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Lady Necromancer II (extreme horror contest)

Short story By: MssJenn

Grabiel is having the worse time of her life. Her boyfriend is dead, killed or suicide, no body knows. Her once (almost) harmless ‘gift’ to feel the dead is getting out of control. And on top of that she is kidnapped by a warlock to perform a human sacrifice ritual. How is she going to get out of this? Well maybe won’t…

This is ‘Lady Necromancer’ II ……. ENJOY!!!!


My grammatical gets horrible at times, sorry. Need to study that a little bit more. Constructive criticism is appreciated, it helps my English. THANKS

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Read "Lady Necromancer" before this one (click here)

Lady Necromancer II

I open my eyes, feeling the body that was on top of me, being lift. The place was quiet and dark. The candles are not illuminating anymore. Free of the body I look up and see it. He was cover in shadows; it's like the shadows hugs to him. I can't see his face, but I know he is Dead. He is the dead that has been fallowing me. He put his index finger to his mouth.

"Who are you?" I try to sit up, my body feeling numb for having the dead weigh on me for who knows how long. After a few tries I sit in the middle of the circle. Everything is becomes shaky and my stomach do a turn, the blood lost is making me light headed. The blood in my wrist has dried stopping the bleeding. I look around the room and see the man was laying by far wall in the floor and big table lays on top of half his body.

"He's still alive. Stand and go." His voice was low and smooth and I could still not see him.

"Who are you?" I look to the warlock and I could see his hand move. "Why didn't you kill him" the man in the shadows looks to the warlock too.

"I can't touch him, he has a charm"

"Who are you?" I ask again, and I see him offering a hand for me to stand up.

"A friend of Martin" I stand but my legs are numb and they bend as I put my body weight in it. In the floor I realize what he said.

"Martin! Tell me he's ok, please. Where is he? I this a joke? Please take me where he is now!" I try one more time and fail yet again. We hear the warlock moan and at the same time we look to him.

"He is about to wake up. Hurry up girl. I'll tell you anything you want to know when we are out of danger." The third try I stand up and he support me, for a second I feel at home with his arm holding me. He smells of dead but it was more like a scent now, his scent I gotten use these days. I feel the darkness starting to surround me like it surrounds the dead. I can not see him still, and my hands were dark like I was standing in the darkest shadow, even though the room was lighted by the almost full moon. "Just so you know. This is no joke, now let's go." He whispers to me.

"What's your name?" I finally ask when we reach the loft's door and open it.

"Ednit" I try to look at him to the face but it was all darkness.

"I'm Grabiel, but I guess you know that much." I fell him nod and his body shakes with a chuckle, a very masculine one I must say. "What are you? You are dead, I know it. What are you?" he looks at me for a moment, I feel his sight on me. Then he looks to his back to the warlock that still lays in the floor.

"I'm a ghast" he simply says and pulls me to walk. We go down on floor and I stop.

"Do you mean a Ghost?" he sigh at my curiosity.

"I'm a Ghast. A ghoul, a dead person. I told you, I'll answer your questions when we are safe. So come" he pulls my hand and I fallow, still the shadows surrounds us.

I feel so weird walking in the dark, or to being the darkness it self, is like a cloud of shadow surrounds us as we make our way down to the first floor. In the middle of the stairs I feel Ednit stop and put his body to the wall moaning in pain, in a second he falls and I can't hold him. I run down the stairs where he lays.

"Take it off" he was lay on his stomach, and for a moment I don't understand what he is talking about. "Take it off me…" I look around but don't see anything. "Is on my back take it off" his voice was a whisper of pain.

I put both my hand to his back and begging to feel around. Until I feel a thin chain and lift it. It was a slim metallic chain with a small bone hanging from it. I hear somebody chuckle by the top of the stairs. It was the warlock! I hold Ednit under his arms and try to lift him but he must be at least half a feet taller than me. I stand up and push myself to the wall while the warlock slowly walks to us.

"Ednit stand up!" I yell to him and the warlock laughs.

"Oh stupid little necromancer. Protecting our creature are we" slowly the warlock was getting to us.

"Ednit please, come stand up….we need go now." Ohh shit we are fucked up. The sad part is that I'm not going to see Martin again. Ever. The warlock's steps makes echo on the empty building.

"Leave Grabiel. He can't kill me, I'm dead already. But you are not, run." I look at him, the shadow was beginning to disappear and could distinguish some traces on his face, his eyes looks to me. I give him a apologetic look before running out side the building.

My breathing got deeper and harder the more a run but I can't stop or look to my back I must go on. I run for more than thirty minutes straight and stop to take some air, I wasn't feeling anybody following me. I think the warlock didn't eve got out of the building.

