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Lauren Kingsley comes home from school one day to find an unfortunate visitor...

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I sighed of relief as the final bell rang.

"Yes!" criedKara. The other students rushed out of the classroom like a herd of buffalos.

"Is it awesome or what?" Kara asked me as we strolled quickly to our lockers to retrieve the rest of our things.

"More than awesome," I replied happily. "It rules."

She pulled her backpack out of her locker. "You wanna celebrate tonight?" she suggested. "I'll get a hold of Christine andHeather and maybe we can go to the arcade."

I nodded. "That'd be fun. I'll tell Emma, too."


We walked down the front steps of the school. The bright sun shone down mercilessly, and the air was hot. I was happy that we'd finally be away from those stuffy classrooms for a while.

"See you later," I called to her as she boarded her bus. She waved to me and climbed aboard. I quickly hopped onto my 10 speed bike and pedaled all the way out of the parking lot.

God, I hope tonight'll be fun, I thought. I wish my life wasn't so freaking boring.

I pulled into my driveway and put my bike into the garage. To my surprise, the mail was on the front step. "That's weird," I said. "I thought Mom would have brought it in by now."

I scooped the mail up as I walked inside my house.

It was really quiet, to my surprise. Normally, I'd here the TV or something, but it was completely silent. "Mom?" I called.

No answer.

I walked out into the living room to see if she was taking a nap or something.

I let out a cry.

On the ground of my living room was a weird woman. She had long, messy, sickly-colored blond hair that reached her waist. She was extremely thin, and had skinny legs and pointy fingernails.

She got up from the ground and stared at me. She had beady green eyes with no pupils, lots of wrinkles, and large red lips. The lips then curled into a smile.

"Hello, Lauren," she hissed at me.

My blood turned to ice, my heart stopped dead in its tracks, and my hands began to tremble violently. "W--Who are you?" I whimpered.

The creature lurched forward a few steps. "What? You don't recognize your own mother?" it asked.

I gasped in shock. I wanted to run, but my legs wouldn't move. It was like they were cemented there.

"What's wrong, Lauren?" the monster said in a slithery voice. I narrowed my eyes and swallowed the lump in my throat. " . . . Mom . . . ?" I choked out.

The creature was absolutely terrifying. It was like a monster from a Steven King novel. It was creeping toward me slowly.

I finally got control of my legs back. Without even thinking, I turned around and began to run out the door.

Something grabbed my foot as I ran and pulled me back. I was then suddenly upside down. It took me a minute to realize that the monster was holding me upside down.

"Where are you going, honey?" it purred. "Don't be afraid . . ."

"Let go of me!" I yelled. "You are not my mother!"

It growled. "You don't talk to your mother like that!" She held up one of her long, razor-like claws. "Looks like you will have to get punished . . ."

My eyes widened in fear. "W-Wha-?"

Grinning, she jabbed her index finger into my stomach.

Blood started gushing out immediately. I screamed in agony. She pulled her finger out, it stained with blood.

She dropped me on the ground. My vision began to get blurry. "Don't worry," she whispered, "this is for your own good. After all, a mother knows best . . ."


I sat up in my bed, my heart racing at the speed of light. My hands and face were sweaty, and I was shivering like crazy. I was in my room, under my covers, safe.

"Honey!" shouted a voice from outside my bedroom door, which was closed. "Wake up, it's time for school! It's your last day, remember?"


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