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The Night Beasts

By: Kalika997

Page 1, They\'re watching you all...

In the dead of night, nobody is there to save you. This is the rule that circulates the villages surrounding the mountains of Herontai, with good reason behind it. Every night at sunset, the people lock their doors, shut the shutters and the streets become deader than the desert. The beasts of the night crawl out of the shadows and down the mountain to wreak havoc and strike fear into every living thing around. Anyone foolish enough to venture out into the darkness disappear into the mountains and can be heard screaming every night for three nights, completely gone when the sun casts its rays onto the land.

There used to be only one monster that roamed the shadows, but the numbers keep increasing. Now, there are four and twenty to each village.

Natali is their target tonight, she is late walking home and has missed the curfew. Her village, Taron, has become as silent as the grave, and colder than ice. Her grey eyes survey the area as she tries to reach her house through the dark. She hears the heavy breathing of the beasts and her breath catches in her throat. Before she can blink, the Original monster is before her, huge red eyes burning with hatred and satisfaction at the terrified girl before him. His huge teeth, sharp, jagged claws and grey hide make it look like the mountain itself stands before her. He leans in, breathing her fear, relishing every second. She is particularly promising, he thinks, I stand before her, and still she does not scream. 

"Who are you?" Natali finally whispers, her grey eyes wide, her red-gold hair a huge contrast to her white face.

"Jehova." He replies, and grabs the poor village girl.

Three nights pass, and Natali's screams cease. On the fourth night, a red-gold beast with grey eyes joins the ranks of Night Beasts.

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