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This is my version of "Little Red Riding hood". After being sent to visit her dying grandmother, she discovers something that no young girl should ever see. (Crappy summary, I know, but, the story's much better.)

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I felt a cool breeze kiss my exposed cheek as I watched the the fallen leaves dance upon the woodland floor. I loved it. I loved the sweet smell of the wind, and I loved how the vegetation painted the ground such a multitude of colours. I loved it, and I hated it. For, it brought back sweet memories of my grandmother. Memories that could never be relived, and I just wanted them to remain forgotten. She is not dead, but damn well near it. She has contracted a terrible sickness that's taken away her health, memory, sanity; eventually, her life. "Red! Grandpa has left on a business trip and grandmother can't be left alone, so please go watch her." As I said before, forgetting her,proved to be impossible. At the moment, I hated my mother. My grandmother and I had been so close, now she seemed like a bad dream. A dream that made my bones ache, and my soul weep. And now, my mother was sending me to the very person my thoughts avoided. Despite my wishes, I left anyway. I walked deep into the woods, where the sun seemed to hide behind the tightly knotted trees. I journied for about an hour until I caught sight of a small, cream-coloured house.This house had always felt like a refuge to me, but, for some reason it now made me feel uneasy. The wooden door creaked as I entered my grandmother's home. Once I entered, I felt a chill crawl up my spine, causing the hair on my neck to stand erect. This was odd, for the room was actually quite warm. But, I thought nothing more of it and simply went to check on my grandmother, who I assumed was still sleeping. To my surprise, I found the bed empty. In fact, the entire house seemed empty. After a few minutes of searching, I began to worry. Could she have possibly went for a walk? If so, it was also possible that she fainted while doing so. I then turned toward the door only to find my exit blocked by an enormous, silver wolf, who's eyes shone like rubies. " Hello Red, It's nice to meet you." It snarled with a wide grin on it's face. After I regained control of myself, I began to question it. "Who the hell are you and what have you done with my grandmother!? Although I displayed a tough visage, my heart was beating frantically. "Heh, heh heh heh heh!!!!" Wait, was it laughing at me? It then developed a look on it's face that showed both happiness and evil intent. "I ate her, my dear girl. After all, are you not the one who wished for her to disappear?" I began to feel a deep sorrow as I discovered the truth behind it's words. It was true. Recently, I had hoped that she would leave. I wished her gone in hopes that my past memories of her would vanish as well. Tears then began to flood my eyes and slither down my cheeks.Just then I felt several sharp knives penetrate my flesh. I laid there as blood began to spill from a large gash on my torso. I laid there for what seemed like an eternity to me, wincing at even the slightest movement. I then felt pain similar to what I'd felt previously and began to panic at what caused it. " Stop!! What on earth are you doing!?" I screeched. I was terrified. He was eating me! My heart began pacing faster and faster and faster, and then, nothing. I allowed the darkness to swallow me whole, anything to escape this painful nightmare. "I'm sorry, grandmother" was all I managed to say before my death. And I sincerely hoped that in our after-life, she would be able to forgive me.

Le Comble


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