"Tired of running necromancer?" Oh shit! I turn all around me looking for the warlock and nothing. His voice has come right next to my ear like a murmur. I look in the darkness and nothing.

"Show yourself coward!" I yell to the empty Manhattan's streets and all that came back to me was the sound of the subway running fast under my feet. The light of the street were hazy. This part of New York was not the one that they talk about when they say 'The city that never sleeps' this was more like a dead zone, much like every part I walk at night.

"1, 2 Freddy's coming for you…" again comes his sickening voice as a whisper in my ears. "Three, four, better lock your door..."

"Get out of my head!" I hit my head hard and pull my hair, stomping my foot on the floor. I'm loosing my mind, definitely losing it.

"Five, six, grab a crucifix..." Arrgg… I pull my hair and start to run again. I'm not crazy! This fucking warlock wants me to lose it, but no, I'm stronger than this. "Seven, eight, gonna stay up late..."he whisper to my ears. And I keep running up getting closer to my apartment. The street was as empty as they were earlier. The sky is turning a little yellow already. "Nine, ten, never sleep again." He sings the song until I reach my apartment. "Freddy's gonna get you…" He finally says before I close the door and breathe again, I was doing this often lately.

I've fallen sleep seat in front of the door until Jared came in the morning.

"Oh Grabiel! You look bad" he helps me to stand from the floor and wipe away the dried tears I don't remember shedding. "You have been crying all-day since yesterday right. Oh honey I'm sorry I leave you alone. I was angry with myself; I should have been there with him. I should have died with him" I look to his face and hug him.

"Don't say that please. What would be of me? I'd be alone. Now you are all I have" Jared believes the serial killer story and I didn't want to tell him I had killed those two police men. I'm afraid he would hate me or be afraid of me. And what happened to me last night I don't even believe it myself. My phone rings and I notice is already three pm.


"By midnight is going to be the third day already." A deep voice whispers in the phone. "Martin is buried in the Acacia Cemetery." Jared stares at me waiting for an answer. I close the phone noticing the line has go dead.

"Wrong number" I simply say and walk towards the bathroom.

"Do you mind if I stay awhile here with you? I'm afraid for you Grabiel. You look really bad today. And you slept by the door." I turn to him and try my best smile.

"Sure stay. I love your company." Yeah now how I sneak out to the cemetery?

I feel bad for lying to Jared but not bad enough not to do so. I leave the apartment fast after telling Jared I wanted to watch a movie. He has go to the nearest blockbuster to rent some for me. I was so relief he never notice the three cuts on my wrist, or if he did maybe he tough I self harm for Martin's dead, I'm thankful he didn't made any question or look at them. With my black pants and black long sleeve shirt I go into the summer hot streets of Manhattan. My first stop is going to be the witchcraft store.

The bells announce my arrival to the small store. The place was little dim and smells of exotic plants and scents, this reminds me of the freak warlock. "How may I help you" I look to the woman in shock, this was not a place I would feel at home, she was hard on Goth. My family use to call me Goth because I prefer black clothes and makeup but this girl is what Goth means. Her face paint white and her lips and eyes black, she looks like a ghost yet beautiful and feminine at the same time. She has black skirt and a black low neckline lace shirt with some lace with skulls adorning it. I look to each my sides before talking to her.

"I need something for… a ritual." After a few minutes I had way more than I thought I need, including a book of shadows and a necromancer's rituals book. I notice the woman, who looks in her late twenties, has kept her sight on the little cleavage I was showing and smiling. I give my thanks for her help and go my way, but as I open the door I remember I'm leaving out the most important part. "An eye for an eye. A life for a life" as I remember it, sound the voice of the warlock in my head, almost real but not. I turn on my feet and smile my most playful smile to the girl. Don't think about anything just do it. This I repeat as a mantra. Don't think. Just do what you need to do. I walk to her and she stares at me with a growing smile.

"Something you forgot. Perhaps more candles?" She looks down some small candle by the register. Then back to me and I shock my head.

"I forgot you." My voice low and as seductive as could make it.

I go around the table and stand in front of her. I mentally sigh, all this for you Martin. I hold her by neck and kiss her lips. At first she doesn't move but then she holds me tight to her body some of the skulls, which adorns her clothes, digging into me. I close my eyes and imagine it was Martin. She kisses my neck and pulls her body to me. I pull with thirst, this longing to hug and cuddle with Martin. And at the same time I felt disgust of myself every inch this woman touch was burning me like in pain. I want no body to touch my body in this ways, no after what happened with the police man. In that moment the woman was not her any more, she was not the one kissing me hugging me, neither was Martin. It was the police man, the repulsive man that raped me. I grumble with anger and smell the dead in him and pull with all I have, until his body starts to shake uncontrollably. I open my eyes and see the woman vomiting blood by my feet. After a minute of this she falls to the floor dead. She quivers a little before going stiff. Oh my! I just fucking killed the life I was going to give to Martin! Shit shit! And my shoes are all bloody.

