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Tags: Mystery, Crime.


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"Liz! Liz! Wake up!" I caught myself screaming when I opened my eyes. "Is that the same dream again?" Jessica was still holding my shoulder while asking me. I just looked at her I was shaking, my hands and feet are clammy. "Are you okay?" she asked again. But when I didn't say a word, she stood up and head to the door. "I'm gonna get you a glass of water"

I am getting so scared now, it's the same strange dream. It seems to be so real. Someone is with me, I am very sure she's trying to reach for me, she's calling my name. It seems so real. But then after that I would end up screaming. "Here's your water." Jessica came back with a glass of water. "Thank you, and I am very sorry that i seems to be a bad roommate these past few nights. She smiled, "That's okay, it's not your fault that you always have this nightmare." Silence was in the room for a few seconds then "say a prayer before going to sleep, it will help you," she suggested. Jessica did the sign of the cross and turned the light off. "Sweet dreams Liz." she whispered

The time I opened my eyes again, the sun was up already. Ten in the morning. Sunday, church day. So I decided to go with Jessica.Maybe it is what i needed. It has been a very long time since the last time I went to church. At the church I felt so strange, my forehead was perspiring abnormally. It seems that everyone is talking about me. I don't understand why I am feeling this way. So I just ran away, so fast that i didn't even turn my head when I heard Jessica calling me.

Days went by, and Jessica is getting so worried that she decided to phone my parents. They took me home. I don't like seeing my parents so worried so I didn't argue with them when they said that i should seek medical help. But I am very sure that I am not getting crazy, I am not getting insane.

She was trying to reach me, "Liza!" she called my name, she sound so familiar. "We are one Liza, you should go with me!" My body seems to respond to her calling my name. "You belong where I belong Liza!" I was in panic, she looks very familiar but she has this vengeful look. "Who are you?" I asked her. "You and me we are one Liza! You are coming with me!" She was trying to reach my hand, so I tried to reach for her too. "Liza, baby.. Please comeback to us..MOmmy and Daddy are waiting for you." I can hear my mom's voice but I don't see her anywhere. I was in panic "Mommy and Daddy!" I called for them, but i still don't see them. "Liza, you belong where I belong! Come with me!" I remember what Jessica told me. I closed my eyes and prayed to heaven above to let me see my parents and be with them. "No! Liza you cant' get rid of me, coz you belong with me!"

After a moment I can feel a pair of hands holding my hand. I opened my eyes and it was my mom and beside her is my Dad. "Mom... Dad.." I whispered. "Oh,baby! thanks God you're awake"my mom exclaimed. "Where's Elise?" I asked. My Mom and Dad was stunned. "You remember her again?" my dad asked. I was confused, why would i forget my twin and only sister.

"The car accident that you both suffered took your sister's life away." mom explained. Then all the memories came crashing my mind. It was the night of the accident, I was drunk but I insisted to drive the car, i drove it so fast then BOOM! Moment after, I saw Elise, she was trying to reach for me calling my name, and it gets so dark.

Mommy explained, when I woke up after the accident I didn't mention about Elise, i didn't even ask about her. The doctor said that I lost my memory due to trauma. But 5 days ago I had an accident again. I fell on the stairs while sleepwalking and have been in coma for 4 days. And now I am hoping that Elise is happy wherever she is. And I want her to know that i am very sorry for being so irresponsible.



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