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Woven to a Black Suit

Short story By: JRA

As his footsteps sounded from the creaking boards, he knew it was only getting closer. He was locked inside of his upcoming nightmare, and the house was sealed from the outside. Tall, thin, and faceless...the man approached him, and knocked him to the ground.

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It was the summer of '02 when my friend James dissapeared. He was in the middle of an investigation for the Harvard Newsletter, at an old house near Wisconsin. We couldn't be too sure if the house was in Illinois or not, because it was easy to get lost where we were heading, every time the car took a turn it seemed like a whole new page of directions. I couldn't go to the house with James, but unfortunetally I did have to drive him halfway down the trip. I was staying in a really run-down motel, about 3 miles outward. As soon as I were to drive him to where he said to stop, he was picked up by our friend Lexi. As far as I knew, Lexi was driving him directly to the house, when they joined together. She was probably going with him to get some answers, but knowing James as being the "hopeful" ladiesman, he would undoubtly make a move on her. I still have no idea if Lexi made it out alive or not, but at this point I have complete faith in her death. It's been 3 months, and no sign of her, or even her blood has been shown. As Lexi had shown and told me via SMS before the incident took place, there was note of 2 dissapearences between 1757 - 1780 in that location, but the coordinates might not of landed in the house. Give or take a few feet, they were close to the center of the "danger grid" as I would like to, and had called it. Lexi told of a tale she had heard about this place, that it was never worked on after the death of it's original owner. The floorboards creaked, she said to me. And the walls swayed with the wind, every time we walked up the stairs, or down them, we heard a definate breaking of wood, something had been loose already in those stairs, I didn't trust them, - She said, and I quote. The last few messages I received from her on my phone, consisted of three main elements. A reoccuring pattern in the shadows, constant movement around each corner of the house, movement she did not make or enforce herself. And the finally element that was described to me was a sense of extreme paranoia. James never sent any kind of letter or message, or even a text to me at any part of the investigation. And that made me happy that Lexi was there to atleast give me a sense of what was going on. If James had wandered off to the house by himself, I know he would've died without any recognition of the occurence, or clues of any sort. That might not be the thing to worry about right now, though. For James is dead, and it must remain as simple as that. If I over-complicate things, I might be putitng myself in danger, and everyone I KNOW will find me suspicious, or atleast somewhat. The final text I received from Lexi I have to put in her exact words, or it would only guilt me further. "We have been searching for hours, and im afraid we have stumbled upon something that will keep us inside of this place, for a long, long time." At this point the text was split into two messages. "A tall man has been following us, James crying because he's afraid we are going to be victimized any second. He show's no sign of giving up, or even slowing down. Im going to send this message how it is, and if I live another hour, ill send you the footage we've tooken, please let my family, and the rest of Harvard know about this. Goodbye, I must assume, for a very long time if im correct." An hour later, or about 49 minutes 34 seconds, I received a video message from Lexi's phone. It showed of her and James running from what appeared to be a sillohuette in the background. I couldn't quite make out what it was they were running from, but apparently it scared them greatly. Lexi spoke into the camera, finally. "It's after us now, and it's getting faster! It's way to tall for us, James suggested we make a run for the second floor, but that will only trap us into death, or suicide. And ridding myself of my own life, I couldn't bear to do. Please, get this message out there." Lexi then turned to see the figure, and immedietally turned back to "me". "I have to go now! Im sorry! This is probably the last you'll hear of the both of us, if I make it out alive, and i've instructed this to James, aswell, I will send you a signal. Look into the sky's for it, I have to go, im sorry. Goodbye." That was the end of the video, and the last thing I heard from Lexi, no signal was sent to me, and I have been checking the sky and clouds every day, every second. Constantly looking over my shoulder to see if anything was being sent to me from above. The reason I know for sure of Jame's death, is because his record has a year of birth, and death printed now on it. Someone figured out his dissapearence, it was just a shame it wasn't me. Perhaps he's still with Lexi, but I hope she is even alive at this point. She's still an Asset, and one that can solve this mystery better than I. And she's one of my best friends, one I wish not to loose. If your out there, Lexi. Please, please, I beg of you, tell me.


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