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Carmela's Change

Short story By: MssJenn

They love each other to the point he transformed her into what he is.

Submitted:Aug 1, 2009    Reads: 252    Comments: 23    Likes: 7   

Carmela's Change

She lays on the cool floor, arching her back with the pain drawn on her face. Oh, how much she must suffer before getting the gift of eternal life? I walk away from her and did my pray to my Lord Satan. This pain she is suffering is only a way our Lord has to show his love; for love is pain. And pleasure too. Sooner than later she would love the pain, it would give her the pleasure of love. Physical and soulful love. The bloodlust, might be unbearable at first....
oh I wish she had time to love.
I look her dying body. Crouching next to her I dig my hand on her chest and take out what make her human. I take her heart. She has to learn to love with the rest of her body. She has to.
She has to!
"Die beautiful Carmella...May Satan give you eternal life on earth. May he make you my company under the moon" I bite her neck for the last time before her skin takes the strength that distinguishes us demons, sons of the Lord.
She gasps, skin vibrating under my lips, back curbing up and down fast, she creams my name.
Have this woman loved me as a human woman loves a human man? I don't doubt of her human love but… will she love as demon? When her skin is as perfect as mine? Her body is as heated as mine.
When she has no heart to make it possible?
I lift my face of her body and look at her; breast etiolate decorated only by the little blood that is coming out the heart bed. No heart decorates her chest, now a hole is in its place.
Hole that will always be there, cured but there.
I kiss her perfect cupids bow's and pull her lips, to cause pain. More pain means more love. This will be not love a she knew before. This would be worse and better.
She starts to scream at the time her eyes turn to flames and I cover her mouth with mine, feeding her with more fire.
She must burn!
Demons are creatures of fire and blood; the essence of us. What we are and feed of. This is only toped by lust.
But lust is as fire; hot.
After being burned slowly she lay still on the dirty floor. Her mouth slack, he eyes closed and burned. The hole on her chest has burned and is colored black. All her inside are burned. And now some days must past before all her inside is reconstruct as demon.
More days and she'll wake up with red eyes and thirsts I must fulfill. For blood, for sex and fire.
She will not have human love to give me, but demon's kind. Love she will remember slowly with the past of time. With time the hole on her chest will not miss a heart.
With time she'll be almost the same.


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