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I am what you Fear

Short story By: Midnight Jade

A Vampyre's account of their experience as a killer, their lust for blood and of course the fateful warning spread to the Human race. I hope you're sitting comfortably, we're about to begin...

Submitted:Mar 4, 2012    Reads: 14    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

You'd be surprised of the monsters that stirr at night...

Blood is my drug, it pumps around the Human body like a siren's call, guiding me to the ones with the most sweet, thirst quenching blood. The scarlet liquid cascades down their necks as my fangs sink deep into their flesh, drinking them dry. I enjoy the first spurt that shoots from their necks, covering my face, inching its way down, attempting to escape. Then they fall limp, their eyes deep pits of mercy as they fall to the ground, staring vacantly at the alley way they have been tricked into. They look for help, that's what they always do. In their last few precious moments of life, though they know very well that there is no hope of survival, they still look. Call out to loved ones. Mum, Dad, even a few lovers or spouses, a household pet at times. Then their voice becomes weak, and their chest heaves with a final breath. It makes me shiver in pleasure to watch their body raise for the final time as their eyes roll back into their skulls. It's orgasmic. Sometimes, their eyes don't even close. They just keep staring… the shell of a once lively Human forever looking for the person that could have saved them. I drop them to the ground then. There's no point in discarding the body, two incisions into the neck seems too predictable. No one screams 'Vampyre.' I guess it's because it's obvious. Yet no one wants to say it. The Police just shake their heads at the misfortune of the situation and blame it on some kind of animal.


We are 'some kind' of animal after all. A creature of the night, but not a feline. Not a wolf nor a rodent. We are the things that go 'bump' in the night, those blood thirsty creatures that fill children's fairy tales and late night movies. We are the things you fear when you're out alone in the dark. It isn't wise to fear us however; we can smell it. An aroma so pure, that you'll be surrounded before you can scream for help, though, like I've mentioned before… no one comes. No one will hear you.
You're dead before anyone could reach you anyway.
I guess you could kiss a cross and pray we don't find you.
But just remember…
Not everyone is a Vampyre.
But anyone could be.

Sleep tight.


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