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Into the Woods (VampireLove73 Horror Challenge)

Short story By: mommy3

For Zack and Leslie it was supposed to be a romantic camping trip turns into a living nightmare for them instead. This is my entry for VampireLove73 Horror Challenge.

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Into the Woods

Zack and Leslie were in the apartment sleeping in their bed when the alarm went off. Leslie wanting to get more rest, sluggishly moved to turn off the alarm, in the process of doing this she accidentally fell off the bed. Zack woke up when he heard the loud thump.

"Fuck! Oww… my ass hurts, Stupid alarm clock!" Leslie yelled.

"Leslie are you okay? What happened?" Zack cried out.

"Just fucking dandy I fell off the bed trying to turn off the stupid piece of junk you call an alarm clock. God my ass hurts."

He tried holding in the laughter but could barely contain it, he had to put his hand to his mouth so she wouldn't hear him laughing.

"Are you laughing at me you jerk?"

"No." he snickered. "No, why would l laugh when my girlfriend's ass hurts. You are so clumsy sometimes."

She became pissed and quickly attacked him in the bed with the pillow. She smacked his face and he let out a growl.

"Oh so you wanna play do you? You asked for it."

"No Zack don't you dare do it."

He grabbed her foot and tickled her till she begged for mercy. She was really trying to get out of his grasp so she could escape the tickling. She was really ticklish to the point of almost peeing in her pants.

"Zack, okay please stop, you win. Please just stop. I am sorry for attacking you with the pillow I just got mad when you laughed."

"Alright were even but you better not do it again or you will regret it babe." He grabbed her face and quickly kissed her on the mouth.

She wanted him to kiss her more but knew they had to get ready for their camping trip. Oh well. Maybe I can tease him later on. She thought.

He got up from the bed to get dressed and to start packing the suitcase for their trip. He actually had a surprise for her.

She only knew they were going to Indiana in the woods. She did not know that Zack was going to take them to the haunted woods.

Zack was so excited to go to the Macarthur woods which were supposedly haunted. He wanted to see the ghosts and experience the reality of seeing ghosts. He knew Leslie would get pissed but he had a plan on how to get her happy.

"Hey, how long are we going to be there?"

"We are going to be there for two weeks. That means no bringing any work to get done."

"Okay I promise not to bring any of my work with me."

She was packing all her necessities for her suitcase which meant almost everything. She had about three suitcases packed and still thought she did not have enough clothes. Her boyfriend only had one suitcase and was almost done packing.

Meanwhile in Indiana there were two brothers who lived in a cabin in MacArthur woods. They were both psychopaths and could not wait till fresh meat came along. They were both getting ready for their breakfast.

Sam and Dean went out to the shed to get ready to eat. Dean's weapon was very crafty he had a baseball bat with nails protruding from it. He used it as a meat tenderizer. Oh I can't wait to eat my delicious breakfast. He thought.

Sam did not have any weapon he just used his bare hands to kill his victims. He strangled the victims while brutally raping them till they had no breath left.

They both opened the door of the shed. There was a young woman hanging from the wall with a hook attached to her back. There was blood everywhere and this enticed the brothers. They both had a gleam in their eye and smiled evilly.

She was still alive but barely since they tortured her for days. First they used the baseball bat on her arms ripping her flesh in the process from the nails. Her arms were so swollen and bloody. Then they grabbed her arms and starting licking the blood off them. When they were finished licking up her blood they slightly nipped her skin making her flinch and scream. Then they started getting excited and aroused with her screams. They both decided to eat her arms till there was only bone left she screamed so hard she almost had no voice left. All that was left was white bones and no skin left. She passed out from all the pain.

Dean had his handy baseball bat ready to strike her legs so they could eat her. He started swinging so hard on her legs that the nail got stuck in her skin. He ripped the bat off making her leg have a huge hole while blood was pouring out. Sam quickly went to the leg to suck all the blood up and nipping her leg too. Dean went to the other leg and did the same thing. He started licking all the blood up and then bit into her skin leaving a huge gash on her leg. They both slowly ate her legs till there was no skin left.

They left and would only come back when they got hungry again. Poor young woman had no chance for an escape and would die in the shed. Her last thoughts were I hope no one else will have to go through this.

