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Charles meets a strange, mute boy on his way home from school, with the name of Edward. All he seems to be able to do is smile....

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Charles grinned as the teacher waved his hand, dismissing the class. There was a screech of chair legs scraping against the floor as the boys got up from their desks. They rushed to the door, pushing to be the first one through. Charles was in a good mood as he walked along the corridoor and out of the door, swinging his arms.
He strolled down the path, kicking a stone along. After a few minutes, he heard another set of footsteps behind him. He swiveled round, puzzled. He was the only boy who took this route home. A boy was standing on the path, looking at him with dark, rather un-nerving eyes. He had straight black hair, and pale skin. He smiled at Charles. Charles smiled back, and walked towards him. "Afternoon," said Charles, slipping his hands into his pockets. "I'm Charles. Haven't seen you here before. What's your name?"
The boy held his smile, saying nothing. Charles frowned. Was he ignoring him? Or playing some sort of game?
"What's your name?" Charles repeated. The boy reachet into his jacket pocket, and took out a hankerchief. Edward was embroided in the corner. Charles looked at him, confused. "Don't you speak at all?" he asked with a smirk. He'd intended it as a joke, but Edward shook his head, his smile fading. Charles frowned. "Really? Not at all?" Edward shook his head again.
"Oh. Um... I'm sorry," Charles said, feeling akward. He noticed Edward wasn't wearing a uniform. "So you're new here?"
Edward paused, then nodded.
"You'd better get some uniform soon- our teacher's really strict!"
Edward looked down at his clothes.
"Hey.. want to come to my house?" Charles asked, looking down at his boots. Edward nodded, smiling, and they walked on together.

They stopped outside Charles' house. Charles kicked a stone onto the grass, a cloud of dust coating his boot.
"So... what do you wanna do? I have a new football," Charles said, but Edward wasn't listening. He was facing the woods, his hair rippling in the wind.
"Oh, you want to go into the woods?" Charles guessed. Edward nodded, not turning. Charles grinned. "Great! I love it there, but I don't usually have anyone to go with. Hold on- I'll just write a note to my Mother." He took a scrap of paper and a pen from his pocket, and scrawled a note: Gone to the woods with a friend- Be back 6!

Charles slipped the note undeer his front door. When he turned around, he saw that Edward was near the entrance of the woods. He'd moved with incredible speed in such a short space of time. Charles sprinted after him, the long grass tickling his bare knees. He stopped by Edward, breathing heavily and clutching a stitch on his rib.
"Warn me before you run off like that again, OK?" he panted, with a tone of annoyance. Edward turned to him and smiled apologeticly, nodding.
They stepped into the shade of the trees, twigs crunching under their feet. The dappled sunlight shone on Charles' arms. Charles picked up a long stick, and brushed some dried mud off it. He held it up for inspection. Satisfied, he swung it like a sword, keeping back invisible foes. He turned to Edward, grinning. The he noticed somthing on the ground beside Edward. A scarf? No, a SNAKE. Charles gasped, tightning his grip on the stick as he backed away. The snake lunged at him, sinking its teeth into his chest. Charles screamed, falling onto his back and writhing in pain. Then he lay still, blood seeping through his shirt, and again, Edward smiled.


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