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Lady Necromancer (extreme horror contest)

Short story By: MssJenn

Grabiel (Graby, grab, Grabiely) always felt the dead watching over her. Now she brings the dead to the world. Come and read how she discovers how to use her 'gift'


A/N: please if you read let me know if this is actually horror. is for XxalexandraxX's Extremely horror contest.
my grammatical gets horrible at times, sorry. need to study that a little bit more. Constructive criticism is appreciated, it helps my English. THANKS


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Lady Necromancer

New York can be really frightening some times, especially at 12 am. A Saturday night shouldn't be so lonely but the street is desolated. I walk down the narrow street making my steps as silence as I could possibly do. I could feel death walking closer and towards me, but could not point out the exact place it was coming from. A dead being you could say, I can feel them, sense them every where. The graveyards are impossible for me to walk by, the dead bothers me, they yell and send bad -and sometimes good- energies. I walk even faster feeling it closer; I've never felt a dead walking to me before. Dead don't walk; they are like a dark hole of energy that just exists.

"Who's there?" I ask to the shadow of a building in the corner. "Who's following me? Show yourself coward" I see something move in the shadow but nobody comes out. I close my eyes and the bad energy just disappears. "Shit!" my cell phone rings, the distinctive tone I've gave my boyfriend. "Yes?" I ask into the phone.

"…gone…you…come back…" the static in the phone and the fact that he's whispering weren't good mix.

"Speak up you dumb ass!" I yell to the phone.

"Today I die. In three days I'll look for you. You die" he sounds weak, like just talking was a hard work.

"You are scaring me Martin. What are you talking about?"

"Today I die. Then I'll come for you" he was whispering.

"Martin? Is this a joke?" I start to tear up, feeling the dead getting closer to me again.

"Listen to me carefully Grabiel, I'll die tonight. But you'll come with me later." His voice is restrained by something too similar to pain.

The night was getting even darker and I need a place to hide from the invisible eyes of the dead. "I'm dying right now, Graby. But I'll be back." He was back to whispering. I hear a voice yelling something in the background of his whispers. "I needed to let her know." He says to somebody. "Grabiely love, don't do anything stupid. I'll be back I promise" the phone went dead after that. Like all that surrounds me; dead.

I run home, the streets where lonelier than ever. The dead was watching me, I could feel its eyes on my shoulders, the weight of its sight.

I finally get to breathe deep when I close my, little New Yorker apartment's, door. But I could not take the words Martin had said to me out of my head. I call back to his phone all night until the sun brightens my small bedroom. I went to sleep but couldn't rest much, the dead was in my dream. Many people walking around in the small space that was my psychic dream. All of them I knew once where living people, not that I knew any of them in particular, but I knew what they were and what they were not. What I don't know is what they seek from me.

I finally decide that two hours in an in-and-out sleep were enough for me. I need to find Martin and make him pay for my sleepless night. Even though I know is not his fault, this sleepless night happens to me every other day. I'm use already to manage without sleep.

"Martin!! Answer the fucking phone! When you get this massage call me back. You scaring the hell out me…. please call I'm not playing. I'm worrying Martin, call." This is the third message that I leave in his apartment answer machine. He was supposed to be home, his roommate was out of the city visiting his parent. But Martin had nothing to do on Sunday.

I light a cigarette and smoke half of it fast before laying my head back on my sofa. A big tear coming down my face. What if he left me? He was saying goodbye last night. What if that was not a vile joke? I drop more ash on the ashes pile that I was forming on my table. And stare at it. I could feel the tears coming down my face but I keep my sight to the ashes. For some reason I feel them dead, like the black hole that belongs to a coffin or a grave. "Come back to life" I command without thinking twice. The ashes moves like some wind I was not feeling makes them fly. It was like a small tornado of ashes in front of me, and then some dry tobacco lay on my table. Just like if I had take them out of my cigarette, without burning them. I gasp and pull away from the table. "Shit!"

After being scare, staring at the once ashes now dry tobacco, now I just tough it was plain awesome! Does this mean I have like a super power? Maybe I'm a witch! Yeah a powerful witch. I smile at a though that would have scare me before, now it was exciting.

