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The Old Orphanage

Short story By: Leah Marie P

(was originally used for a friend's writing assignment but that got blown out of the water. i figured since it's not being used in school, i'd retype it up for ya'll. enjoy :) )

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"Okay, who's idiotic idea was it to do this?" I asked the group. This was too stupid. Even for us.

"Yours, Jesse," I turned my head to look at my older brother, Jason. His black frayed hair hung at the top of his blue eyes. I shared the same hair color and eye color but I was smaller than he. Than again, he's also three years older than me.

"Fine, who's idiotic idea was it to listen to me?" I asked as I put my hands on my hips.

"That would be me, Jesse." I smiled and turned to see Terrence. "And you've been begging the rest of us to spend the night in this hell hole." I frowned as he came up and put an arm around my waist. I smiled quickly though as he kissed me cheek. "Plus you can't be totally disappointed. After all, Taylor is here. I know you've been dying to scare the hell out of her." The three of us smirked as Taylor and Kyle both walked in. Hand in hand.

Taylor was what you'd call a stereotype. Too easy to be anything else honestly. Blonde, blue eyes, cheerleader, way too perky, and a royal pain in the neck. Kyle, the cheating ex-boyfriend. Shocker he ends up coming in with Taylor. They make a perfect couple. But what the hell was Kyle doing here. I sure didn't invite him.

"Who invited this moron?" I smirked as Jason glared at Kyle.

Kyle just smiled at Taylor and kept that stupid little smile on his face while he stood in front of my brother.

"Taylor invited me."

"She shouldn't have," I scoffed and folded my arms over my chest, glaring at both of them with Jason.

Taylor smiled slightly, but it was as fake as her blonde hair coloring. "Are you mad I invited your ex-boyfriend, Jesse? I didn't think it would be a problem since you and Terrence are so close now a days. What's the status there anyways?"

"Not every relationship has to be posted on Facebook, Taylor. You should know that. I don't think 'bed buddies' is an option on Facebook's relationship status tab." She frowned and looked at Kyle. "What? Expecting Kyle to stand up for you?" I smirked and turned back towards the house. All five of us were stood at the end of a long cement walkway, outside a chain link fence and its gate.

The house in front of us wasn't necessarily haunted. No one was honestly sure if anyone died in the house or not, since no bodies were ever found. But that's the scary thing.

It had been an orphanage. It had been painted a beautiful blue color. The chain link fence had been brand new and shiny. Amazingly green grass covered the yard. This house had been perfectly fine one morning. Cute little kids ran through the yard. The older kids, chasing them, playing around. Some kids were sitting underneath the big oak tree reading, or playing cards, or a board game. Then when the sun had set and they had all gone inside. That's when neighbors got freaked out. Almost immediately after sunset, screams of desperation, pleading, begging, and utter terror rang through the street. Sure, neighbors called the cops, but once they stepped foot on the yard, the screaming stopped. No one understood what had happened. After a thorough search of the orphanage, the policemen couldn't find the kids or the caretaker. No bodies, no evidence. It was like they vanished into thin air.

And now the five of us were going to spend the night here.

"So, everybody bring a sleeping bag and flashlight?" I turned my head towards Jason. He frowned at me. "You okay?" He asked just above a whisper. I nodded, not having realized I had been staring at the house for so long, thinking. "Alright, let's do this."

We all followed Jason and I was right behind him. Terrence put his arm back around my waist and I didn't care what Dumb and Dumber were doing behind us. I shifted my hand in my sweatshirt pocket to grip the flashlight harder. My nervous system seemed to finally wake up out of its coma as we got onto the porch and Jason fiddled with the door's lock.

"Want some help?" I smirked, as Jason cursed under his breath. He flipped me off as I took his place and pulled a bobby pin out of my hair. I fiddled with the lock myself until I heard a distinct 'click.' I smirked harder and looked at Jason. "Fifteen seconds, new personal best." I laughed as he scowled at me. We all walked through the doorway and I got a chill.

This place was weirder than I thought it'd be. Everything looked normal. As if we just broke into someone's home. There was no dust anywhere, everything looked as if the orphanage was still running, and it make me shiver.

"You guys did say this place hasn't had a new owner since the orphanage situation, right?" I nodded at Taylor's question. "Well why the hell is everything so…." She drifted off, probably trying to come up with a good word.

"Normal," Kyle finished for her.

"Yeah, normal. Why does everything look like someone lives here?" I shrugged and started walking around, only really glancing at photos before finding the living room.

"Okay, guys. Set up camp," I stated and started pushing the couch back off the black and red rug. Terrence and Jason moved the large coffee table out of the way and we all laid down our sleeping bags. I pulled my flashlight out and flicked it on. "I'm gonna go look around. Terrence, Jason. Ya'll want to come?" I asked and started walking, not even waiting for them to say yes or no. An arm slipped around my waist, so that counted Terrence in. And a figure appeared on my right, so there's Jason.

"This is creepy," Jason stated, obviously as freaked out as I am.

"Yeah, I agree. What happened here again?" Jason shrugged and looked at me to answer Terrence's question.

"I'm not really sure. I mean, we've all heard the rumors. People screaming, cops show up, and before they even enter the house, screaming stops and nobody's found. I mean, I don't think that's even possible. There had to of been a reason there were such frightening screams and all of a sudden, nothing." The boys nodded as we continued to walk through the house. We walked through a few rooms until we heard screaming.

"Somebody help!"

"Oh my god! Get away from us!"

Terrence, Jason, and I started running back towards the living room, only to see Kyle and Taylor's flashlights on their sleeping bags and pointed towards a door. They were gone.

"They have to be playing some kind of joke. They had to know you were going to try and scare them." I couldn't tell if Jason was trying to convince me and Terrence, or if he was trying to convince himself. All I could do was stare at the door the flashlights were gazing on. "Jesse, don't even think about it." I turned towards Jason and shrugged.

"If it's just a prank, might as well get it over with, right?" I walked towards the door and hesitated as my hand hovered over the door knob. Everything was silent as I opened the door. It swinging towards me. I took a step back and let Taylor and Kyle's flashlights point inward. I pointed mine in as well. The only thing they lit up was a white wall. I gulped and turned towards Terrence and Jason. "You guys coming?" Terrence looked at Jason before walking up to me and kissing my forehead before walking through the threshold. He went off into the darkness and Jason followed him. I still stood at the doorway. "Guys?" I asked as I walked in the darkness as well.

Lights flickered and I screamed as a black masked figure was only inches from my face. Laughter soon followed. I took deep breaths and a step back. Taylor, Kyle, and Terrence were all standing ten feet away, trying to hold themselves up as they laughed hard. The masked figure took his mask off, revealing Jason, who was also laughing hard.

"Gotcha sis." I smiled softly, as I realized they actually did get me pretty good. My smile soon fell. A look of horror covering my face. "What's wrong?" I gulped and lifted my hand, pointing at the things behind everyone. All four of their faces took on a look of confusion before turning around. We all screamed until the lights went off. Everything was silent after.


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