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A story for Chloe's Christmas horror fest. Enjoy. Nothing more needs to be said.

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They can see you

Lightning flashes outside James' room. He wakes up screaming and covered in sweat as the sound of rain drops knocks on his window. His room is pitch black, but James still manages to find his night stand. He searches for his cigarettes and his lighter. He takes one cigarette out and slowly lights it. His hand is shaking as he is doing so. The thick smoke of the cigarette quickly fills up the small hotel room. He wasn't a smoker before the incident, but then again a lot has changed. His smoking was just a drop in the vast ocean of problems that he had to deal with throught his life. James stands up and goes to the bathroom. He washes his face to calm and looks in the mirror.

But whose reflection does he see? The thing in the mirror wasn't James, but it was something James knew perfectly well. "Why don't you leave me alone!" he screams and breaks the mirror. A foolish mistake nevertheless. He hears voice that whisper in to his ear

"We know who you are

We know what you are trying to hide

And we cannot be fooled by your bland disguise

In the dark of the night

And in the light of the day

We are forever in control

The shadows of men"

As the voices quiet down a flashing image of two dark piercing eyes appears in front of James. He couldn't take this anymore! He was going to do it. Opening the window, James steps onto a ledge. The rain is still pouring outside. "A fitting end to such a miserable life", James thinks to himself. He couldn't even end this pain, and as a man on the verge of his death, he starts having flashbacks.

It seemed like bad luck just came naturally with his birth. He was born in a bath tub, because his father didn't `believe´ in the medicine. James' father was a lazy bum. There were only two things he cared about in his life: football and beer. He worked in a small firm as a door to door salesman, but he was eventually fired, because of his inconsistency at work. After that George (James' father) didn't even look for a new job. He would rather just stay at home, watch his games and drink beer.

As you may have guessed, a relationship based on a concept of one hard working individual, and a lazy bum is bound to fall apart. And this was no exception. James' mother divorced George, when James was eleven. She moved out of the old apartment she had with her husband, and rented a new one in Bridgecare. She wanted to start a new life with her son in this city. But the endless streak of bad luck found James even in this, God forsaken town.

He was a pale and sickly child, which made him an easy target to the cruel bullies that surrounded him. He had nobody, except his mother that supported him through his life. Unlike George, Mariette was a hard working woman. She was the only one in James life that truly loved him. She was the only dim light of hope in his rather misfortunate life. But, such a 'luxury' was not permitted in a life of a person like James was.

At the age of twenty his mother got a terminal illness. The doctors gave her three days to live. During the course of those three days, James wouldn't leave his mothers side once. He didn't go to college, he barely ate and slept. He was by his mother's side, not wanting to leave.

But on the third day of her illness, Mariette was on her death bed. Her final words to James were: "I love you, my son".

After his mother died, James was never the same. He fell into a deep state of depression. And that was when he first saw them. In the beginning they were just a whisper in his ear. No image, just barely a sound, calling out to him. He tried to ignore, but it got progressively worse. The slow, faint whispers turned into screams until he couldn't take it anymore. He had to do something. But, what?

As he pondered deep through his thoughts, he realized only one thing: he had to get out of here. Out of this town and away from all the people that surrounded him. At this point he was old enough to do so, and so why wouldn't he? He got into his car and left. He rode off as far away from Bridgecare as he could. And the further he got, the voices in his head slowly silenced. It was only when he got in Michigan that the voices truly stopped. He was finally ready to get his life on the right track.

In the first two years there, he worked as a busboy, a taxi driver, and even a construction worker at one point. He switched very often, until he found the right one.

A company named Grahams co., a real estate selling company, hired him as a 'house inspector'. His job was to estimate the value of the house, and would try to fix any problems that house had. It was a good job and James loved it. In the very first week, he had already inspected five houses, which were all sold at a price ranging from 100000 $ to a huge 500000 $. He was one of the best on his job. His boss acknowledge by giving him a raise within his first month.

He even met a girl named Andrea with whom he developed a beautiful relationship. They dated for a year before he proposed. Now they were living in a beautiful suburban home, with twins named Derrick and Danielle. Everything was finally perfect. It seemed to James that, all those bad things he had in his life were finally behind him. But his luck would soon run out.

