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Damonica's killer cliff

Short story By: KW156766

© copyright of KW156766
A family of 4 moves to a new neighbourhood hoping to get a new start and turn-around their life for the better. But when 7 year old Maci meets a strange new friend, her life is suddenly put in danger.

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© copyright of KW156766

Damonica's killer cliff

Standing in front of our newly-bought house, I suddenly had a feeling that our lives we're going to have a turn-around for the better. From the outside, this seemed to be a normal looking, medium-sized home. The only thing odd about this home is that we didn't have a lawn (well not one to play in, that is) Greenlick Graveyard was our lawn.

"Just great, there are thousands of dead people buried outside our home." I sarcastically said to my mom.

"Oh hush, Maci. It's the living who can hurt you, not the dead." She said, with a half-smile.

Who wants an old graveyard with the tombstones falling over right outside their house? I definitely did not. (But what 7 year old girl did, right?) We might have been new to this neighborhood, but we knew Greenlick Graveyard since as long as I can remember, but I never imagined to have it right outside our house. Desperately wanting to get away from the Graveyard, I told my dad that I was going to take a look around the house, and he nodded as if to say 'go right ahead'. I swung open the door and it let out a faint creeeek.

Walking into the living room I noticed that there were occasional spider webs sprawled out here and there (but it was nothing to worry about, a little dusting would do the trick). This living room was beautiful, flawless even. It was spacious, and had a light brown hard-wood flooring. My next stop happened to be the bedroom, actually, my bedroom (I loved not having to share a room with my older sister anymore). My room was perfect! Maybe the fact that it was just my room made it perfect, but either way it was still perfect. It was what I always imagined that my own room would look like-light pink walls with even lighter pink carpeted floors. It looked like a princess's room! As I continued on with my journey, I walked down these weird-looking stairs that led me into the basement. The basement… now that, was not as beautiful as the rest of the house. It was what an old, dingy basement usually always looked like-cold, wet, ugly, and dull. The walls and floors were nothing but hard, solid cement. I didn't feel like looking at the rest of the house (which was the bathroom, kitchen, and the other the bedrooms) so I just went back outside to see what Patience and my parents were up to.

My mother and father were unloading the U-hall and taking everything inside the house. Mom and Patience carried in the boxes while my father and Uncle Dan carried in the heavy furniture. Patience was 14, and beautiful. She looked like my mom with smooth, but yet thick lightly-brown colored hair which fell just past her shoulders. She was tall and skinny and was always the 'class-clown' no matter where she was at. I hoped to grow up to be just like her. I, on the other hand, looked just like my father (the female version, of course), and had dirty-blonde curly hair (but the frizzy, unmanageable kind of curly) that went just a few inches past my chin. My mother and father were the best parents I could ever ask for. Patience and I were spoiled-not with money, but with love.

As the weeks flew by, I began to get more and more comfortable in this house. Everything was finally settled in. It was beginning to look and feel homey-everywhere, that is, except for that darn graveyard. I hate that old, worn down graveyard. Gross. I seriously want that graveyard gone for good. Gonzo.

"Mom, I hate that stupid graveyard. Can't we like… do something about that thing?!" I asked, hoping she had an answer.

"No, honey. I'm afraid we can't. You're just going to have to get used to it. Maybe if you go out there and take a look around you'll get used to it." She said, hopefully.

"But mom-" She cut me off mid-sentence.

"Just give it a shot, that's all you can do." She said, interrupting me.

"Fine." I said, reluctantly.

I walked past an old, odd shaped tombstone in particular that caught my eye. It was from the 1990's and the girl that died was 7 years old too, just like me! Aww, that's so sad to think about some kid my age dying. I turn around to look at another tombstone when I feel a light but hard enough to know that it's there tap on my right shoulder. Thinking that it was just my brain playin
g tricks on me, I ignored it. Tap. Tap. Tap. Three more taps on my right shoulder.

I turned around to find a little girl around my age standing there in front of the tombstone dated from the 1990's. She had a dirty white gown on that went the whole way down to her ankles. She had straggly reddish-brown hair that went just past the bottom of her neck. She was skinny, like me… and just about as tall as me too. My heart started beating a thousand miles a minute. There were chills spinning down my spine. She wasn't there a second ago, so where the heck did she come from?! But then she smiled a genuine, friendly smile at me.