By the time I get go out of the store it's already eight, hiding a dead body is more work than I imagine, I'm just thankful no body came to the store while I did this. With a brand new pentagram hanging on my neck I take a cab to the cemetery.

The place is dark and desolated. I open the big iron doors and make my way in, everything was cover in plants, the place looks like nobody has taken care or come visit any grave for at least ten years. Maybe that's why who ever killed Martin buried him here. As soon as make my way in I can feel them, the dead on each their resting place, if I walk over a grave by mistake I feel a pull, sometimes a gentle pull, but most of the time it a hard pull like calling desperately to me. Calling to me for help maybe. I walk around rethinking the actions to make over and over. My head was spinning with all the low whispers I can hear, most were unendurable but some times I catch a word or phrase. Most of the time they ask for help me or hiss an insult to me that is accompanied by a bad energy that makes me feel tired and stress out. I should take Marin's body to my apartment, until I have a life to give to him. I'll make an excuse to Jared so he leaves the place I don't want him in this mess, or maybe he has the right to help his friend, don't know, haven't think that far yet. I hit my head hard when I realize I forgot the most important utensil; the shovel. Shit. I look around the tombs for more than an hour and no indications of Martin's resting place and the dead whispers and energies is giving me a headache. Until I see a shovel resting on a tomb I get closer to take the shovel and notice something was written in black market, it says HERE G in big letters.

Even though the night was chill, after forty minutes digging, on top of the dead's frustrating whispers, I was sweaty and not in a good temper at all. All of the sudden I feel somebody watching me, it's not the walking dead, but I feel eyes on me. I look around and see nothing, so I keep working until I hit something soft. It is him! I start to tear out when I see his face all plaster in mud, and with a force I never knew I have I took him in my arms and place him on the big silk mantle that I got in the store, it has a big pentagram drawn in the middle it's suppose to be for protection. I set next to him on the big blanket and hug to him tight, his body is as cold as the night. I look to his face and study every detail in it, memorizing it, if I fail this I might not get much chances to see him. He is perfect like the last time I saw him early Saturday, I could almost see a smile on his thigh lips. I cry; a tear gently slipping off my cheek and onto his cold lips. I kiss him; his lips are hard and lifeless. A sound from the trees makes me look away and I find Jared staring at me in disbelief.

"You knew this!" he gets closer to me and glares at me with hate. "You killed him?" I shock my head unable to talk; the hate I can see in his face is too much. "I know you kill the police that was headless." He studies my face. "He had your bracelet in his hands. The one you got at the arcade place" I look down my wrist, I don't remember being wearing the stupid plastic bracelet.

"You took it?" I say surprise while standing from the floor and he nods. "It was an accident" explaining myself might not help much right now but I can't stay quiet while he looks at me in this new way, like I killed his best friend.

"An accident! How Grabiel? How! I try to justify you making excuses until now that I see this. What all this Diabolic stuff you have here? Is this some kind of voodoo shit?" he says pointing to my ritual utensils, most of them I don't even think I know how to use. "He was headl-…" he looks over my shoulder in surprise. "Don't move" he whispers.

In a moment Jared jumps to me and fall fast to the dirty muddy floor. I feel something pierced my stomach, but Jared was on top of me motionless for a moment. He lifts his head and I see blood coming from his mouth falling to my jaw and neck, the blood was warm while it runs down my skin.

"Jared… what's wrong?" he looks at me pleading with his eyes then his head drops to my shoulder and I feel him dead. I start to yell and scream. What is going on? I can't move. That's when I see him standing on top of us. Looking down was the warlock. Oh shit!

"How did you found me?" he laughs. "What did you do!?" I yell and hold Jared's head up, his eyes were still open but empty. He feels like a black empty hole that is sucking some energy from me. The warlock holds him by the back of the shirt, and laughing he pulls Jared's body off me. "Arrggg!! AHH you bastard!" the pain took my entire body; blood starts to flow of my stomach. When I see to Jared he had a long arrow going through his body. The arrow has gone trough him then into me, that was the pain I felt when he was lifted off me. A tear came down my face when I realize that Jared has saved my life by losing his. A moan in pain comes against my will putting my hands to my injured stomach.

"What the hell you think you are doing?" I ask the warlock while see him wrap Martin's body with some white fabric, he was starting to look like a mummy. A strong stench of species and garlic fills the air. He finishes wrapping Martin and walks to me with more of the white material on his hands. "Don't even think about!" I yell before he push a pill down my mouth, I try to fight it but the pill goes smoothly along my throat.