I've always felt the dead around me, but never like now days, is like my sensitivity was growing, getting stronger. My mother died when I was fifteen and my dad when I was eighteen. And in both occasions I could feel them as a dead dark hole in the coffin, and in the graveyard when I visit them. I know they are there roaming their grave, listing to my babbles about my boring life. I have an older sister but she disappeared as soon as dad died, we had nothing in common. I was the creepy Goth and she was the perfect ballerina. A heartless ballerina, I must say. But now I was a witch! I can't help the smile on my face until the phone rings.


"Hi Graby. This is Jared. I'm calling from Pennsylvania." Jared is Martin roommate and best friend.

"Hi Jared. How's everything over there? Say hi to Mrs. Smith for me please." I try to sound relax but just hearing him in the phone worried me, where the hell is Martin! Is already 3 pm and nothing from him.

"Grabiel… I've been calling Martin all day and nothing" he says with a worry tone and I start to cry without being able to stop. I sob and cry for few minutes letting the phone by my side. "Grabiel! Something happened to Martin?! Tell me!" Jared yells a few times to me before I find my voice again.

"No… I mean I don't know. He called me last night and said some crazy stuff about dying and me going with him." I sob a little, big tears coming down, running my black eyeliner down. "I've been calling him all day." I look around the room the eyes of the dead looking at me from the window. "I don't know what's happening but I'll go to his apartment now. And if he was joking I'm going to kill him with my bare hands!" I stand up from the couch and take my handbag with the cell phone still on my ear.

"He called me last night too" I stop when I hear that "but I missed the call. He left a message saying some weird stuff about not seeing him again. He said he would leave and not come back" I could hear Jared cry on the other side of the line. "I think he kill himself Grabiel !" he cries to me and my heart stopped beating for a moment. I know deep inside me I thought the same. I knew he was saying his goodbye when he called me. Hi said them in a weird way, but maybe because he knew my connection with the dead, he knew I would feel his presence when is around. I cry for few minutes hugging the phone to my chest.

I confirm our suspicious when I turn the corner to his apartment building; they were police, ambulance and lots of people just watching. I run to the main entrance and a woman stops me.

"Do you live here miss?" I look to her from my tearful eyes and nod.

"I… my boyfriend lives here. I stay here most of the time too" I cry again, cupping my face. "He is dead right?" the officer wraps an arm around me and I lay my head on her shoulder. But I had to back out, she smells of death, not of decay but of death it self and I knew she was to die soon. And for no reason but that she was stopping my way, I wanted her to die.

She puts a hand to her chest; looking at me eyes wide open. Trying to talk. A wicked smile came to my face, a smile that I never wore before today. "Is my boyfriend dead?" I ask innocently. Where has all this pleasure from seeing a person died has come from? I don't know but it sure felt good. Like I was drinking her life away. She keeps staring at me, opening her mouth but no sound ever comes. Until a police man came to us and he notices her state, he holds her. His face was the one of pure sadness, he knew too she was to die; maybe it was obvious she was in pain. And that made me sad, I stop pulling on her life energy and run to Martin's apartment but when I reach the stairs another police man holds me tight. "I need to see him! He's dead. I know he is dead! Let go of me!"

"Miss you must calm down. You can't go up there." I glare at him. How dare he tell me what I can do or not. I taste him with the part of me that just pulled the life of the other officer (which I don't really know if died or not) but nothing happened. I could smell a faint hint of dead in him but it like it was too far for me to pull. I close my eyes and cry. He is holding my hand on my back, but I feel him hesitate. He let me go and I look at him to the eyes. He was tall with ear length little messy blond hair. I find him too beautiful to be a cop. He reminds me of Martin the same messy hair and blue eyes, and start to cry even worse. He comes to me and pulls me into a hug. I hug him thigh imagining it was Martin. Oh how I wish to believe he was alive and this was a mistake. I feel the officer brush his fingers on my hair and his other hand was low in my back, but what I feel the most was the smell. The smell of dead was stronger now that I was in his embrace. I feel his hands on my ass pressing my hips to his now hard groin, and I gasp. His hands got tight on my head and pull be hard him. He took his hand of my hip and undoes his pants. Letting his penis out. I gasped yet again horrified that this was really happening to me and I couldn't move. I was in panic. "Now be good." He says pulling me by the hair into maintenance room of the building. I try to fight him back and hold to the door frame but my strength was nothing compare to his. When he got me in the small room, he throws me to the floor between mops and cleaning product and get on top of me pulling my black skirt up and ripping my panties in one smooth move.