"Hi! Wha-what's your name?" I asked, smiling a nervous smile back.

"I'm Damonica. What's your name?" She asked, still smiling.

"Oh, cool name! I'm Maci. Can I… um, ask you a question?" I said, anxiously wanting to get an answer to the question that is roaming through my head.

"Sure, go ahead. Shoot." She said, willingly.

"Okay, where did you come from? I didn't see you standing there a second ago. It's as if you just magically appeared." I said, laughing sarcastic but yet unsurely.

"If I tell you a secret, do you promise to keep it a secret? That means don't tell anybody at all… it has to stay between me and you." She said, with a serious look on her face.

"Sure, yeah, of course." I said, agreeing.

"I'm-I'm… a ghost. This here, is my tombstone." She said, looking down and pointing at the old, oddly shaped, falling over tombstone.

Since my heart was beating so fiercely, it felt as though it was going to beat right out of my chest. Tha thump. Tha thump. The more and more nervous I got, the sweatier my palms got. My mind began to race with thousands of terrible questions and thoughts. "Am I seriously standing here talking to a girl who's been dead since the 1990's?", "Is she going to hurt me?", "Is this some kind of a joke?" "I'm imagining things.", "Maybe this is all a dream.", "Should I scream?", "Should I run away?", "Should I tell mom, dad, or Patience?" I finally pulled myself together and braved my little 7 year old self up and decided to… talk to this dead ghost girl.

"You're a… a ghost?!" I said, stuttering and still shaking with fear.

"Yes. But I promise I won't hurt you. Please don't be afraid of me. I'm your friend, Maci. We're gonna be best friends forever." She said, thoughtfully.

"You promise?" I asked, still questioning myself if I wanted to be friends with a ghost or not.

"I promise, Maci. I wouldn't never hurt you." She said, with an assuring smile.

"Do you like to play with dolls?" She asked.

"Yes I do, Barbie and Ken are my favorite!" I told her, happily.

"Yay! They are my favorite too! Can you go get them so we can play?" She asked, with an excited expression on her face.

With that, I headed back towards my house. Once I reached the front door, I turned around and looked back to make sure Damonica was still there. She was standing there smiling and anxiously waiting for me to bring my dolls out. I ran upstairs to my room and grabbed Barbie, Ken, and a pony. I rushed over to Damonica and sat down on the ground with the dolls. I gave her Ken and the pony and I kept Barbie (she was my most favorite). A couple minutes later, I look down at my Disney princess digital watch and see that it is almost 2:30 in the afternoon.

"I had a fun time but I've got to go eat dinner. Can we play together again soon?" I asked her.

"Me too! We for sure can, the sooner the better!" She said, happily.

"Bye-bye!" I said, picking up my dolls and running back inside the house.

Months have gone by and Damonica and I have grown to be inseparable. We are basically attached at the hip. We've became BFF's (best friends forever, in case you didn't know what it meant) and I trust her immensely. She knows all of my secrets and I know all of hers. We play dolls almost every day and we even play freeze tag too.

I tried telling Patience all about Damonica but she just sat there with a blank face. She didn't believe me at all. She thought that it was just my 7 year old imagination making up things. I told her how old Damonica was, what she looked like, when she died, and how we played dolls and tag together out in the graveyard. She just laughed at me like it was some sort of a joke. Even though she didn't believe me, I still told her to keep it a secret between me and her. After that, I didn't try to talk to her anymore about my best friend, Damonica.

Later on that day, Damonica found about me exposing her secret to my sister. I know that she made me promise not to tell anyone-but I had to tell Patience (or at least try to tell her) because there was not one secret that we kept from each other. I tried to explain to Damonica that my sister didn't believe me anyways and to not worry about it-she just nodded her head as if to agree, but it was clearly written on her forehead that she was still worried.

Weeks later my sister started getting 'unknown' scratches and bruises. She would wake up, and her room would look like a tornado went through it. When my parents yelled at her and told her to clean her room-she claimed that it was not her that made the mess. She acted as if a ghost did it, but of course she did it, she just didn't want to get in trouble. Patience came to me and told me that if my little 'ghost friend' was tormenting her, that she needed to stop-then she laughed after she said it, making fun of Damonica and making it into a joke. I know my sister was the 'class clown' but this time it wasn't funny. I didn't like the idea of my sister blaming my best friend for her doings. She is just lazy, that's all.

