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Grim Phenomenon

Short story By: neji chan

18th century France, a place where rumors about fanged demons of the night run rampant. These horrific creatures dwell within the darkest corners of our imagination, only able to reach us through nightmares. That is the reality of things, is it not?

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Prologue:"Aaaggghhhh!!!!!"The sound of their helpless victim's screams echoed through out the city, and, although many people heard it, no one came to help. For they knew that what had caused that out burst of sheer terror could only be one thing,and it wasn't human. -end
I began to read the newspaper while my fianc� combed through her long,silky blonde hair. Nothing was different.This was how I started every morning, but something in the newspaper made my whole body fill with fear. "Another homocide committed 10:00 PM.Sunday..."I had seen many stories like that in the paper, and each one seemed more gruesome than the last. "This is so scary!"My bride to be, Annette, stated, her voice thick with worry. " What if I'm next, what if you're -----I cut her off, not wanting to hear where her thoughts lead.Though deep down I knew she was right, I simply smiled and told her it'd be fine,and once I saw
she was relieved, I left for work. The murmurs of the towns folk created an environment of restlessness.They talked about a variety of things, rumors, sob stories, etc. Not wanting to be rude, I tried to tune out the usual gossip, but there was one conversation that I couldn't help but eavesdrop on. "Hey, did you hear about the murder yesterday?"A tall, lean man asked.You could hear the delight in his voice.To him,this was merely something to ramble on and on about. "Yeah,I heard that when they found the victim there were strange marks on his neck; his body was completely drained of blood." I stopped listening then, rather disappointed that their conversation revolved more around superstition than fact. "Tehehehehe!" Two young boys who looked to be about eight years old were playing catch, and, judging by the sound of their laughter, they were enjoying themselves.They threw the ball back and forth, then the ball whizzed pass the boy and flew straight toward a young,auburn-haired woman's head. I expected to see her duck or shriek, but instead, with speed almost frightening, she grabbed a white, lace-covered umbrella which shielded her face and also threw the ball five yards in the opposite direction. What on earth was that umbrella made of, it didn't have a scratch on it! No way it was made of cloth, steel maybe, but not cloth. I had expected the two boys to run off, but instead they walked up and very politely apologized. I had also expected the young woman to scold the two boys for being careless, but, to my surprise, she simply smiled and said "Oh, it's fine, boys will be boys, now, shouldn't you two be heading off to school?" With a quick nod the boys ran off and the girl flashed her teeth in a big, wide grin. Wait a second, were those fangs I just saw? No, probably not that's absurd.
During the lecture I was giving my student (and yes,I'm a teacher) my mind began to wonder. I couldn't help but reminisce on my encounter with that woman. Once I came back to reality, I was a bit irritated to find that my pupils were doing absolutely nothing. "All right,does anyone want to clue me in on
why no one is doing the assighnment?" I asked, a little annoyed. "But," an adorable brown-eyed boy hesitated, "you haven't told us what to do yet." Unwilling to believe them, I turned around to look at the chalkboard; discovered that it was indeed, blank. I felt the blood rush to my cheeks as embarrassment weighed me down. Trying my best not to reveal my discomfiture , I apologized, gave them an activity, and then, before I knew it, the day had ended and I was headed home. Whoosh! I heard the cool wind as it whisked pass me. It was odd though, for it was the middle of summer and never before had the wind been this fierce during such a season. I was about half way to my house when, through the corner of my vision, I saw something that made my heart beat as fast as a horse drawn carriage "N-no p-p-please don't! I don't want to die..." The man's pleading was cut short by the sound of angelic laughter,and although it sounded lovely,it sent chills down my spine."Do not worry, this'll be fun."It didn't take me long to recognize who the voice belonged to, though I had only heard it once before. But, this time she wasn't alone, instead she was accompanied by a raven-haired woman with green eyes that seemed to shine like the stars in space, though I could not see any emotion within them. What happened next was too horrible for words.My mind kept yelling at me, telling me to run, but I couldn't move, I couldn't even think. All I could do was stand there like a helpless rabbit.
It was mere luck that I managed to get home with out drawing attention to myself. I had wanted to just relax and try to forget what had happened, but I should've known that'd be impossible. The second I set foot in the house I was greeted by Annette, who seemed intrigued with anything and everything I had to say. At first I was a bit annoyed, but, after hearing the overwhelming happiness in her voice, I couldn't help but smile. "Hi honey, how was your day today? Did anything worth mentioning happen?" She asked, and with that my smile disappeared as all of the following images of my earlier encounter rushed back to me. Apparently, I didn't realize how awful I looked because when Annette, who had been preparing lunch in the kitchen, came out to hear what I had to say, she had a worried look on her face. "Honey, what's the matter, you look like you've seen a ghost." She remarked in the same worried tone as this morning. Then, as if repeating time, I simply smiled and told her I was fine.

During lunch, the subject of the recent murders came up; I found myself asking her if she really thought a human could commit such unrealistic murders. Annette, who was just as much fed up with myths and ghost stories as I was, got an annoyed look on her face. "Ugh! Don't tell me you're buying into the whole vampire thing!" She said, her voice almost pleading."No, of course not, it's just...." I was about to tell her what happened when I got this strange pain in my stomach. It was as if it was telling me not to say anymore, so obediently, I changed the subject.The last thing I needed was for my fianc�

to think I was a lunatic two weeks before the wedding.

The next morning I awoke feeling utterly exhausted. Reluctantly, I left my bed and began reading the newspaper (apparently, doing so is routine for me.) Everything seemed the same as it always had been, then, something made my heart stop and my hands grow limp. "Another corpse was found late last night.This body was found extremely close to the school building and was estimated to have been killed sometime during yesterday afternoon. "I had hoped that I'd only imagined what I saw yesterday, but this headline proved otherwise. I must have been in my own little world for a while, because when I came back to reality, Annette had an expression on her face that signified annoyance, anger; murderous intent. "You didn't hear a word I said! Geez, anyway, Iinvited my new friends over, they're going to help us plan the wedding and will be here any moment. "Then, as if on cue, they appeared.
As enthusiastic as ever, Annette began introducing me to them. "Oh, we've already met."the auburn-haired woman, who's name I found out to be Mina, reassured her. "How could she have met me?"I thought to myself. "Unless she saw me yesterday, but, if she did, she would've killed me right then and there, right?"
The two weeksof wedding planning flew by and now, here I am, a groom awaiting his bride in a room surrounded by loved ones. It could easily be called the best day of my life, but something seemed wrong. When I saw Annette appear she seemed different.Instead of smiling or blushing like she normally did, she emitted a bell-like laugh that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. She then ripped off the wedding veil revealing her identity to me. Then Mina and her companion, Kyoko, who had been standing in the corner, began mercilessly killing everyone in the room. Blinded by fury, I grabbed a sharp looking piece of wood from the floor and charged at them as fast as my feet would allow. Miraculously, I was able to kill Mina, which made Kyoko furious.She charged at me with great speed, I thrusted the stake into her chest, but it was too late.I felt her cold, hard teeth pierce through the skin of my neck.Then, as I watched her turn to dust, I blacked out.

Seven days have passed since the wedding incident and the burning thirst hasn't stopped. In fact, it seems worse than before, almost unbearable. Just then, I noticed a woman walking down the road by herself. " If I only kill one, it'll be o.k., won't it?"

-Le comble


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