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Sorry, Heaven was Close for Repairs

Short story By: MssJenn

I believe everything you believe is true. What do you believe? hold tight to them and don't ever stop believing. Ever!

For FancyJumper's Contest

Submitted:Aug 4, 2009    Reads: 163    Comments: 31    Likes: 6   

Sorry, Heaven was Closed for Repairs

"Temperature; 98.6…. 98.7….98.4…. 98.2…97.9. Temperature; perfect. " A tear slid down just to be follow by another one and the some more. "Temperature 94.5" , came the mechanical voice, making echo in the empty small room. "Temperature; perfect"

"Let me get out, please!" I yelled to camera by the top corner of the gray room.

"Temperature descending" the female mechanic voice came constantly. The more I moved the more the temperature would change and she or it would announce it immediately. I threw my body back to a wall and slid down.

Let me fucking get out of here! I wanted to yell, but what good would it do? It would just make her announce that the temperature just went up with my anger I guess.

"156 per minutes" I looked up; this she would announce every hour or so I thought it was an hour. It sure felt like days sometimes.

"October 30, 23 hours and 20 minutes. Temperature; perfect. 158 per minute" this was how I knew a week -and not a month as it felt- had passed since that day. Since the day I woke up here.

Few times a day a door would appear by one of the walls, always in a different one and food would come through it. The first days I didn't eat it, until I started to starve. The food was always amazing, as if a five start chef had done it especially for me, always my favorite kind, always tasting how I like it.

The walls started to vibrate again. It was the daily illusion to come. I ran to center of the room and waited for a few seconds. The gray wall transformed into a sky, a night time sky. But not a sky how I knew it, not the sky I used to stare at. Not the moon I used to pray to, no it wasn't it. Not the same.

The sky was almost clear tonight and I could see the moons. Three moons aligned far in the sky. Three moons; the one in the center was full, the one by the left was waxing crescent and the one by the right was warning crescent. It looked like a circle with a semicircle by each side. The symbol of the goddess, I knew this because I once believed in her. I once prey to her, the Lady, but not anymore I had stopped believing in everything when my family died in a car crash. I just stop believing in everything but the night, but the darkness and purity of the night. The moon, and how she steals the light she can from the stingy sun. I just believed in the moon.

The room had disappeared over my eyes but I can feel it under my feet. It's just an illusion. Just smoke and mirrors, I reminded myself. The first time this happened I tough I was going to fall into the emptiness of the sky, I thought myself dead and weirdly I didn't cry. I Took it as a relief. Back with my love ones, I had thought but the floor was still there holding me prisoner, alive.

"October 30, 23 hours and 58 minutes. 98.7… 98.6; Temperature; perfect. 166 per minute"

The two crescent moons were becoming full at a fast rate. I ran to their direction crashing hard against the wall. The moons became full and the room went back to the regular gray walls. No doors I noticed, but there was something by one of the walls. I walked towards it, it was a phone!

"October 31, temperature; perfect. 175 per minute." The mechanical female voice sounded as flat as always. "You may die now" it said, this was something new.

I took the phone to my ear. "We are sorry. Heaven is close for Repairs. Please stay in line. Your call will be redirect to our open department." What!

I wanted to cry, but what I thought was the shock wouldn't let me. What kind of joke is this?

"Yes? This is Set's office how may I help you?" a woman voice came from the phone line.

"Ah hmmm-I've been kidnapped! Help me please. I don't know where I am"

"Stop!", the woman yelled stopping my nervous breakdown on the phone. "Listing hun, this is Set's office. So either you want to solicit a place in hell or you just called the wrong number" I couldn't understand the situation I was in or how to act. Looking around the room I found a big knife by my feet. " Hun? Are you still in line? I'm a little busy here so please tell me. Do you want a place in hell?"

"In hell?! I don't believe in hell!" I could hear the lady clear her throat.

"Can I have your name?... please?" She asked in a business like tone.

"Latania. Latania Smithens" my voice broke as I said my name, the only thing left intact of me because I had lost everything. Even my beliefs. My goddess. My faith.

I could hear her typing on the computer. "Well Hun. I have here that you aren't register under any believe. You were register under Wicca once but then it erased of you archive. I'm sorry to tell you died religionless, so Death chose for you the only free one."

"I did not- -I did not died! I'm alive. What kind of joke is this?" I was out of myself, I even expected to hyperventilate but didn't. I was truly dead. My body was all silence inside, nothing moved.

"I'm sorry to inform you that you just passed away. Look around yourself you'll find your body and possibly the weapon you used to kill yourself."

I remembered the knife but no, I could not believe this. Not until I looked down and by my feet not only rested the knife but my body. The knife rested on top of my throat where it had slashed it open. I had sliced my throat open.

"I don't know what this is but I swear I'm alive. I swear" I tried to cry but my eyes were dry.

"You were hold in Death headquarters until all the repairs in heaven could be finish. But those are going to take long and they can't hold you past the day of the deads. Sorry you have to come to hell. Is the only place available right now. If at least would have been atheist… you would just have stopped existing but you weren't and didn't stopped existing because you didn't believe that. You didn't believe in anything, so somebody else chose for you." the woman wrote some more in the computer. "Don't worry Hun, This is the best place to be right now. Lots of party and hot demons."

"I don't want to go to hell! I didn't do anything wrong to deserve this!"

"I know girl I can see you record and you are clean. Considerer yourself a lucky one. Some people would kill to get to hell" she chuckled and I just wanted to cry. "Get? Kill to come to hell? Get? Nahh forget it" she typed some more and started to murmur under her breath, "Shit, this newly deads have no sense of humor."

I hung up the phone and step to the center of the room. Staring at my dead body. The room was quiet until I heard a door opening. Two big men got into the room, they both looked tall and tan. Beside that they were very different; one was blond with thin lips and Roman nose while the other was redhead with thick lips and a straight nose. The other thing they had in common was the color of their eyes, red.

I started to scream but they hold me, each by one arm and dragged me to a second door, not the same they have come in. They dragged me to a door that opened from the floor. The door to hell.



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