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A man is looking for his family, and a voice tells him to stop searching for his family.But why? Why was he feeling death was near?

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The stench of blood was everywhere. I looked around frightened for my life and my families life. The reason for blood was unknown to me, but I didn't care. I must find my children and my wife. Where are they?! I heard something creak. I turned around to see nothing behind me, I shrugged thinking it was just a mouse. And as I turned back around to walk, I felt the temperature get colder.

I felt myself shivering. The cold was unbearable. My skin is getting paler and paler, I feel that I am going to die of frostbite at anytime. Go back, do not search for your love ones...a hollow voice was heard, my heart jumped in fright. I felt that if I kept going the temperature will get colder and colder. My shivering gotten worser and worser. I am feeling that I should listen to that ghostly voice, but I want to know where is my family. My very soul aching with fright, the bones in my body are screaming in pain, my heart screaming at me to get away from this house. But I ignored these feelings and hoped that they would stop.

But I was wrong.

They kept getting worser and I am feeling the pain of my body Get out of here, you will die...get out... I heard that same hollow,ghostly voice again but it felt familiar like I heard that voice before. But I'm confused, I know no one with that voice before in my life. But it felt familiar, I have a feeling that I will die in my very own home. So I complied with the voice and started leaving the stairway I was in. I felt the temperature increase. I felt my skin getting warmer and I felt my insides once again not to listen to that voice screaming to me that it will kill. And once again I ignored it thinking I was just paranoid.

As I got off the stairway, I heard screams of agony in the living room.

I ran to the living room, I was shocked with the revelation I just saw. I saw blood everywhere, the stench was there again, the very poors of my body telling me that the blood is mine. Mine?! How could that be?! I was about to run but a figure appeared out of nowhere scaring me. I tumbled and landed on the glass table I had behind me, it shattered and some of the glass punctured my skin. I felt my blood pouring at the exact same spot the dry blood was at. I couldn't believe it, this really is my blood. My hands started twitching in both pain and fright.

I really will die! The figure soon started moving toward me with a butcher knife in his left hand. He had an evil smile, even he knew that I will die. He raised his butcher knife, "You know my love, I will get the money I rightfully deserve by killing!" he said, but his voice was feminine, my eyes widened.

"V-Victoria?!" I asked bewildered that my wife was here to kill me! My wife was the one trying to kill me?! "Why do you want to kill me?"Haven't I been faithful to you?" I asked shakily, and she looked at me with malice and total disgust. She got the butcher knife and stabbed me in the arm, making me grit my teeth to stop me from crying out in pain. I looked at her with sadness in my eyes, I wanted to know where my children are at. "Where are the children?" I asked with my voice breaking with sobs.

I soon saw her laughing maliciously, her pupils dilating making me think that she is being possessed by Satan himself which got me scared. "I killed them, and it was fun!" she laughed out even louder at her statement and soon she stabed me in the stomach which made me scream in pain, I felt myself getting woozy. She then threw her lighter at the curtains we bought for our home. Soon the curtains catched on fire. The flames increased in height, towering over me. I felt immobilized in fear. My death was near.

My wife didn't notice a knife flying at her with speed that could rival that of a silver bullet. She kept on laughing until she fell down with the knife stabbing her at the cranium, stabbing her brain in the middle. She was immediately dead. I didn't mourn her death though, I guess she deserved it. I couldn't move as I saw a piece of burning wood falling down right near my head. I closed my eyes and waited for it to hit me. But it didn't.

I opened my eyes to see a spirit holding it, I told you...get out now, you'll live if you get away from this house.And I'm sorry father. the spirit said to me and I was shocked, "R-Ryan, i-is that y-you?" I shakily asked and he nodded giving me a thumbs up making me know it was him. He always did the thumbs up to me so I know he is listening to me. I got up and ran from my house safely. I looked around to see my house in flames, and I had tears in my eyes. It was one sad day for me, I gave up my soul so I may die in peace. My eyes getting heavier, I feel at ease.

My time is up and I am glad...I will see my loved ones again in Heaven. I am alive and dead,all thanks to my son, the Hollow Voice.


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