"Please! Nooo!" I supplicate. "Don't do this please, don't" I try to close my legs with all my force but he was too strong for me. He presses his body on top of me and in a smooth move penetrates me. The pain comes to me fast, taking my thighs and stomach. He licks my neck, while moving fast in me. And I was not afraid anymore, the anger overtaking every fear.

"Blood makes me horny." He hisses to my ear and trust in me fast but I didn't please him yelling or crying. "And let me tell you young lady. If that apartment was your boyfriend's, well… mmm there would not be much of him to find. The entire bathtub is full in blood. Pure blood honey, not water." He thrust in me hard one and many more times.

Closing my eyes I could smell him even stronger now, the dead was surrounding him, closer now. I pull, with the part of me that sense the dead in the greave yard, and the dead that sometimes follow me. I pull. He holds his throat, his body starting to tremble. And I could feel the shake he made from inside of me. I feel disgusting. Pulling with more anger until I feel him dead. I sense him now on top of the room his black hole that was his body now was still in me. And I had no energy to push him off me. For a few minutes I stay there, just wanting to die. Then I find the energy, little but enough, and move him off. And I start to cry again when I hear the disgusting sound his body make when pull out of me. I hug my legs to my chest and keep crying. I stare at his body for a moment, his eyes were red with blood and a tear of blood was running down the corner of his lips. And I spit at his remains with the anger and repulsion that fills me now, for him and for some reason for myself.

I don't know how long I was crying in the floor but I have to go and find Martin. The police was not there anymore so I just took the stairs to the third floor. There was a police man, standing by Martins door. I fix my skirt but the two lines of blood that ran inside my legs were impossible to hide. The man looks at me startle, like he never saw me coming and I now stand in front of him. I try to smile but fail.

"Is my boyfriend dead? Is Martin dead?" I ask him and he looks at me with pity.

"I'm sorry. I'm not allowed to give information away." I drop to my knees crying. Why is this happening to me? I just want to cuddle next to Martin's body, I need to see him. Alive.

"Oh please let me see. I need to see what happened to him" the police man moves his weight from one foot to the other uncomfortable, and then he kneel in front of me and hugs me. Another wicked smile comes to my lips, for now I can smell the dead in him, it was as intoxicating as the woman's was, maybe was his age. Or maybe he was closer to his designed dead already, who knows? Certainly I don't and couldn't care much right now. His eyes go red with blood and some blood comes out his mouth while his body starts to shake uncontrollably much worse than the other man. And before I realize there was blood every where. His head! His head was not there anymore, it exploited all over me some disgusting things where on me and what I guess were pieces of his brain, all this all over my face. Wipe my eyes and push the body to the side. Shit! This freaking power is getting disgusting. My face was cover in the remains of this man head, I feel like vomiting.

I stand up leaving the headless body in the floor. My body feels stronger, like I just drank the most potent energy drink in the market. A sugar high maybe or more like a death high. I chuckle to my own joke and walk to the apartment. The tub where we share many baths during the past year was indeed full of blood. It looks deep red with a dry sheet on top, almost maroon. I take my shoes off and step in the tub. I just want to be close to Martin, I feel so dirty with the man's sweat and blood, I'll feel cleaner with martin's blood bathing me, warming me. I embrace the blood around me, staying there until I think I fall sleep for a long while. I dream that I was swimming in deep maroon blood and that Martin was with me. We were mermaid and merman and we were happy. Until I start to drink the blood, at first it was good, but then I was drowning. I awoke under the tub full of blood, strong arms pulling me out. Some body carried me and laid me on the bed. The bed that smells so much like Martin. "Oh Martin you did came back for me" somebody place a kiss on my forehead and hugs me from behind.

"It's me, Jared" the voice says and I open my eyes.

"He is dead Jared. Dead" and sad part is that I could not feel him around me. Where was his body? I hug to Jared for a while not daring to tell him what had happened on my way here. If I say I was raped I would have to say I killed to men.

