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Once Inside You'll Never Get Out

Short story By: kiwisoccergirl

What if you got trapped in a haunted house

Submitted:Sep 3, 2011    Reads: 30    Comments: 6    Likes: 1   

One Halloween night my friends and I were going trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. Down the street from us was and old deserted house that everyone thought was haunted. My mother said, "Don't you dare go near that house!" Naturally, her warning made us even more curious. We went to the house and rang the bell. There was no answer. We tried the door. It was unlocked, so we entered the house. The door slammed behind us and…every thing went black. I felt around for Hayden. I found her arm and she screamed "AAAAHHHHHHHH!!"

"Relax! It's only me!" I said to stop her screaming.

"Oh." She sighed, "Where's Jullian, Damien, Alice and Cat?" We both looked around now that our eyes were adjusted to the dark. They were no where to be seen. I scanned the room again then, I spotted a door that wasn't there before.

"Come on." I whispered back to her as I walked up to the door, "We have to find them." Hayden came up to the door and turned the handle. Inside the door was a long hallway lighted with burning candles. We took a few steps in and the door we just went through disappeared. I looked at the other end of the long hall and saw someone or something curled up in a corner. It had on a navy blue sweatshirt like the one Alice been wearing. I sprinted down the hall with Hayden at my heels. I slowed down and lightly touched the blue sweatshirt. The clump moved and I saw Alice's long caramel colored hair. "Oh! Alice!" I breathed while I hugged her. She hugged me back not looking up.

I could hear her crying softly. I let go of her and lifted her chin. Her face had mascara smeared under her eyes and it looked like she got injured from a bike accident. "What happened?" I said softly.

Alice broke into tears. After she stopped crying she sobbed a little as she whispered. "After the door slammed shut I tried to look for you guys, but I couldn't find anyone. Then a door appeared out of no where and I walked though it. Then the door vanished and I thought I saw Jullian so went running up to him. Then he turned around and I saw that it wasn't him, but he was wearing the same clothes and all and-and" Alice broke into tears again, but ended them quickly. Then she spoke in a terrified whisper. "Then the guy grabbed me I tried to get away, but then he started to…." She looked down unable to finish her sentence.

I hugged her, "It's okay Alice. It's okay" I talked to her like she was an frightened animal. After a minute I stood and helped her up. Hayden gave her a quick hug which made her smile a bit. Another door appeared to the right of me. "Come on, we have to find the others." I said with little hope.

"Wait Isabelle. What about the guy who "touched" Alice?" Hayden asked. She and Alice looked scared.

"Well we will just have to make sure that it's Jullian or not when we see him." I took a step towards the door. Grabbed the handle and turned it easily. I opened it and stepped in with Alice and Hayden behind me.

We stumbled into a parlor room. It was full of dusty books and cob webs. A chandelier was hanging from the ceiling lighting the room just barely. Over in the far left corner was a arm chair and a metal slate on wheels turned with the back of it towards us. There was a fire crackling in front of it.

I took a few steps forward and heard a noise. I freezed in mid step. A tall figure rose and stepped out from behind the fancy red chair. The man turned to face us. I heard a gasp come from behind me. The man looked exactly like Jullian with his black "3oh3!" shirt and dark blue jeans. Even his shaggy hair was the same, but this guy, he looked older than 15 by 20 years.

The guy smiled and turned the metal slate around. Strapped down by metal cuffs and leather buckles was Cat out cold with her once blond curls a tangled mess. We all gasped. The man chuckled and flipped Cat down so that she was laying on her back at waist height. The guy snapped his fingered and Hayden Alice and I were all strapped to chairs by our ankles, wrists, and waists. Hayden was struggling, Alice was crying and I was screaming "LET US OUT! PLEASE!" and "DON'T YOU HURT HER OR ELSE!"

"Or else what?" he asked as he laughed. Snapping his fingers again, gags now covered our mouths muffling sobs and screams. There was also a metal tray like the type dentists and doctors' use with all types of tools. Cat woke up drowsily, then realized where she was and screamed. The man picked up a short knife and cut a long deep line into Cat's bare arm that oozed out blood. Cat screamed with agonizing pain. It was horrible to be forced to watch it. The guy reached into her arm with a rubber gloved hand and took held of a bone. I could see his hand moving under her flesh. Then his hand stopped knowing he was gripping the right spot he smiled. Silence. Then a loud crack and Cat's face was filled with horror as the creepy guy grinned. Her blood curdling scream filled the room.

Then he took a six inch long needle and slowly inserted it into her stomach letting the pain go through her body. Cat screamed again and again. Tears rolled down her cheeks rapidly as a purple sloshy liquid went into her. I couldn't stand it any longer I pleaded but it only came out as muffled noises. It didn't help neither did the cries and struggles of Alice, Hayden, and Cat. My eyes got watery and I let the tears go down my cheeks. The man then put the needle back and picked up a new instrument. A rotating saw. Then all went black.

When I woke up I was laying on the floor, my head in someone's lap. I looked up and saw Alice's face looking down at me in relief. "Hayden, Isabelle's okay!"

