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Beyond My Nature: A Vampire Tale (Part 3)

Short story By: ladyziggs

Stelinda, a vampiress, saves a child in a moment of insanity; a random act of kindness. After saving the boy and his mother, she assumes the role of guardian angel, watching the young boy grow as she remains forever frozen in time. Finally he is old enough so that her emotions that had evolved into “love” can now be returned. Will he join her in immortality, or reject her feelings? More importantly, will Stelinda be able to let him walk away?

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The End

England 1897

I watched him sleep past midnight, and when he finally awoke, he blushed at the sight of me. We'd made a mess of his home; straw was everywhere, along with shattered furniture. Staring at him, there was nothing I would ever want more.

"Addison," I cooed, my dry throat surprising me, "do you believe in love at first sight?"

He stroked my cheek. "I believe that you are pure proof of such."

"What if there was a way to ensure we would be together for forever? Would you trust me?"

He smiled at me "Stelinda, I trust you with my life."

My excitement grew; a shiver of pleasure corrupted my spine. I straddled him, my hair falling in waves nearly to my waist. "This will only hurt a little bit" I promised.

His face was confused. I bent over his neck, kissing him slowly so he moaned softly. I slipped my hand over his mouth and bit him. My dry throat sang in approval, blocking out his screams. I pulled my head back, aware of the drops that were going to waste on my chin. Again he hovered near death. I ripped a cut onto my bottom lip and kissed his lips so he would consume some. Addison shuddered and his body fell still. Triumph.
I waited two days for the change to be complete. At last, he awoke.

"What have you done?" he growled at me. I was taken aback. He sat up, fingers touching his fangs.

"I made it so we could be together forever. I am flesh and blood, but I am not human. I have not been human for 200 years. And now, neither are you." I smiled, hoping he would be happy.

But he roughly pushed me aside and got to his feet, asking in panic "What am I?"

I rose slowly, not wanting to show my inner wounds. "A vampire, silly. Like myself. You see, I chose you. When you were a baby, I saved you. And for years I watched you, protecting you, building up to this moment. You belong to me, Addison. You've always been mine."

His eyes changed to a look of pure horror. They weren't his eyes anymore; they were the red of a newborn vampire.

"No" he said quietly, then his voice grew louder. "No! How could you? I have a life, a mother!"

I moved towards him, speaking in soothing tones "Now, now dear. You have me. You see, naturally we are frightened of what makes us different, but we don't have to be. We are strength, power. We are passion and invincibility." I saw in his eyes he was not listening.

"You bitch, you selfish bitch. Do you honestly think I would spend eternity with you after what you've done? I should have followed my instinct; I knew my mother loathed you, with good reason."

This wasn't happening. It wasn't him, it was the demon talking. This wasn't my Addison, my angelic little -

"Stupid, stupid Stelinda. No wonder your father left you, everything you touch turns to flame, stripped down to nothing more than bare sin itself. You are the reason for Hell, Stelinda. God didn't want you. I certainly don't."

I was aware from far off that I was howling, a deranged roar, though I had no control over any of my actions. I snatched up a sliver of wood from the pile and charged him, burying it into his heart. I watched the pain cripple his face, my jaw hanging.

"Love?" he asked in shock, right before he turned to dust. I collapsed to the ground, heaving and dry sobbing; my eyes were not capable of shedding tears. I was capable of nothing, I had nothing. I sank into a heap of despair.
It took his mother three days to come knocking. I was impressed. Even more impressive, she knew. She burst into his house and found me kneeling over his ashes, emotionless.

"I remember you now" she said, her voice shaking. She reached down, ever so slowly, and picked up a stake fashioned from the remains of the table. "How could you, after you saved his life. My boy, my only boy. What gave you the right -"

Her babbling broke down into soft sobs and for a split second I ached for her. But sympathy was not in the nature of a creature like myself. I hardened up around my edges, and smiled sadistically. "The lord giveth, and the lord taketh away" I recited with a giggle that turned into a maniacal laugh which did not cease, even as she converged on me, weapon bore.

I did not put up a fight, death a sweet victory. Triumph.


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