It was night already and the police had informed us that a serial killer was surrounding the zone. It had kill Martin and take his body and later the next day (today) had come back and killed two police men that were working on the case. But I knew those two were my kill and now feel so bad for it; it was like I lost control in the moment and did this shit. I still can't believe I'm a witch, or some magic power lives in me. I'm evil! And can't accept as true that Martin was killed, he killed himself. But who was the person that was with him? Maybe he was killed and he was allowed one last call before dying. Maybe.

If I can take people's life I sure can give it back if I wish. Or so I hope so as go into the library. It was Monday morning already and Martin has a complete day disappeared. Jared stayed at my apartment last night, I don't think he could possibly stay by himself in his apartment, and the police had closed it. I search for death magic, and came up with "The Necromancer". Death magic is the magic of a necromancer. I seat with three book about necromancy and start to read. And decide for a ritual to ask a favor to the devil.

To thy shall I call

To thy shall I bleed

The blood of my veins

May drip

Oh Diablo!

Owner of the dead

To thy shall I give my soul

For a favor I plead

"You shouldn't ask the devil for favors. He always collect his payments" I look up and there stands a man. His skin was pale and his eyes and hair yet black. He was wearing an ancient looking black cape over modern looking black slacks and dark blue shirt. He was breath taking in so many levels that I feel my jaw drops to the table. He chuckles and seats beside me. He smells of exotic plants and perfumes. The only tough that came to me, because of his look, was vampire.

"Are you a vampire?" I stupidly ask and he looks down and chuckles.

"What makes you think such thing?" he says and looks down his hands the same time I do. "Well ok it's been long since my last sun bath. But not, I'm alive and hundred percent human."

"What are you then?"

"I'm a warlock… a sorcerer…a witch. Call me how you wish. I practice magic and I'm sensitive to it. But I'm not special. You are the special one dear. You shouldn't ask the devil favors. He is who should ask you favors" he close the book in front of me. "What is it that so deeply you wish? So valuable that you would give you soul to the devil to get it"

"It's Martin, my boyfriend. He died, or killed himself. And I want him back." I want to tell him that I've taken away people's life already, so I guess I can give it too, but no I don't want to go to jail. He smiles to me.

"You have the power of death in you. You could be more powerful than the Death himself. You my dear are a true necromancer. Not like the losers that wrote those books you now hold, you are the true death in a woman's body." I stare at him while he talks for almost half an hour about my powers.

"Would you tech me?"

"They are many lessons to be learned, but many have to be learned as you go trough the experience. I can only teach you so much. Since I'm not myself a necromancer. I know some necromancy spells and rituals."

"Can I give life to the dead?"

"Indeed, you can give life to certain point. You can lift bodies' from the grave. But they will be zombies or in extremes cases ghouls, but we don't want ghouls. You can give as well as you can take away life" I look at him amazed at these things I've never believed before. Things I might not believe if it wasn't for the fact that I can feel the dead around me. And those people I killed, the excitement and energy rushed that those kills gave me.

When the library announces its closure, my new friend holds my hand and pulls me to the out side. The hot air hits my face making it obvious one of the hottest day of summer. He has talk for hours in the library yet nothing too important had been said. He was talking to me of his philosophy in life. How he believes in God and the Devil as real entities, that can materialize if you know how to. Lots of talking yet he evade saying much about necromancy. Or how to bring the dead to life.

"Where are we going to?" I finally ask, after walking for fifteen minutes heading downtown from the 40th street of Manhattan.

"To my loft in Tribeca"

"Tribeca! Would you teach me to do what I want or not?" he looks to me with a serious expression, his black cape flowing around him. Why was this guy wearing a cape on the hottest day of summer?

"Well get there and I'll show you what you need to know to give a little life to death but not more. You are too powerful and need to be trained slowly. I want to be your instructor." I just want Martin back, I'd accept anything right now, any payment he asks from me.

The night was as dark as Saturday's, which reminds of the last time I talked to Martin. I look to every dark shadow searching for the dead, but nothing, I'm not feeling anybody watching over me right now. Out steps were silences as we make our way down. No less than an hour walking pass before we enter an old looking small building.

The place was dark and big for being in New York, was all together and the walls were painted gray. by the farther wall there are some metal chains hanging from the sealing and some weird looking torture instruments, they look old and stained. I notice in the middle of the floor was a pentangle made of black tape and some parts of the tape were stained with blood. Now I was starting to get scare.