Zack and Leslie are in the car riding to Indiana for their camping trip little did they know something bad was about to happen. Zack was driving when Leslie told him she had to go to the bathroom. He was so annoyed with her for not going to the bathroom before leaving. Did she ever listen to him? He thought.

"Hold on I'll pull over to the gas station and see if they have a bathroom. Didn't you go before we left?"

"No I still had to pack my suitcases. Will you just get there and stop arguing with me?"

"I am not arguing, we barley left and you decide you have to go to the bathroom. You should have gone earlier so we could get there before dark."

"Fine whatever, I guess we will just be a little late. No big deal."

"Well actually it is a big deal. Do you know how hard it is to put up a tent in the night?"

"Geez will you stop talking. I really need to go will you just get to the gas station already."

He saw the gas station and pulled over. She opened the door and rushed to find a bathroom. I hope to god they have a bathroom. She thought. She was running to get to the bathroom before she had an accident and then saw it. She opened the door and rushed in noticing the bathroom was filthy. Oh well I really got to go. She thought.

Once she was done she washed her hands and glimpsed into the mirror. Oh no look at my hair. What a mess. She thought. She took out her brush from her purse and combed it slowly taking her sweet time.

Zack was trying to wait patiently in the car for her to be finished. What the hell is taking her so long? He thought. He turned off the car and decided to go check on her to see if she was alright. Just as he was about to knock on the door she came out.

"What are you doing here? I was just about to come out."

He turned around and bit his lip to hold back from insulting her. He stomped to the car angrily and did not want to talk to her at all. She is such a pain in my ass. He thought.

What's his problem? She thought. She slowly took her time to get in the car pissing her boyfriend off more. He was ready to explode. He grabbed the keys and decided to get some food and drinks.

He walked back with chips and soda's when he got back in the car. He gave her a soda and then turned on the radio.

While they were driving Leslie had a bad gut feeling something bad was going to happen to them. She decided to tell Zack about it. Usually when she had gut feelings about something they always came true.

"Hey honey I have a bad feeling about going to this place maybe we should go somewhere else."

"What are you talking about? Don't tell me it was your gut feelings again."

"Yes it was you know whenever I get those gut feelings things always happen."

"Will you just stop? We are going and nothing bad is going to happen. Trust me babe I won't let anything bad happen to us. Okay."

"All right I guess. I hope you are right and I am wrong."

Zack did not believe in any of her gut feelings crap except he did realize that whenever her girlfriend did have those feelings strangely something bad would happen. He was sort of freaked about it.

They arrived at the forest around 9pm which it was pretty dark. He was glad he brought flashlights with them otherwise they would have an even harder time putting up the tent. Of course his girlfriend just stayed in the car and didn't help him out. You would think she would help me out so it would get done faster but no she just sits on her lazy ass. He thought.

Leslie was sitting in the car because she had no idea how to even assemble a tent. She was one of those girls that were spoiled and did not do things by herself. It was just how she was brought up. She was actually thinking of breaking up with Zack since he was not giving her the things she wanted. She did have feelings for him and the sex was amazing but she was sick of his attitude with her. She wanted Prada purse and Prada shoes for her birthday and she didn't get them from her boyfriend. He did buy her the purse and shoes but they weren't Prada. Which made her so pissed off and she threw a hissy fit.

Anyways she usually got what she wanted and wasn't used to not getting her way. He explained to her that they didn't have the money to get those things since they were paying for rent and other bills. She didn't care at all; she cared only about her material things.

Zack was sick of her not trying to help him out and throwing hissy fits like a damn two year old when she didn't get her way. He was hoping she would eventually change her materialistic ways and not worry so much about fashion. He was planning on proposing to her and that was the real reason he couldn't get her those things for the birthday. He spent most of the money getting her the engagement diamond ring for her.

He was finished with the tent finally and walked back to the car to go get the suitcases. While he was walking he noticed strange noises coming from the woods and wondered what it could be. He was going to eventually find out what it was, but he had to get the things ready.

"Hey hone will you pop the trunk so I can get our suitcases and other stuff. Could you lend me a hand please?"

"Fine but I am still mad at you." She yelled angrily.

She popped the trunk and got out of the car to go help him out. She stomped her feet throwing more tantrums. Why did they have to be out in these stupid woods anyways? He knows I hate camping. She thought.

