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Where is my daughter?

Short story By: maxi9797

A mother wakes up to find her daughter killing herself. She is heart-broken,but,is "what she saw" real???

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I am a mother of a ten year old girl,named Sarah. My husband lost his life a few years back in an accident. Since I had a good position in a company,i have no financial problems and im happy with my daughter.

We recently moved into a new house. It was on the 7th floor of a huge building. I always like to have a nice view from my house. So, i have this huge window in my room..through which a person can easily fall down. u can call me insane,but i always like these kind of things.

On a particular evening,my girl Sarah wore her favourite pink night dress and went to sleep early,as she said she was tired. I kissed her good night,went into my room,started doing my work. At about 10.30pm, i heard a faint knock on my window.. i know it was 'highly' impossible,so i just brushed it off. After a few moments,i heard the same sound again. Curious,i went and opened my window and saw nothing.I just kept my window open,i dont know why,and i just felt like doing it.I went to sleep at about 11.15pm.

I heard my daughters voice and i woke up again.She was standing in front of my bed,just a few inches away from it. I looked at the time,and it was past midnight. But,i noticed that there was something strange about Sarah. She was wearing a RED night dress now,but i clearly remember that she was wearing a pink one before.There was something weird about her face,too.She had a very strange look and her eyes were glittering oddly.I did not get up from my bed,but i decided to ask her my she came to me.

"What is it,honey?",i asked.

No reply.

"It is very late,dear.Go get some sleep"

no reply. She was just smirking and staring at me. Now,this is unlike my daughter.

"Are you ill,Sarah?Do you want me to call a doctor?"

No reply.

"Come on Sarah,talk to me. You are scaring me.. What is wrong with you?"

She smiled strangly and said in a very strange voice,"Mom,i want your soul... I will meet you in hell.. All the best.. Have a great life".

I was too stunned and freaked out.I said,"Stand still,honey. What happened to your voice? Are you sick?". I started to get up from my bed,when the most heart-breaking thing happened. My daughter laughed aloud,like a mad girl and just jumped OUT OF THE WINDOW.. I screamed,hysterically ran and called the ambulance and the police. I did not dare to look out of the window. I cant look at my daughter's corpse.. I jus cant..

After a few minutes,i heard the police sirens. Though i dint want to go down,i urged myself to go down.. Things got more freaky when the police came running towards me and said,"Did you call us,ma'am?".

"Yes,sir.My daughter fell down".

"Ma'am,we canvassed around the whole building,but there was nothing anywhere.No sign of blood,no sign of a body. You better visit a doctor,ma'am!".They laughed at me and warned me not to play with them.

Now,i coulnt process anything.Was i dreaming?No,this is real.. But where is my daughter??

Crying badly,i went up to my appartment and started screaming. I started throwing all the things and destroying my own appartment in rage. Feeling desperate,I went into my daughter's room.And there she{my daughter} lay,sleeping peacefully with her toys,in her PINK dress,with a dreamy expression on her face..

Hope you enjoyed it.pls leave your comments! :)


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