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Hidden in the corner...

Short story By: KJHweir

The family in the west get the shock of their lifes.

Submitted:Jan 5, 2013    Reads: 73    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

There was a family who lived in the west, a grandpa, a girl and a little boy.

The little boy was upstairs in him bedroom one night, playing with his toys and sitting on his bed.

His bed had a window next to it so he could see whatever was outside. He was getting sleepy so he put his toys on the floor and lay down in bed.

Later that night he heard moaning from outside, he got up and looked out his window but nothing was there. He looked across his room but it was pitch black, as noise suddenly came from outside. As he turned his head slowly a dark body was rotting on the floor bellow and so he got his coveres quickly and shivered his hidden body of to sleep hoping it was a dream...

The next morrning the boy woke up, he looked out his window to find no rotting body, the boy smiled and went down for breckfast "who was making that noise lastnight?" asked the little boy "what do you mean?" asked the girl but the boy didn't answer and just got his breckfast.

Afterwards the boy went out on his horse to the medow, he jumped of with his tiny legs and pulled down his toys. He settled down and played for a while before he got bored and lonely, the boy sighed and dropped the toy. He heard moaning coming from a distance!and ju

The boy stood in the middle of the medow, his horse had dissapered and all he could here was loud yelling, slowly turning into screams. The screams got louder and Louder and LOUDER ...

Suddenly it stopped but there was a bloody girl coming up the him the the distance, her eyes were black and her teeth we falling out. Her pace was speeding up and she came quickly over to him and he started to run! he found his horse and jumped on it, he could still here her screams in his ears as he was going away but then he turned around to see her bloody teeth falling as she screamed behind him and on his horse! the boy screamed and fell of the horse, he didn't see where they went but he ran to the house. He went through the door "HURRY we need to go there is a..." his speech was stopped from his grandpa not moving his head but slowly moving his head the wrong way round.

The girl came in and hugged him "he has been like an owl since you left, whats happening?" she said screaming, "there is a girl outside chasing me!" said the little boy.

They both ran upstairs and sat on his bed. The girl opening her eyes to see the boy gone and the bloody girl holding the little boys hand smiling evily in the trees...

They have bin seen in the lands of the west but never before have they both bin seen ... Together ...


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