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Short story By: Megawethin

A man becomes lost in the darkness of the forest after his car was smashed into by an unknown creature from the woods. He spends the night then desperately trying to find a way out of the forest while being chased by this unknown monster only to find out it isn't what he thought at all.

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A few nights ago I was driving home from a camping trip, it was about a 5 hour drive back to my home so you can imagine I was pretty tired driving back. On the way back there's a long windy road which passes through a trail of long and giant trees which cover the light of the moon and the stars leaving nothing but the eerie silence of the woods and pitch blackness of the night.

About midway through the windy path through the forest, something horrifically strange had happened. An unexplainable and large shape of a figure came bursting from the left of the road and came into direct contact with the right corner of the front of the car. All I could remember was the sound of my scream and screeching and pounding of the car as it flew off the road and down the hill full of trees into completely isolated darkness.

I remember waking up in the car feeling sore all over my body, the car had been flipped over on its side which made it difficult to climb out, especially considering the bad state my body was in. Thankfully nothing had been broken, but walking had become no easy task for me.

The first thing I did when I had gotten out of the car was check my surroundings, which around me I saw nothing but trees and an ominous blackness which filled the paths between them like a never ending void of shadows. I searched my pocket for my phone and pulled it out, I knew the best way out of this situation was to call for help before that strange shape came back.

It wasn't long though until I realized of course I had no service, just my luck. Thankfully though my phone had a flashlight which obviously would be of great use to me if I wanted to find a path back to the streets.

Just as I turned the flashlight on my phone on, A large and abnormal sounding shrieking noise could be heard off somewhere in the woods, though it couldn't be far for it was loud and clear and left a deep shaking in my bones causing me to nearly drop my phone to the ground. I had no clue what this thing out there was and I had no intention of finding out. I pointed the flashlight directly between two large trees on my right and started walking through.

I was walking for about 30 minutes just stumbling over fallen trees and rocks, it almost felt like an entirely different world out here, and it horrified me to the very core of my fragile human soul.

Suddenly from the darkness I heard that horrible shrieking noise except this time I could also feel the earth breaking vibration of large rapid footsteps coming from somewhere on the left side of me. My heart began racing as I quickly looked all around for any place for me to hide from whatever awful thing might be coming after me. I spotted a long empty tree log opposite side of where the increasingly loud footsteps came closer to. I quickly ran to the log and crawled inside, it was quite a miracle for my body was just barely able to squeeze inside far enough to completely hide myself in. I sat and listened as the footsteps approached, they came closer and closer until finally I could tell whatever thing was out there had reached the same area as me. I shut my eyes and listened, the footsteps halted to a complete stop and an eerie silence took place over it.

I stood entirely still for 5 whole minutes like my life depended on it, like moving even an inch or making even the slightest sound would be the cause of my awful demise by whatever awful thing lay waiting right outside of my hiding place. Suddenly out of the darkness, that loud hellish shriek broke the silence and nearly made me jump straight out of the log I had been hiding in these last few minutes. I could hear it begin to slow walk around as if it was searching the area for me, like it could smell my very soul and fear with each step it took closer to me. I felt like bursting into tears but I knew that would just get me killed, but did it really matter anymore? Clearly no matter what choice I made I would end up slaughtered like a goat anyways! But I had to keep trying, keep hoping that it would just give up and go away so I could get the hell out of here. But of course that's not what happened. The footsteps could be heard even louder as suddenly the thing slowly began making its way to the log which I was hiding in.

I could not take this anymore, I crawled out from the log and ran screaming quickly in the opposite direction with tears of horror and fear streaming down my cheeks, I didn't ever think of even looking back at what kind of monster was after me. While running I could clearly hear the awful shrieking of the beast as it began charging after me, getting closer and faster with each large step it took in my direction. I screamed back at it telling it to leave me alone, it was stupid but in that moment I didn't know what the hell to do.

I ran for about 10 whole minutes before running into a large boulder and falling down to my knees. I stayed on my knees shaking and screaming with tears soaking my face, the loud steps could be heard coming up my path. The thing finally approached me from behind and came to a stop, I could feel its wretched presence as it stood behind me staring down at me pleasure as it prepared to demolish my very existence. It let out a loud and deep, murderous groan which terrified me like the voice of Death itself. I opened my eyes and stared at the boulder in front of me, I could see a large shadow in the boulder, even darker than the blackness of the unholy night. It was about 12 feet tall and was largely shaped with a body and what seemed to be goat hooves for feet, from what I could make out in the shadow. It had large muscular looking hands and huge round horns on its head.

I had become speechless at what I was seeing, if this is what its shadow looks like then I don't even want to think of what this thing might really be or where such a being could even come from. Closing my eyes, I turned around to it, I knew there was no escape but I did not wish to die with the image of what this thing could be in my mind. I could hear it let out moaning roar that must have shaken the entire forest! I could feel its presence as it lowered down close to my face, its breath hitting me in the face and horrifying me even more. I waited, and waited...but nothing happened. I finally decided to open my eyes only to find that, well...nothing was there.

I sat there dazed and confused when I noticed a stone in the ground right by the boulder. Inscribed into the boulder was same word or what seemed to be a name in some other language, it looked like it may have been dutch perhaps? The rest seemed to be in english, it went something like "NARDUIVEL THE FOOL AMONG ANCIENTS AND GODS. THE JESTER OF DEMONS WHO FEEDS FROM THE HUMAN'S FEAR. THE JOKER OF DEMONS. FOOLER AMONG GODS."


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