Patience and I are not as close anymore, in fact, I am closer with Damonica than I am with my own sister. I'm best friends with a girl who's been dead since the 1990's…a ghost. I am not afraid to say that either, I'm proud of it. She's the best friend I could ever ask for, dead or alive. I wouldn't trade her in for the world. Damonica told me that she has a big surprise for me today and I can't wait to see what it is!

"Here, take my hand." She said with a smile.

I put my hand in hers, as she leads me past the graveyard and through the woods. We walk and walk and walk for what seems like forever. Finally, she brings me over to a little cliff (or drop off, whatever you'd like to call it). It looks to be a far way down, but Damonica is telling me all kinds of nice stories about the cliff. My favorite story that she told me is how a little boy once jumped off the edge and slid down an invisible rainbow, then landed safely on the ground. That sounded like fun! Still holding hands, she walked me over to the edge of the cliff. We stood there, and for those few minutes, it felt like we were on top of the world.

Every day of this week Damonica has taken me down the cliff and told me more wonderful stories about it. She told me how happy every kid was when they were sliding down the invisible rainbow. Today, she told me, was a big day for me. She said this would be the best day of my life. I'm not sure what I was doing, but I couldn't wait to find out! Damonica tells me to go into my room and to get as many dolls as I possibly could. I grabbed as many dolls as my little arms could hold, and then I took them out to the graveyard where Damonica was waiting. She told me to pick up my favorite doll and to set it aside from all of the others. So, I picked up Barbie and set her aside as I was told to do.

"Now watch me, and do as I do." She told me, smiling.

I watched as she took each and every doll and popped their heads off. She started making a trail that began at the graveyard and ended at the edge of the cliff. I did as she did, popping off doll heads one by one and placing them in the same trail as hers. I thought that this was a weird idea for a new game, but I just went along with it anyways. (She was my best friend, after all).

Taking my hand in hers she said, "Are you ready to play?"

"Of course" I said, squeezing her hand a bit tighter.

Holding hands, we skipped along the trail of dolls heads. Now standing at the edge of the cliff with Damonica's hand in my left hand, and Barbie in my right hand, I am getting that 'on top of the world' feeling again. I wonder what game we were playing… hopscotch? Ring around the Rosie? Hot potato (or in this case, hot doll head)? I asked her what we were doing-but she just told me that I was going to have the 'ride of my life'.

"Throw Barbie off the cliff, so she can get to experience the magical rainbow!" She suggested.

"Okay!" I agreed, throwing Barbie off the cliff.

"On the count of 3, we are going to side down the magical invisible rainbow to meet Barbie at the bottom." She told me.

"Yay!" I squealed, squeezing her hand even tighter with excitement.

"Ready…1….2…." We start running towards the cliff to slide down the rainbow, but I hear my parents and sister calling out my name, tracking me down from our trail of doll heads.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING, HONEY?! ARE YOU OKAY?!" My mom and dad yell, in unison.

I look back at them, smile, and say "yeah, I'm fine mom and dad! Meet me, Barbie, and Damonica at the bottom of the rainbow… I'll be there waiting for you."

"Who's Damonica and what rainbow?" Asked my parents.

"Maci claims that Damonica is her 'ghost best friend'. I thought she was just make-believe though. And I have no idea what 'rainbow' she is talking about." My sister tells my parents.

"Ready? Let's slide down it!" I say happily, still holding her hand.

"Okay! Ready 1…..2………3…….." She screams, as we start running towards the cliff.

Excited to slide down the magical rainbow, I laugh playfully in joy as she laughs too. But she has a different laugh this time (This is a laugh that I've never heard before, it sounds evil). But it didn't bother me, she was my best friend-and I trusted her. Damonica and I, still holding hands, take a leap off the cliff and start falling down, down, down this endless cliff. I haven't fallen onto the magical rainbow yet. I bet I will soon, though! Excitedly I ask Damonica "When will we hit the rainbow and slide down?"


This isn't a bone chilling, scared beyond your worst fear, nightmare-making type of horror story... but it is still a horror story (just not an as intense one) I hope you like it still, so please comment and tell me your thoughts on it!

Thanks, lovelys! xxxx


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