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Origin of Evil p1

Short story By: LostLogic

This is a dark gritty tale about unfortunate individuals who do very bad things.

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Origin of Evil

Treshunn Harlan was born a twin on the day of May 26th 1991, he and his twin brother were separated at birth. David Begin was born March 27th 1991 his mom abandoned him at birth leaving him with his sexually and verbally abusive father. As a child Treshunn lived a life of silent sorrow and agony. His foster mother had sliced off his penis and genitals at the age of three, claiming that it would keep help him be a good boy forever. David Begin had also only experienced pain and sorrow at his young age. Daily beating from his dad, whips from a fly swatter, slaps from an iron and burns from a cigarette. David's most tormented day was "Family Day", a day where his dad would invite his buddies over and they would all take turns molesting poor David. Mocking and teasing him as they all defiled his once innocent body. The last to do so would always be David's uncle Ira he would say "open up big boy". David and Treshunn met in the fifth grade at 66th st Elementary School. They were both in the special class one would expect their torment to end at school, but this is no fairytale, this the true story of Treshunn Harlan and David Begin. Their fifth grade teacher was Mr.Perkins he was truly a sick man, perhaps the cause of many murders to come later in the lives of Treshunn and David. Mr.Perkins liked to play a game with his students, he would take his students in the classroom closet one at a time and touch them. On one particular day he made a change to his game, he took both Treshunn and David Begin into the closet and made them touch each other. It was there when David and Mr.Perkins discovered the Treshunn sexual organs, that day was the last day Mr.Perkins ever played his game with them again. A year later Treshunn and David crossed paths again at their middleschool. David being lonely and depressed for so long clinged to Treshunn. David knew what Treshunn's step mom did to him as a child but never judged Treshunn, so in return a friendship emerged. The night before Halloween the school loner Amir wanted to hang out at a nearby graveyard, David and Treshunn were his last resort, he knew they wouldn't turn down an opportunity to hang out with the richest kid in school. They arrived at the graveyard and David began suddenly attacked Amir bashing his face in with a school book. Amir pleas only made the attack more savage. "Open up big boy, open up big boy", David began to shout ,as he began to rape the bloody Amir. Treshunn stood in awe, such a wonderful site. After David was finish raping Amir, Treshunn found a sharp rock and began to molest Amir with it. After he was done Amir laid there bloody begging for them to let him go. David and Treshunn both began to laugh, then proceeded to kick and stomp on his face until he stopped making noises. Treshunn then removed the sharp rock from his ass and stabbed him in the throat. "That was fun", David said. "Yeah we should do that more often", Treshunn replied.


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