He noticed her attitude and was sick of it maybe they should just go back to their home. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. Screw it. I want to go camping and she has to realize to compromise in our relationship. He thought.

He doubted of proposing to her the way she was acting right now. He did still love her just not her spoiled princess attitude. He wished she would act like a grown up instead of a two year old.

They were getting everything prepared and noticed it getting darker. They realized they would have to set everything else up later on. Plus they were getting tired.

They both lied down and Zack snuggled up to her to get more comfortable. She was having a hard time sleeping since she wasn't on her soft bed. So she decided to tease him since she couldn't sleep. He woke up and they had sex. As soon as they were done he decided to propose to her. He fumbled for his pants to retrieve the ring. He told her to close her eyes so he could give her a surprise.

"What's the surprise?"

"Just wait and make sure you are not peeking." He decided to grab his shirt and tie it around her eyes for a blindfold since he knew she always peeked. He realized he was nervous.

"Umm… baby you know I love you right? Will you marry me Leslie?"

She gasped and started crying. "Of course I will."

He put the ring on her finger and took off the blindfold so she could see the ring. The ring was a 24 karat gold with a diamond. She looked at the ring and was shocked by what the design was. She knew it was the most expensive one to find. She grabbed him and kissed him hard on the mouth.

He went on explaining to her that this was where all her birthday money went to and figured she would like this better than any Prada purse or shoes. She nodded her head in agreement with his explanation.

They were kissing softly and then they heard thunder it was going to start a storm. Afterwards they heard it pouring rain and realized there was a leak in the tent. This was not good. He thought.

They realized that they needed to get out of the tent and go into the car. Once they were outside they became soaked and ran towards the car.

"Hey is that a light over there?"

"Yeah it is. Why don't we go over there?" Leslie said.

"Okay it looks like a log cabin we can definitely get dry there. Plus warm soft beds."

They head over to the cabin and realize it looks abandoned. They decide to stay there for the night to get out of the storm. What they don't realize is this is Sam and Dean's house.

Sam and Dean were back in the shed finishing their dinner when they heard their front door open to their house. They both realized there were people in their household and they could get more food. Yeah we have more food. They thought.

Sam and Dean decided they wanted to have a little fun before eating their meal. They could easily get into their house to scare, torture, and eventually eat them. This was going to be fun. They thought.

Leslie and Zack were getting comfortable in the bed and were just about to fall asleep. Then Zack heard a noise and was up instantly becoming alert.

"Did you hear that noise?"

"What noise? I didn't hear anything come on back to bed baby."

"No I heard something. Let me go check it out. I'll be right back."

Zack got up to go check out what that noise was. He brought his pocketknife with him just in case he needed it. He slowly opened the bedroom door and craned his head back and forth slowly to see if he saw someone. He did not see anything so he crept downstairs to check out the household. He noticed the door was slightly jarred open and realized someone was here. He quickly turned around when all of a sudden some man was there in front of him.

"Who are you? What do you want?"

"Who am I? What are you doing in my house?" He thundered.

"Look man we didn't know anyone lived here we thought it was abandoned. We just needed a dry place to stay for the night."

"You don't just barge into people's homes and do whatever you want. I'll teach you a lesson son you will never forget." He came charging at him with his fists raised. Zack raised his hands into fists to prepare to fight. They both fought and the man was losing. Zack was a pretty good fighter since he was trained in karate. Then all of a sudden Zack was crumpled onto the floor. Sam snuck up on Zack and knocked him out.

"Damn it I had it under control brother!" Dean yelled.

"I don't think so. He was winning and almost ended up beating you."

"Fuck you. Don't interfere in my fighting brother."

"Will you stop whining and let's go get the young woman sleeping in my bed."

They both went upstairs to go get the young woman. They kicked the bedroom door open making the young woman scream. She was up and terrified of these two men. Who are these people? She thought.

"Who are you? What do you want? Where is Zack?"

"We are your worst nightmare your boyfriend is tied up and the moment. You will be joining him real soon. But first we want a little fun." They both said.

"No get away please I don't want you here." She screamed.

They both attacked her as she tried running to the door to escape. Sam grabbed her hair yanking her back into him.

"Where do you think you are going bitch?" Sam growled.

