day she retold these events to her husband. Instead of worrying about his wife, like a normal husband, he yelled at her for losing her job (even though it wasn't really her fault). That night she cried herself to sleep. Her husband couldn't hear her because they were sleeping in separate rooms. And even if he did hear I don't think he would care. But shortly after falling asleep she was woken up. Every time she would close her eyes the shady figure would appeared and whispered

"Remember, remember

The bloody December

Ashes in ember

From your body dismember"

She went to the bathroom to wash herself and try to calm down. "It was just a mirage" she tried to comfort herself. As she turned around, she saw the shady man standing there. He wore a hood so his face couldn't be seen. He held a bloody knife in his hand and threw it to her.

She picked it up and a picture of a brutal murder flashed through her brain. The shady man then said "Remember and never forget".

The alarm sound woke Jenna up, who convinced herself that it was all just a dream. That morning she had a hole in her schedule. So she tried to fill it up with a little drive around the town. Sadly her car broke down near a graveyard. The shady man appeared and gave her a sign to follow him. With fear and heed she followed him deep in to the graveyard. She had a feeling that he was going to tell her something important.

They stopped at a tombstone that read: "Jenna Ry, 1982-2012. Her death will not be forgotten". She started to cry and scream at the man "Who are you?! Tell me!" The man looked at her and recited the following poem

"Remember, remember

The bloody December

The ashes in ember

From your body dismember!

The bloodlust eyes

Watching you from behind

As he stabbed your thighs

And left you to your demise!

Remember, remember

The feelings of tender

As he flared his temper

And your spirit's dismember!

Remember, remember

The tears you have wept

The secrets you have kept

And never forget!

Remember, remember

The fifteenth December

The ashes in ember

Which from your body dismember"

With every word and every verse that the shady man recited memories started to flow like a river back to her. She started to remember the last day of her life as she came to terms with the fact that she is not among the living anymore.

Jenna Ry was a murder victim. She was killed on fifteenth December 2012. by her husband, better known to the general public as "Praying mantis". He was an insane serial killer who was sentenced to death by electric chair, shortly after he killed his last victim.

Jenna cried over the realization that the last year of her life never existed.

"Who are you?" she asked the shady man.

He simply replied "I am Death himself, and I have come to take you away".

As he finished a golden stairway descended from the sky onto the graveyard.

"They are waiting for you" Death whispered into Jenna's ear.

As she was climbing on the stairs her husband appeared on the graveyard.

He was holding a knife in his hands and said "I remember".

Death just snapped his fingers and the ground started to quake.

Death asked Gerald one final question "Do you feel any remorse over any of the crimes you have committed?" to which Gerald replied with a smirk

"I would have done it all over again".

With these words he sealed his fate. Hell itself opened up and tortured souls, accompanied by the demons, dragged Gerald to Hell. He begged and pleaded.

But Death replied "You had a chance of redemption and you wasted it".

He screamed in agony as he fell deeper and deeper into the abyss. Once he was deep enough the crack in the ground sealed up. Death noticed Jane watching and gave her a sign to go on. As he got to the end of it, the staircase retreated. Death just looked around the graveyard before exiting. He walked back on the street, waiting for a new car to come. I

t could be days, months or years. But he didn't mind. After all it was his job and he enjoyed every second of it.


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