"Don't move or you would be hurt worse than you already are? We don't want you to die, do we?" he says with a smirk on his face and start wrapping me, the mad odor that comes from the fabric, or maybe the pill, is making me light headed. I can only stare at him; he has already wrapped my hands and wrist by my hips and was going higher and higher every minute. I see to his neck, he was wearing tree strings, with little bones hanging from them, just like the one that he threw to Ednit last night.

The world starts to go dark and shaky. The warlock finishes wrapping me, completely but I could see a little through the thin white fabric material, couldn't see much though. The old bell in church sounds announcing midnight. I feel a rush of chill air on my left side and in an instant I feel something dead next to me, the kind if dead that walks something similar to Ednit but not the same. I try to move but is impossible and soon I give up. I hear the warlock laughing. "Oooh my little friend you are going to be such good servant" I can hear somebody moaning in pain. Before my eyes close like by a force of its own nature.

I awake with the horrible stench of the seasoning and garlic. I could hear somebody moaning in pain- no two persons were moaning in pain the background. Maybe not exactly persons but dead begins, my heart starts to beat fast with the possibility that Ednit is here to help me again. It just occurs to me that I never wonder if he was definitely dead now, or not. I try to move and after a few minutes trying I feel somebody walking to me. The pain is excruciating, something has punch me hard on my injured stomach and I couldn't even scream my pain for I'm too thigh tied. The fabric that hugs my body starts to get lose in my face and I finally can see the dim room. The warlock was standing in front of me, while I stand lay to a wall, the wall that I've seen before has chains hanging. Now I know what those were for; tiding people with them. He slaps my face and I at last center my sight on him. He smiles.

"You see your boyfriend over there?" he asks pointing to the big window. My eyes grow in surprise when I see Martin; his body was only hold by his wrist. Two big chains coming from the sealing were tide to his wrist and his body just hangs down with his leg bed under him. I cry a tear, even dead I didn't want to see his body suffer. And next to him was somebody else, that just for the feeling I was receiving from him I knew was Ednit. I look around the room until I found Jared's body lay on a corner and breathe with relief. Why were their bodies so important to me? Well if I survive, mission impossible but still, I'll try all I can to bring them back until I get old and die trying. All their deaths were my fault and must do something. I gasp when I notice somebody moving by the window. It was Martin! His head bow back and snap my direction. Eyes wide open and his face stained with mud and blood. His naked body tenses and his eyes pleading me for help. I notice a piece of the same white fabric that is wrap to my body was wrap now only on his mouth. The piece is stained with blood that made silhouette of his mouth. "Soon we'll see him die!" the warlock yells in front of me throwing his hands in the air.

"Mar-…Martin? Are…?" my voice comes as no more than a whisper but he hears me and shocks his head from side to side stopping my question. "I love you" I whisper and I know he says it back with his eyes before turning back his sight to the window.

The sky is turning purple, lighter by the minute. I feel that warlock pull my hair a throws me fast to the floor. My face hit hard and I can taste blood in my mouth. I feel a knife cutting the thin white fabric at the same time it makes a cut in my back and I can't hold a scream. In few moment I feel myself free but the pain is too much to be able to stand up. He pulls me by the hairs making disappear the pain in my back to feel a worse one in my scalp. I fight his hands on my hair but there's not much I can do.

"Don't move little bitch" the warlock looks to me, and look to Martin and notice tat he had got one of his hand lose of the metal chain and the other one was almost. Why in the world was he alive was a question that crosses my mind for an instant, but is not important. Besides the why is not relevant now, I'm just happy he is and we are going out of this mess alive and together. In an instant the warlock flies out the window thrown by an immense force. I see to martin that was still tie by one arm to the place, and run to him and hug him with all my force. I cry in his arm and just hold my waist with his free arm.

"The sun" he whispers like just talking was a hard work, something amazing after he threw an adult man flying through a window. He eyes were closing and opening as he was fighting against his own body. I see to, who I suppose was Ednit, his eyes snap open for a second and he screams, "The sun!" before I turn to see the sun rising. That's when hell broke lose. I feel the fire in my back and turn fast to find them both turned into human torches. I run to Martin to help him but the fire was to hot and in an instant they were just ashes on the red silk mantle that was place on their feet. All this happens in few second, I wasn't sure how to react. I took the mantle silk and wrap it with the ashes inside, lay on the floor hugging the remains of the love of my life and my savior. While two other dead bodies were staring empty eyes at me. And I stay there, like always, the dead surrounding me.

The End .... (for now)


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