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child abuse *TRUE STORY*

Short story By: midnightvampire

Tags: Child, Abuse

this is a true story about my life, i was an abused child.by both sides of my family.

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this is a true story about me being abused as a child, it started when i was little and ended in june 2009. when i was 17. i reciently turned 18 in october 21, 2009.this is my story:

my story

i am going to start this story from elamentary school, my mom had custody of me at the time. my mom was married to my step-dad, they were religious freaks. they were christian, but strict christian, wearing skirts, no tattos,jewlery, the whole thing. they belived if a child did somthing wrong or if they missbehaved, it was okay to spank them. so, it started out with light spakings, then turned into hard ones with wooden spoons and belts. i had three sibblings, my real brother, and my step-brother and step-sister.

i was never really intrested in my step-brother, he was my brother's best friend, and way younger than me, so i barely paid attention to him. my step-sister on the other hand was my only best friend we were a year apart, im the oldest in my family, and then i found out that we were going to be sisters so i was happy. i never told anyone this, but my sister and i used to play games, i was too young to know any better, but they were sexual games.we would pretend we were a couple, iwas always the guy, because i was good at acting out as the guy.she was always the girl. i never had sex with her, but we kissed and got naked, we even touched eachothers private parts. i dont know if this counts as sexual abuse or not. we continued the game alot, until i had to move to my dad's house, because i told him about my mom hitting me.

when i moved into my dad's house everything was great, until my step-mom moved in with us, this was around middle school, i just started. we moved to a new house and my step-mom decides its a good idea to give us chores. wedid good at first until the chores stated pileing up, we started slacking off a bit. my step-mom complained and my dad and her took it out on me and my brother. we were hit, mostly with their hands first, then it became fists, slapping and throwing things at us. i felt hopeless and in the end i tought it was my falt they acted this way so i would inflict pain on myself. i also tried to kill myself, but in the end i was afraid to die, and i lived. i lived to protect my brother.

eventually, we had all privaliges taken away and we were left in our rooms, mine was a walk in closet, my brothers was a room he shared with our adopted brother. we were alone, we didnt have any attention except for the usual beatings, so my brother and i did stuff to get attention. we stole our parents money got low grades and did as many bad things we could. we didnt care what king of atention we got, attention was attention. the beatings got worse to where we were hit daily, finally i got enough guts to break free of the abuse, and i texed my step-sister, and friends, telling them i was running away.

my step-sister got scared then, she didnt know where i was going to live or stay, so she told on me. she told her dad, and he called my dad. my dad woke me up in the middle of the night and beat me harder then he ever had before, he left welts on me. he told me i betrayed the family and i wasnt allowed in his house anymore, he told me to get out. i told him i had no where to go and he told me to sleep on the livingroom floor because i was no longer part of the family.

the next morning i left and went to school. one of my friends said i could stay with her, so i stayed with her for 2 weeks, then cps (child protective services) sent me to live with my aunt. i stayed with my aunt for a month, she read my jurnal, and thought i was going to get pregnate, because i was intrested in sex. so she sent me to my mom's, my mom is mentally unstable and gets mad over the littlest thing. i was sent back to my dad's house when my mom became homeless at the end of my sophmore year because my step dad separated from her. so my dad said i had to leave when i was 18, so i finished juniour year at his house and apllyed to job corp in june 2009.

i am finally free from him, but i still have my problems because of him, im afraid to trust people im afraid they'll hurt me. i've had bad relationships in the past, and now hopefully in a good one, but im afraid to trust him. im bisexual, but i dont think it has to do with my past, i just like both girls and guys, but im more atracted to guys. my brother still lives with my dad in fear, when i save enough money, and get out of job corps im going to save him too. im going to try to get an apartment with him, away from my dad and step mom.

THINGS I FORGOT TO MENTION: my mom got colen cancer. shes not homeless anymore shes on ssi. shes going to die soon, dont know when. = ( , my dad treats me better since ive turned 18 i still visit him to see my brother. he hasnt hit my brother since i went to cps, because hes afraid of the cops.... so all is ok for now.

comment me! please & thank you.!


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