"Oh! Thank God!" Hayden said as she hurried over. I sat up, my head all fuzzy and dizzy and hugged them both. Over their shoulders I saw Cat laying from where Hayden had come from. I looked around. We were in another hall but this one was different. It had chandeliers, no candles.

I let go of Hayden and Alice and crawled over to Cat. I barely touched her blood covered arm and watched her face for a reaction. "Owwww." She moaned as she clutched her arm softly with her hand.

"What did he do with the rotating saw?"

"Well, first he cut my pants. See." She showed me her ripped jeans that were resewn. "Then he pulled my pants off a bit and made a cut into my inner thigh a little higher than expected. After he poked around a bit with some pliers he dropped a microchip in and poked around a little more and then took some of my blood. Then he poked around some more and further in the cut. Then when he was finally finished with that he sewed it closed." She showed me the stitches. "Then he gave me some morphine or something so I couldn't feel what he was doing and tilted my head back then put a towel under my neck so I wouldn't move it. Then blindfolded them and me. I could still feel him poking around down there and then did something with another needle and disappeared from my sight then came back up smiling. I think he saw more things than he should have and then I could feel my pants being put back up and resewn. Then he removed the blind fold off me and readjusted my head. Then he knocked me out with another liquid and then I woke up here when you touched me." What had he done to her! He would have to be mad to do what I thought he did. Damien wouldn't be happy that Cat had gotten hurt.

"We need to bandage your arm and put some sort of brace on it." I insisted trying to take my mind off things.

"Okay." She replied. We found two planks of thin light wood from a crack in the wall and long strips of Hayden's shirt sleeves. Alice and Hayden held Cat's arm in place and the wood on each side as I wrapped the cloth round it all.

We all then sat for a while waiting for another door. Thoughts were racing through my head about what happened so far. Loosing everybody. Finding Hayden. Alice getting … And Cat getting experimented on. After a few minutes I heard faint padding. They got louder with each thud. I turned my head and saw Damien running to us. Breathless he slowed down and exhaled, "I…have…been looking…for…you…guys…everywhere…after…the door…slammed…shut…"

"We've been looking for you too!" Hayden replied.

Damien ignored her and knelt by Cat "What happened to you Kitty Kat?"

"Long story. I'll tell you when we get out of this place."

"Okay. Hey um you did know that there's a door right there, right?" he asked as he glanced behind me.

"What?!?" we all answered at the same time as I sprang up.

"Come on let's get out of here!" I encouraged helping Cat on her feet, and tugging Alice up. We ran through the door into a dinning room.

There was a table filled with food and fancy plates and silver wear. I was almost drooling at the sight of it not actually noticing how hungry I was until now. All of us were starring in amazement.

Then Jullian walked through a door tugging a huge streaming cauldron behind him with Jullian out cold hanging above it. Wait what? No, it wasn't Jullian. It was the man who hurt my friends. He was pulling the cauldron. He piled more wood onto a blazing fire beneath it. "Hello Isabelle, Alice, Hayden, Damian…Cat. It's so nice of you all to join us at last." He said looking admiringly towards Cat and Alice. Oh no another tourcher scene again.

"What do you want?" I yelled.

"Easy I want you four girls to myself and him and Damien for dinner." Pointing to us then Jullian. Oh poor Jullian. "Do you want to play a game? If you win I'll let you go?" he said smirking. Before I ask what he was talking about we were all strapped in chairs around the table. "Now all you have to do is answer my questions right. If you do I'll let you and your friends go."

"What if we get one wrong?"

"Then Jullian gets lowered into the pot. You can only get 2 answers wrong before he is all the way in the pot."

"Great a game where we get no second chances." Damien mumbled to Cat.

"Why don't you start Isabelle?" he suggested looking at me with a wild look in his eyes.

"Fire away." I said showing no fear that I had.

"Alright. First of all you should know is that all of these are riddles and there are only three. Get one wrong Jullian is lowered into the pot a bit."


"First riddle. How far can you go into a woods before you are leaving it?" Hmm where have I heard that before? Oh yeah a book. Now what was the answer?

"The middle." I answered showing that I was confident in my answer.

"Correct. Now Alice answer this one. Two great armies are about to do a battle, The Great Army of the North and The Great Army of the South, and they meet exactly on the equator. After the battle is over, the bodies are to mangled to identify. Where do the survivors get buried?"

I know this one. The survivors don't get buried.

"Um. At the equator?"

"ERRRR!! Wrong answer sweet heart!" he yelled as he lowered Jullian into the pot. His knee almost in the bubbling water. "Alright. Damien your turn. If you get this right I let you go. Answer it wrong and well yeah you know. Third Riddle. Where was Moses when the lights went out?" Oh no Damien wouldn't know that. I don't even know it.

"In the dark." He said with no fear…

I woke up with a jolt. It wasn't real, just a dream. I calmed myself down. I tried to move my wavy hair out of my face, but they wouldn't. I looked down and saw my wrists strapped to a chair…


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