It was just a week before Christmas and everything seemed like any normal day. James was at work and he had just one last house to inspect. This house was located on the corner of Mapple Street and Johnston Avenue. The first thing he had notice was how the house was run down. The grey, concrete walls looked so decayed that there was moss growing on them. The windows were shattered and you could see the curtains waving gently in the wind. The cryptic look of this building sent shivers down James' spine. But he decided to proceed.

Upon unlocking the creaky door, he discovered that the inside of this house was completely different. It looked newly furnished. He couldn't believe it. This house was a contrast to itself. On the outside it looked old and cryptic, but inside it looked new and modern. He walked around inspecting it. His footsteps echoed through the empty house. He looked into the kitchen, living room, and even the master bedroom. Everything seemed perfect for a sale. But then he came to a closed door.

His human curiosity pushed him to go inside. He took out a lock pick and started to break into this room. He knew that some people locked the doors to their rooms, but he had to give a full analysis. After a minute, the door unleashed a small 'click' sound, and creaked open. The first thing James noticed was that, the room was pitch black. He clicked a switch and a small, dim light brightened the room. It was just barely enough for James to see. But what he saw horrified him immensely.

James held his mouth in shock , as he noticed a dead body of a twenty year old woman. The horrible stench, accompanied by the maggots feasting on her flesh indicated that she has been dead for some time. Next to the body was a small note. James slowly approached the dead body, holding his mouth in hopes he doesn't vomit from the stench, and took the note. He unraveled the note and read

"Dear anybody

If you have found this letter, then you are already doomed. I am sorry for that. I tried my best to keep this a secret, to keep them in control. But it was all in vain. They made me do horrible things. Horrible, unspeakable, gut wrenching deeds. I couldn't go on anymore. The meere thought of what they wanted me to do… No, I couldn't! I won't fall prey to them. I hope you can understand. And if you don't, you will! Goodbye, and please forgive me!


His hand was shaking and his face turned pale. He quickly took out his phone and called the police. Upon ending the call he looked his reflection in the mirror. The more he looked in the mirror, the more a faint image standing behind him became clear. He swiftly turned around… but, there was nothing. He looked back at the mirror, but again… nothing. A week has passed.

It is Christmas Eve now and his family was happy, except for him. He has fallen into great depression. He still loved his family, but it was hard for him to look at them. The only thing he saw now were those cursed shadows all around him, and, from time to time, the flashing image of those cursed hollow eyes, would appear in front of his eyes. He could barely wait for the day to be over. At around ten p.m. he fell asleep, but not even in his dreams was he safe.

He dreamt he was in an electric chair. In front of him were the dead bodies of his wife and children, and around him were the shadows. Dark, humanoid beings with hollow eyes emitting the hellish light. They were all chanting

"We know who you are

We know what you are trying to hide

And we cannot be fooled by your bland disguise

In the dark of the night

And in the light of the day

We are forever in control

The shadows of men

We can see your wishes

We can see your goals

We can see your thoughts

And we can hear your moans

Fear us

Believe in us

And obey us

Or perish by us

We are masters

We are in control

We are sensing

The fear within your soul

In the light of the day

And in the darkness of the night

Until death do us apart

We are binded as one."

He woke up in complete fear. He looked at his clock. It was 10 a.m. He walked down to have some breakfast. It was Christmas and he was expecting his wife's famous Christmas breakfast could loosen him up. When he got down there he screamed. His wife and children were dead! He looked around for explanation, but he couldn't find any. He only found a note on which was written :

"We know who you are

We know what you are trying to hide

And we cannot be fooled by your bland disguise".

This was the last straw.

James yelled "Who are you?! Why are you doing this to me?!" he yells but there is no reply.

He ran out of the house, started his car and drove off. It has been exactly a year since the event.

"I was a fool to think it would have ended that easily. My whole life was dictated by these monsters. They're the reason for my sufferings. Well no more will I be a slave to them!" he said and jumped.

It seemed that all time slowed down as he fell. It took only five seconds for his head to hit the cold, wet concrete. The last sound he heard before his death was the eerie music of "Silent night" being sung by the nearby carolers He was dead, but free. No more was he a slave to the shadows.

A man named Jack walks by that alleyway., bearing Christmas presents for his children. He notices the dead body, but walks past him. He has seen too many suicides to care anymore. But as he unlocks the back door of the building he notices, just in the corner of his eye, a shadowy figure standing behind him. He turns around, but there is… nothing behind him.

The end?


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