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Never play the Midnight Game

Short story By: Lady Cataluna

This is both a warning and instructions about a game called the Midnight Game. I played this and I can never enter a dark room anymore. Survivors say you really shouldn't play it but those who are very silly or want to see if this works or you're a thrill seeker I'm going to show you how to play.

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Things you'll need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Candle (get a long one that won't go out quickly. If you don't then you're fucked (pardon my language)
  • One drop of your blood
  • Salt (lots of it)
  • Matches (you'll need a lot if you live in a small house)
  • Wooden front door (It can have a bit of glass but if it's just glass it won't work)
  • Bravery
  • Earplugs (it's for your parents if you still live with them, I really don't think they want to wake up from someone screaming)
  • An empty bladder (last thing you want is to have an accident or need to use the loo in this game)

This ritual must be performed when it's like a minute before midnight. If you're doing it with a group of friends (it's less scary that way) then they must have their own materials ready. If you double up it's cheating.During the ritual you can chicken out but if you finish it then you have to play.

You have to do it properly. If you cut corners or don't do something it won't work (DO IT WRONG)

  1. Write your first, middle and last name on the paper (nicknames aren't allowed because it won't work). Prick your finger and put one drop of your blood on the paper and let it soak.
  2. Light a candle with a match and walk to your front door. Put the paper on the floor and the candle on top of the paper.
  3. Knock on the door 22 times. The final knock must be on the dot midnight or else it won't work.
  4. Open the door and blow out the candle. If you're in a group you'll have to hodl onto some part of the door handle to make it work for all of you.
  5. Relight the candle the second you blow it out and close the door (you don't want someone entering the house)
  6. PISS BOLT (for those who don't know what it means it means RUN)

Since you have completed the ritual it really is too late to go back. You can't pause the game or stop it because it's not a video game.

You have to lurk around your house from midnight to 3:33 in the morning. The midnight man is like slenderman and he's looking for you. If you candle goes out for any reason MIDNIGHT MAN IS NEAR. You have ten seconds to relight the candle. If you can't do that then you can use the salt and use it to make a circle around you. You HAVE to stay in the circle until the game is over. This also means that you've lost the game but at least your safe.

If you don't do either of those things MIDNIGHT MAN HAS CAUGHT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He will torture you by making you see your worst fear until 3:33. This also means you've lost the game. Sometimes when you see your worst fear you'll die of fright or commit suicide or have an accident that will kill you. If you can relight your candle then start running the opposite direction.

When the game ends at 3:33 the midnight man leaves your house and its safe to leave your circle of salt and blow out your candle. You can watch a funny movie afterwould in a bright room or go to sleep (which I doubt will happen without seeing nightmares).

Here are some things that'll help you win the game and things that'll help you :

  • NEVER leave the house (you don't want to know what'll happen if you do)
  • DON'T use someone elses blood on your paper
  • DON'T turn on the lights (it's cheating and I don't know what'll happen)
  • NEVER use a torch or flashlight because it won't work
  • DON'T use a lighter becuase it won't work either.
  • NEVER EVER provoke him in any way. He'll get you with or without the candle on becuase if won't cover all of you.

You've been warned.


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