"This is my altar" he said as he points at the table closer to the pentacle. I got closer and the wind starts to whisper trough the window. The darkness of the room makes shadows in the man's face, making him look almost devilish and frightening. Ohh how stupid was I to come with a man that I did even know his name; I was just desperate to find Martin, to be with him.

"Don't be afraid sweet." I hear his voice coming from my back, but just a moment before he was standing few feet in front of me. I gasp and turn to him in surprise. I push him of me but he just stares at me with an empty face.

"Are you really going to help me?" I ask taking few steps back. He looks at me then to the pentacle before holding me by the hair and pulling me to the center of it.

"You are going to help me, necromancer" he says with a wicked smile twisting his face in a malice way.

I kick his leg and try to stand from the pentacle but couldn't. And I feel it again, that dead that has been following me, the dead that could walk. It was outside the window I could feel it. I try again to stand up but it was like an invisible wall was holding me down. The man starts to walk around me in circles and saying what I think are prayers. He put a candle in each point of the fife points star, mentioning each time an element. He finishes and I feel a rush of air encircling me, faster and faster. I feel like in the middle of a storm. I look around me and I'm by myself, still feeling the eyes of dead on me I look to the window and two eye are looking at me, I can distinguish the silhouette of a person in the darkness for just a moment then nothing. The sound of the door makes me look back to the apartment. The man was walking to me with a woman's body in his arms.

He pulls both my hands of the circle and places the girl's body on top of me. I could see now her face; she had died young and still has beauty in her, a lifeless beauty. She looks around my age, that is 20, but she has blond hair in contrary to my black. Our only similitude is our pale skin and youth. I have to stop breathing because she smells of dead and decay. Parts of her face are already purple with dead blood. A drips of maroon old blood falls from her mouth to my cheek and I try to lose my wrist from the man's embrace but nothing it's like this circle can control my moments. I want to move yet I can't do anything.

"You're about to learn first hand how to give life to the dead." He says before making two slashes across each my wrists.

He looks at them for a moment then made a third one. The cut were made so fast that for the first seconds they didn't hurt, and then it comes the horrible stunt of paint that took my forearm to my elbow. But I don't scream, no point in screaming when nobody is going to help you. No point in giving him the satisfaction of hearing my misery is enough that he can see the pain in my face. The blood, my blood, has made a pool in the floor getting to my hair and this was a hint for me that I was about to die. "The most important part and the reason for you would not would have been able to do this is lay on top of you. Yes, to give life to a dead you need the dead, you stupid child. So no coming back for you boyfriend. No if the body is not present" my heart stops for a moment with the horrible news. If he can't come back I don't want to be here. I don't want to live if he can't be with me.

"An eye for an eye. A life for a life" he says to me putting a heavy rock on top of each my hands. I don't know which part of my body hurts the most. My hips, my thighs, my wrists and now my hands. I feel the dead again, the walking dead, it was closer now. Closer than ever, it was in the room. I try to look around but is impossible with the dead body on me.

The flame of the five candles gives a dim yellow light to dark, grotesque space. He leaves again, leaving me along with the dead girl and the dead I still feel in the room. I feel something move. My lips start to tremble with a contain cry.

"Help me…please." I say between cries. "I don't want to die" and I don't, I need to get out of here, and I know there's something in the room that can hear me. I feel it in my core. "Please… help me"

"Shhh" is al I hear and I feel the man walking from wherever other room he was at. He was holding a big dead dog in his hands.

Arrgghh please stop this!" I can't stop the cries now. The dog was limp in his hands, and he lays it next to the circle.

"To continue my lesson. This is my sacrifice, for the life of my daughter back. And you are the life that would fill her body" he crouches by my face just outside the circle. "You as a true necromancer may not need a life for, or may need one not as big s a human. But I'm just an old warlock, the best in the city but still not a necromancer. Too bad you would not be able to use your fond gift." he looks thoughtful for a moment.

"Ahh why I didn't of this before?" he stand up and walks to the table that was his altar. "There must be a way to take you skills and make it mine. And then I'll kill you" he laugh, and evil laugh.

The blood keeps flowing out of my arm; everything went black before I close my eyes.

To be Continued... ( Lady Necromamcer II click here)


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