Dean slapped her across the face hard knocking some of her teeth out. She tried kicking her foot into one of their groins. This pissed them off. They grabbed her and pushed her onto the bed. Sam was straddled over her grabbing her arms while Dean was holding her legs open. Sam brutally raped her and tore her skin until she was bleeding. She was crying hysterically. Dean slapped her so hard across the face she was knocked unconscious.

"All right we need to get these two ready. You grab the guy downstairs and I will grab the girl."

"No I want the girl you grab the guy." Sam said.

"No do as I say or you will get hurt."

"Fine but next time I get the girl."

They both carried the couple into the shed to prepare to torture them and eventually eat them. They tied each of the victim's hands behind their backs. They both had to go back into the house to get the hooks.

Meanwhile Zack woke up and noticed his girlfriend was unconscious bleeding by her legs. Those bastards raped her. They will pay. He thought. He noticed also his hands were tied behind his pants. He felt his back pocket and realized his pocketknife was still in his back pocket. Yes. Thank God it is still there. He thought. He was able to get it out and slowly cut his bonds on his hands. He cut through them and sighed in relief. He got up and untied his girlfriend's hands too. He slightly patted her cheek to try to wake her up. She woke up instantly thinking she was going to get raped and tried scooting back.

"Shh… baby it's just me. We have to get out of here."

She gasped noticing it was Zack and whimpered too. She nodded her head in agreement.

Just as soon as they were getting ready to go they were interrupted by the brother's.

"Aww… how cute I hope were not interrupting anything." Sam said.

Zack kissed her and told her stay there he would handle this. He stood up and had his pocketknife ready to fight.

"Oohh… looks like boyfriend here is going to fight." Dean said.

Zack was pissed off and charged Dean once he said that. He slashed Dean across the chest with his pocketknife. Dean was impressed and shocked. Zack charged him again but Dean was prepared and knocked the pocket knife out of Zack's hand. Oh shit. Now what do I do? Think Zack use your hands. He thought. Zack raised his fists to pound the living crap out of this guy. They both fought but Zack was losing. Dean kicked Zack in the stomach hard knocking the breath out of him. Dean also punched him in the nose breaking it. Blood came gushing out of Zack's nose. This enticed both brothers they loved the sight of blood. Dean punched Zack in the head knocking him unconscious.

Leslie tried screamed and then tried running to escape but she was caught. The bother's tied both of them up and prepared to torture them. They pushed hooks into the couples backs so they would be able to hang them from the wall. Leslie screamed when they pushed the hook into her back making Zack wake up.

"No you stupid bastards leave her alone. Please just leave her alone." Zack yelled.

Sam decided to push the hook into Zack's back making her scream to make him shut up. Zack's back was oozing blood out of the gap in his back. Sam licked the blood up and smiled evilly.

"Leslie baby I am so sorry. I love you. I am so sorry. I love you so much." Zack cried.

"I love you too. You tried your best. I love you so much." Leslie replied back.

Dean brought out his handy baseball bat and started swinging at Leslie's arms. Her arms were bloody and swollen. He then swung the bat on her legs making them the same. Sam came over and licked all the blood up from her legs and arms. He then started strangling her while raping her. She gasped I love you Zack and died.

"Nooo…. Leslie no please god. Why did you rape her you asshole? You already did why do it again." Zack yelled.

"I love when women breathe their last breath when I am inside them. It makes me feel good." Sam said.

Zack cried and gave up without Leslie living he did not care if he was going to die.

The brothers went to him next and tortured him more. They took the baseball bat and swung with all their might breaking his legs. The smashed his legs so hard the bones started protruding from his legs. They also smashed his arms too. He was a swollen and bloody all over. They decided to use more tools on him. They brought out a hunter's knife to cut off his arms and legs. He was screaming so loudly that he almost lost his voice. They gouged his eyes and then cut them out. He had no eyes, no legs, and no arms. They took all the limbs and licked the blood up while eating the skin to the bone. The mouths were all bloody from eating the limbs from Zack. They eventually stabbed Zack in the heart killing him.

They cut all the body parts of the couple and stored the body parts in a container for leftovers. They put their leftovers in the refrigerator to eat later on.

So lesson number one don't ever go into a house that looks abandoned. Lesson numbers two don't go to McArthur woods in Indiana since it is haunted. Otherwise if you decide to go you will never come back.

The End


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