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A Good Girl

Short story By: Lulzvek

This is my entry for BUnique's contest for a zombie short story. Personally, I think I could have used more gore, but that's just me.

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A Good Girl

Katy didn't like the snack room. She didn't like it at all. Well to be fair, it was more accurate to say that she didn't like the food in the snack room. That made sense, seeing as the teachers were always trying to get her to eat healthy snacks. Like broccoli. Or carrots. No wonder she didn't like the snack room. What 5-year old wanted that?

But Katy didn't know the broccoli would put everyone to sleep. How could she? How could she know that the majority of people in preschool would just plop right down? And who could have possibly told her that everyone would suddenly wake up and start nibbling on each other. No one could have. Because no one saw it coming. Maybe that's why Katy ran away, when she was specifically told not to. After all, the snack room had just become a feeding ground.


We're back here live in Colorado, where reports have have come in that about 80% of the state populace has suddenly collapsed. Not just that, but apparently, these people have all died, all at the same time. A mass suicide? Or is this some sort of new bioterrorism? Keep watching your local news station viewers, as America awaits the answers to this unfolding crisis.


Katy didn't really know her way around preschool. She only started a year ago. That's such a long time! How do the big kids remember all that stuff? She kept walking in silence. Everything was silent because everyone was asleep. Did they fall asleep? Mr. Victor was screaming when some of the students collapsed. Almost like they were dea-no she was only scaring herself. Everything would be fine.

Look it's almost 12:30. Mommy said she would be here for her pediatristic, or something, checkup. She said she would be back later today to pick her up early. And if she was a good girl, Mommy would even buy her late lunch! Smiling, Katy kept walking in the shuffling silence, trying her very best to be a good girl.


This just in…we're getting reports that this phenomenon is much grander than we expected. All over the world, people are collapsing, mysteriously waking up, and then devouring others. We've now been warned that these people are not what they once were, and viewers are cautioned to defend themselves against these creatures in any way possible. This may be America's, no, the world's darkest hour yet.


Katy was screaming. Of course she was. Mr. Windel was sleeping, and then suddenly started chewing on an equally hungry Mrs. Thompson. That would be enough to make anyone scream, let alone a preschooler. But they weren't actually eating each other…were they? No, no, this is just a prank. A goose. Yes, someone is goosing her. She's just tired that's all. And Timothy, that meanie, is pranking her. In her sleep. That made sense…right?

But wait, didn't she see Timothy a while earlier? Yes, it was a glimpse and it was definitely Timothy. Only…it wasn't him. His skin was all flaky and peeled, and his hair was falling off as well. Didn't he have a third arm too? She remembered it coming out of his mouth…Suddenly Katy didn't really care anymore. She didn't care if she was scolded by the teachers for running in the hallways, or given demerits for screaming her head off. All she wanted now was Mommy.


This just in…we've been given reports that there is a cure for this epidemic. It seems that only O+ blood types are affected. That excludes me…and anyone else still with us. Scientists are suggesting that we fuse samples of the remaining blood types in order to create a "super serum". In other words, a cure. However, scientists state that this will take at least 3 weeks max. That depends if there's enough left of the human race. Wait a minute…this just in. We have official confirmation, that the unnamed virus is now airborne…


Katy was sobbing now. She didn't care if…if they heard her. They were kinda slow, anyway. But she saw too many times what happened if they were provoked. They…they would eat her. Like, really, really eat her, like she always ate Mommy's yummy mashed potatoes. And where was Mommy? She said she would be here! She said, she said!


Mommy? Was that her? Katy ran towards the voice, tears continuously trailing behind her.



This…this just in. We…have reports that about 78% of the world has been…turned. It seems the cure will be created too little, too late. All I can say now, America, is that you must survive. Hide, run, and fight. We are the last survivors of the human race. We are the chosen children. We-what was that? Was that…Oh no…no no no no! How can they be here! Stop, get away from me! No, no! No-OH GOD! STOP, PLEASE NO, IF YOU CAN STILL HEAR ME, PLEASE HELP ME! THEY'RE EATING ME FROM THE INSIDE! MAKE IT STOP! SOMEBODY, ANYBODY! OH GOD HELP ME!!! HELP ME!!!! HELP M-


Katy was crying all over again. She had found Mommy. Mommy was one of them. Her skin was all gray and flaky, and her once long hair was now falling apart. That…third arm was clawing itself out of her throat, and her eyes dangled from their sockets. Her mouth was distorted to the right side of her face… and was that teeth? Yes, there were definitely teeth on the front of her neck. Her "second mouth" was drooling in anticipation, the saliva trailing down her torn, blue dress.

"Katy? Is that you? Come here to Mommy?"

Katy was too hesitant and too upset to approach the creature. But she stopped crying when she heard that voice. It sounded like Mommy…but her voice sounded all echoey…Mommy?

"Come to Mommy, Katy. Be a good girl now."

Katy shuffled, and then ran towards her Mommy. She cried in Mommy's arms, wishing she would make the bad people go away.

"Shhh…it's all right." Mommy stroked her daughter's hair lovingly, wrapping her in a warm embrace.

"There, there. That's a good girl."

Katy closed her eyes, finally reunited with Mommy. Mommy would make everything happy. Mommy would make it all right. She would, you'll see.

And then Mommy bit Katy.


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