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Dying Love forever

Short story By: lol

Her true love was just foolish. She thought it was real but in the end all she got out of it was heart ache and tears of despair. This will be the end. No more sadness, no more love for her and her lover...

Submitted:Jul 4, 2010    Reads: 47    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

He looks at her in the eyes, face to face they stand. A demonic smile plays along her lips as she twists the the long butcher knife behind her back. Her eyes bore into the man she has loved so much. " You wont be able to hurt me or any one again." she thinks. He steps closer, opening up his arms to wrap her in one of his sunlit hugs, which have always radiated warmth into her skin, enveloped her senses, sent her heart into total overdrive. " I dont want any of that any more, loving you has just given me grief." Her mind is clear, running with only those two mere thoughts.

She lets him hug her for the last time. As she inhales his scent she raises the knife, its blade catching the light. Turning it and setting its angle, with one swift movement as fast as an eagle catching an innocent bird, she plunges it into his back. In and out, in and out. His screams filling her ears, his fingers claw at her, creating red lines on her neck, arms and cheeks. Tears stream down both of their faces; one with fear and terror, sadness and a longing to live! And her own; confusion, hatred, foolish but true love. " No more pain, for both of us." As he closes his eyes, blood seeping into his clothes and hair, she takes the knife again which is stained with her lovers life source, and stabbing it into her own neck. As she gasps for air and from the peircing pain that courses through her every vain, she lifts it again and sinks it into her left breast. Her chest now spilling with blood rapidly rises , she crashes to the floor, her dress billowing from the force of gravity that makes her crash to the ground. Her last gaze drifts to her dead lover with her last thought drifting through her head; " Your love killed both of us." .............


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